Warframe – Khut-Khut Venom Sac Farming Guide


Hello: everybody, this games, foam, welcome back to the channel hope you’re having a wonderful day. Let’S go ahead and get into this farming guide. Here’S the location on the map by fish sat to get the fish. Let me go ahead and see how they do spawn you. As you can see, there’s a large one right, yellow other than there’s a medium sized one over there. Let me go ahead and catch this large one. There we go as you can see, they do spawn you quite a bit and there’s a few around here to prove that the fishing location does work. As you can see, i did get about 30 of the fish at the top bro and the fishing location really does work.

Here’S the bait that i was using when i was facing. As you can see, it’s called peppered bait. It was pretty helpful, but overall, if you want to use that bait, i highly recommend it to get the actual resource. You need to go to the fishing lady and set this, then click the catfish option and then select the fish you want to cut. Let’S go ahead and slightly fish right here and then once we’re done with that, we’ll get the results. Let’S see how much we get we’ll get 50 of the resources. Okay, all right! There we go! Thank you guys so much for coming by and checking out the video. I really do appreciate it if you found the guide helpful, please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to see future content coming out soon. Alright i’ll catch you guys. Next time, games from out have a wonderful day.

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