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Warframe Operation Gate Crash Guide?by Kuryaka

OPERATION GATE CRASH Keep Grineer out of the Void!

A message from The Lotus:

Tenno, We have reviewed Baro Ki? Teer?s Archwing Datamass, much of it is corrupt but what little it does reveal is invaluable. We now know that more information exists and we must look for it in Orokin Derelicts locked in the Void. Our mission is urgent. The Grineer have also learned about the Archwing Technology and they are determined to destroy all traces of it before we find it. To do this, Vay Hek is using Void Keys and Torsion Beam Generators to force open Orokin portals. We must destroy his access to these portals. Our ability to recover Archwing fragments depends on it. Careful, Tenno. Vay Hek is using unstable keys. Cumulative exposure to the keys will have detrimental effects on your health, shields and Warframe abilities. Proceed accordingly. The Lotus

The event?s a multi-step mission-within-a-mission type affair, a combination of an optional scavenger hunt (with Void Survival type rewards), Mobile Defense, and Assassination. Each map is a combination of Orokin Derelict and ?Host Planet? tiles.

The Primer

? caches show up on loot radar.

Caches drop good loot.http://w3.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/2gv3bw/psa_farming_the_grineer_caches_can_be_well_worth/ckmxjwk

  • The mission is pretty easy for 2-3 people, as long as they?re geared up appropriately for the enemy level, so having some teammates cache hunting for the entire time is fine.
  • Proceed to the Mobile Defense portion of the mission.
  • Hack a console, shoot Grineer as they come through the portal. Progress stops when you reach 50% ? hack the other console to continue. Portal Grineer do not spawn when progress is stopped. Infested can still wander in from the back, so watch console health.
  • Proceed through the portal. Just run through it.
  • Kill the jetpack sisters. They seem to have some kind of super armor that negates shots on the main body. I think jetpack shots work. Going for the head is guaranteed to work.
  • Head back to the waypoint and activate the console with your shiny key. Then run for it. You have 30 seconds to escape through the portal before you just die. Reviving glitches up the game.

And that?s it, you?re done with one run! Rinse and repeat. 5 runs on Earth -> 5 runs on Phobos -> 5 runs on Ceres.

The Debuffs

  • You can only get 5 points of credit on a node (Earth -> Phobos -> Ceres), which forces you to go through all of the debuffs.
  • Each node?s debuffs stack up to 4 times on their own node, with the full 5 stacks applied on subsequent planets.
  • Earth debuffs shields by 25% of current values per stack. Phobos debuffs power strength, range, and duration. Ceres debuffs health by 25% per stack, and continues debuffing powers.
  • Power debuffs are presumably the same ? 25% stacking debuff. Volt?s Electric Shield lasts 20 seconds normally, ~7 seconds on Phobos (consistent with the ~70% decrease of health/shields) and less than 2 seconds on Ceres with max debuff stacks.
  • These are planet-specific ? returning to Earth will give you the 4 stacks of shield debuff, with your powers and health unaffected. Returning to Phobos after finishing Ceres runs will give you all 5 stacks of shield debuff, and your powers will only take a ?slight? ~70% hit.

The Loadouts

Pretty much any weapon will do, since weapon damage is not affected in this event. High damage hitscan weapons are the best for taking out those jetpackers. Latron variants, Burston variants, and Soma would be my recommendations.

Running fast-firing melee weapons that stagger (saw a guy using Corrosive Zorens) is a good way to keep the minibosses locked in place. Alternatively, use Glaive with Life Strike, channeling throws to restore health from a distance.

For frame? powers take so much of a hit at the end that you really can?t use many of your signature powers.

Rhino is still a strong pick due to his high base tankiness and Iron Skin for a little added protection.

Volt?s Electric Shield still lasts a second or two, and is still good for taking enemy fire off of you. Power Strength and Range don?t affect its shielding abilities.

Saryn is just straight-up health tanky.

These frames also have non-Duration based stuns (Stomp, Electric procs, Miasma stun animation) so you can drop them if enemies are really close and you need some breathing room.

Valkyr is the tankiest frame in the game, and armor doesn?t seem to get debuffed. She?s a good solid choice in any difficult mission.

Trinity? I think they might have nerfed Blessing so that she wouldn?t be OP for this event, heh. You won?t be healing allies for much, so don?t bother with Trinity past Phobos.

http://w3.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/2grg56/my_gate_crash_strategy_that_works_with_at_least/ There?s another strategy that uses toggle-based abilities, which aren?t affected by duration, have effects that don?t rely on Strength, and aren?t heavily reliant on range for CC. Great for tag-teaming, since you can?t afford to have someone go down.

The Rewards

Grineer Vaults seem to hold cores (of all rarities), credits, Forma BP, and Void keys. Slightly worse than a Void survival.

5 Points ? A Badge

10 Points ?Slash mods that max out at 120%

15 Points ? Tenno Skoom Get Sheev

And that?s all, folks! I think I got most of the event down, will be editing stuff if new info comes up. Overall, I like this new gametype a bit more.


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