Ahoy thar, Legion! Update dropped somewhat out of the blue Thursday, but I’z not complainin’! The last event was a grindfest, and Operation Cryotic Front is actually fun to play! PC Tenno, if you have not completed it yet you have until Wednesday to do so, but don’t worry, we gotcha covered! Before we get to the new Excavation quick guide, let’s jump into the short-list of changes Update brought with it first: A microwave gun primary, a freeze ray secondary, and the epic bladed tonfas. Of course it has it’s own stance, *of course*! Also you have to get any of them from the clan dojo or with Platinum, but I’m keeping criticism out of this an saving it for another! Mod looks and their UI got “changed” and I’d give my opinion of it here, but again I’m keeping criticsm for another video.

Kubrow Customization and Release! For 100k credits you can get some color swatches to paint your space dogs! Of course the fancy pants stuff is locked behind Platinum, but these at least give you some control over your dog’s look! Also if you get one that you don’t like for whatever reason, you can instantly release them to the Lotus for 25k. I’d rather install a blender for the same amount and pay Darvo bi-weekly to drain any clots and clogs, but to each his own. Nova’s Molecular Prime was tweaked and most importantly Novas can now more easily level up weapons. Before all xp went to the warframe itself, now it goes to the weapon that triggers the chain reaction. Finally, Oberon got a huge buff to everything! Dust him off, Legion. he’s good to go! Now onwards to Operation Cryotic Front AKA the new Excavation Missions! The event is simple: Go to the first one on Earth and follow the icons on the map to get the Excavation Scanner up and running to start the party! A timer will appear if your UI is behaving and when it ticks down to zero a letter will show up somewhere on the map.

These maps are pretty large so keep an eye out. Get to that spot and a FireFall-like thumper will drop from the sky and get to Excavatin’! Old survival missions ran on Oxygen, these run on Power! Which sounds a lot cooler than the reality as you need to kill Power Carriers who have over-sized and cartoony double-A battery packs on their back. Kill em, loot it, and run it back to whatever is running low. You need to power the Scanner to find Excavators and you need to power Excavators to excavate. While the Scanner is immune to damage, Excavators are not and unless you have some aura mods or a Trinity, they don’t get healed either. The best thing about this new missions is, if your team is running smoothly, you can easily get double the objective rewards of a Survival mission in less than the same amount of time. But, how you play from here is up to you! I look forward to these getting added to Warframe in full, and I think you guys will as well.

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