RIVEN MODS are special mods for any type of weapons that includes rifles/ shotguns/melee/sentinel.

note that Snipers are considered Rifles. and sweeper prime even tho its a sentinel weapon could be get from shotgun rivens.

NOTE: exalted weapons ( excalibur blade, mesa’s regulators…etc ) do not have riven mods as DE stated.

with a certain code name that refers to the weapon and the stats of the Riven mod

they come in specific patterns of 2 positive stats 3 positive stats  2 positive 1 negative and 3 positives and 1 negative. 

i’ll elaborate below on the stats.


so rivens are either “veiled” or not , a Veiled riven would only show the general type of the riven aka Melee , rifle etc and the specific challenge the player must complete!

How to get a riven mod?

1- A single Riven Mod is given to players upon completion of The War Within quest, and additional Riven Mods can be acquired as rewards from Sorties.
2- directly trade them with other players

3- sometimes it could be a gift from the lotus 🙂 Thanks DE.



The randomized attributes for Riven mods are affected by Disposition, a modifier provided by the system that collates the usage popularity of a given weapon across the entire player base. Disposition strength controls the range of the attributes available for each weapon.

so in plain language higher disposition higher numbers 🙂 regarding that 1 is the lowest disposition and 5 is the highest.


Stats: *note that what is good and bad is totally subjective 

Rivens are simple if you have a negative stats on the riven it will simply boost your positives 🙂 and the less noticeable the negative is the better 🙂

what should i aim for in a riven?

Best POSITIVE stats: 

highest tier rivens would be a combination of one of those 3 stats and an acceptable negative

CC,CD,Multishot,For crit based weapons

for status based weapons Multishot, Damage

another cool stats that might be good to have

Electricity , Toxin

since electricity allows you to get Radiation and Corrosive

Toxin allows Viral and Corrosive

so it would help saving a slot


for melees! (this section is unstable due to DE decision to rework melees so anything written here is due to change in any min) ❤️ 🙂

Range, Damage , CC,CD, atk speed

Skip Slide CC for not because DE said it might be tweaked soon

another cool stats that might be good to have

Electricity , Toxin, Combo duration





– ZOOM . + Recoil . -IPS (impact , slash , puncture) not slash tho

**NOTE: -IPS depends on the weapon main damage type 🙂 -puncture on a puncture weapon might not be acceptable for alot of people etc !

2nd tier negatives:

-ammo maximum (could be okay for some rifles could be total hell for ammo hungry guns like Kohm or Astilla)

-ammo in mag (could be super godly in the case of Vectis or bad in the case of Kohm)


3rd tier negatives:

pfs : projectile flight speed (if the weapon is a projectile weapon [boltor , tysis , hystrix, lanka] THIS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE NEGATIVE if its HITSCAN [braton, sicarus,lato, vectis] this should be okay but itll still affect the falloff and not that -100% will be flat -50% dmg. as you can explore more in the wiki

-Status Duration.

you just really don’t want to go there. 🙂

-Faction damage 😞

-dmg to corpus – dmg to infested might be tolerated but not loved


-dmg to grineer 🙂 JUST NO man. x_x

-dmg -multishot 🙂

-Status chance


**NOTE THAT: – CC – CD might be acceptable for status weapons but not preferred things like [kohm] aren’t affected with -cc 🙂



BAD melee negatives:

– ATK speed apparently  

– combo duration <<– this will stop ur combo counter from building up 🙂

-CC – CD


Pricing your Riven.

– All Riven prices are community based there is nothing official 🙂

-refer to a more experienced player not to be scammed.

– more “Meta” used weapons are usually higher in value.
-New primes / New releases are usually higher in value.
-Riven prices are Weapon + Stats based I.E its not enough to have a good weapon or good stats.

-refer to Riven.Market   or Wf.trader   to check out similar rivens to yours and how people priced them.

– Use Discord bots to help you roughly price your rivens with a complicated super nerd data collection Fulrunhow Discord: https://discord.gg/utrGw2m .

-SAME EXACT rivens have a range of numbers that can go from – to . another useful site to help u knw that range and might be useful to check priceshttps://semlar.com/


All the data used here is either from Wiki or from personal experience 🙂 feel free to disagree ❤️ 

hope it helped goodluck Tennos 


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