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Warframe If you need Octavias Neuroptics, double dip and farm some Steel Essence too! (Solo guide)


So If you’re getting Octavia for the first time or trying to get another set for Helminth, there’s only a 22.56% of getting her Neuroptics every 20 minutes. Coincidentally this means there’s a fantastic opportunity to farm a good amount of Steel Essence along the way.

What to get:

  • Have the node unlock on Steel Path difficulty.

  • Khora built to use Strangledome + Whipclaw + Dispensary (obtained via Helminth). Adaptation is a must to negate Toxic DoTs. [Build pic.]

  • Stat stick which focuses on mostly crit damage and has Corrosive + Heat. [Build pic.]

  • Naramon focus tree to retain your combo counter.

  • Smeeta Kavata with Charm.

  • Optional: resource booster; resource drop chance booster; relay resoure drop chance booster given out by MR30s.

What to do:

To begin you need find a good location to pop Strangledome and use your Whipclaw to kill everything that gets grabbed by it. So far I had the most success by far is by going down the hole in the ground that’s located on the T shaped corridor tile. [Pic. 1], [Pic. 2]

Once there try to stay somewhere in the middle so you an pick up the loot from above without having to go out of the hole. Also keep using Dispensary to get some energy back.

Always have Strangledome popped. Only use your Whipclaw to deal damage and to build up your combo counter. Because of Whipclaws AoE, hitting the ground will kill enemies above you.

If Steel Essence or Riven Slivers drop on the floor, make sure that you have the Charm buff from your Kavat to double reward before picking it up.

Sit in that hole till Octavias Neuroptics drop or you’re satisfied with the amount of Steel Essence you got.


After an hour I would get between 60-80 Steel Essence solo. Here’s an example of a two hour session:

  • Steel Essence – 182. [Pic.]

  • Riven Slivers – 100. [Pic.]

While staying in the missions for several hours won’t make it easier or more efficent to get the Neuroptics, it will however spawn for enemies that can drop Steel Essence, i.e. the longer you stay, the more efficient it is to farm Steel Essence.

Of course you can invite some friends with Nekros and a utility frame to get more loot and make it a bit easier overal.


  • Terrorem, Deimos is a good location to farm Steel Essence.

  • With full resource boosters and some luck you can get up to 80 Steel Essence per hour.

  • Use Khoras Strangledome with Smeeta to maximise loot drop rates.

  • Easy to solo.


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