Warframe Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide By: D_Caedus


This is a script I made for a video guide on speed running Plague Star

But because of health issues I have only been able to finish the script.

You can check out my Yt channel if this guide was helpful, I upload Warframe guides every now and then.

After a bounty ends, you can start another from one of the blue bounty consoles on the Plains.

The consoles in red don’t have the Plague Star bounty.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide


There are 2 event consumables that you will need to maximize your rewards. the Eidolon Phylaxis, and the Infested Catalyst, commonly referred as “toxins”.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

They are consumable gear items that can be used during the mixing defense phase to increase the mission difficulty and rewards.

The Eidolon Phylaxis can be bought from Nakak from the event shop.

The Infested Catalyst from the Infested (Bio) Lab in your Clan Dojo.

The materials from Plains used to craft the consumables can be farmed from containers and pods on the ground.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Each Phylaxis will raise the level and spawns of the Infested enemies at the final stage of the bounty.

and Each Infested Catalyst will spawn 1 Hemocythe boss at the final stage, for a total of 4 Hemocythes.

Mixing 4 of each consumable in phase 2 of the bounty will reward a total of 3000 event points, instead of the base 1000 per bounty.

Fun lil fact, the consumables can be used from literally anywhere on the map.


Long range melee weapons like polearms or heavy blades are good for killing infested, but in an optimal team they aren’t used much.

Sarpa and Vastilok are specially useful for stripping the armor of the hemocythes with Shattering Impact.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Note that Bullet Dance is much better at stripping armor than High Noon.

Primary and Secondaries are mostly built for the hemocythes.

Hemocythes are completely immune to status effects, and have a special damage attenuation mechanic, weapons with high fire rate and pellet count like beams, ARs and shotguns are the most effective.

Pyrana Prime combined with Arcane Velocity, happens to be the best weapon against the hemocythes, because of it’s high pellet count and fire rate.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide


The best meta team to speed run plague star consists of Nova, Loki, Wisp, and Mirage.

Other good frames are Volt, Mesa, Titania, Rhino, Ember, or any other AOE DPS.

Nova’s main task is to speed up the time consuming animation of the hemocythes while they spawn from the tumor.

As soon as the hemocythes spawn inside the giant tumor, Nova gets on top of it, and casts her 4, so it reaches the boss ASAP.

Nova can also speed up the infested enemies on the last phase to kill them faster, but the explosions from her 4 can kill the spawn pods, which is not good.

Nova’s portals make her the fastest frame to retrieve the toxin container from the cave on Phase 1.

To make Stage 1 even faster Nova should be the host.

Nova uses Power Donation and Overextended to speed up enemies instead of slowing them, and some Duration for her 4.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Loki’s role is to speed up Phase 3 of the bounty, by teleporting the drone with his 3 to make it reach it’s destination faster.

A sniper rifle is great quality of life for aiming at the grineer drone.

The mining Plasma Drill can be used instead of a sniper rifle, pressing the alt fire key while aiming will zoom it in.

The Archwing Launcher, or maxed out Void Dash also help Loki a lot.

This build gives you about 180 meters range, try to use it to its full extend, as much as the terrain allows it.

Teleporting the drone too high from the ground will return it to its previous location, so try to stay close to the ground when using teleport.

Nova’s 3 can be used to teleport the drone instead of Loki, but Loki is way easier and more consistent.

Loki builds range as priority.

Loki is very squishy, so building health, Arcane Guardian and Resistance is a good idea.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Wisp is the best buffer for Plague Star.

Fire rate and multishot are the most effective buffs against the hemocythes, because of it’s special damage attenuation mechanic.

After entering the Plains, place a Speed Mote on the ground to buff whoever will go into the cave to retrieve the toxin, then follow them to said cave and put another Speed Mote on the entrance, so they will grab the buff again on the way out.

On the mixer defense phase, placing Shock Mote on the mixer will defend it, and HP Mote will heal it, but Speed Mote is also important for forcing drone spawn swiftly.

On the last phase, place your buffs on the center of the field, on top of this small slope, so everyone can grab them easily.

It’s important to place them rather towards the lower road, because moving to different locations will trigger different hemocythe spawn locations.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Wisp can be infused with Rhino Roar to buff even further.

The buffers build lots of strength and some duration.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Mirage is the AOE DPS of the team.

Mirage uses her 4 at the last phase to kill infested and spawn the hemocythes ASAP.

Mesa, Volt, Ember or any DPS can be used to kill the infested, but Mirage is the fastest and most effective.

Having a dedicated DPS to kill the infested without killing the spawn pods is a big deal because normal weapons will often kill the spawn pods, slowing the mission considerably.

Mirage builds mainly for Range and Efficiency.

Streamline can be used instead of Primed Flow.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Because you always want to strip the hemocythe’s armor with Shattering Impact, Corrosive Projection loses importance, Sprint Boost, or Enemy Radar are good alternatives.

Adaptation works just as well 2 ranks below max, you don’t need to fully max it.

Gladiator Resolve can be used as a cheap alternative to Adaptation.

Knockdown reduction / immunity is very useful, because there is lots of them on the last phase.

If you don’t have Umbra or Primed mods you can use their regular variants instead, Handspring, or Streamline.

Titania is a great damage dealer against hemocythes.

In an optimal comp with armor stripping and good weapons, Titania isn’t needed, but if hemocythe DPS is lacking on your team, Titania is a good addition.

Razorwing Blitz must be stacked by using Titania’s skills 4 times while in her Razorwing mode, otherwise it will have no effect.

Mirage’s Eclipse can be infused into Titania and cast 4 times while in Razorwing mode, providing an easy way to stack Razorwing blitz in addition to eclipses damage buff.

Titania builds a lot of Efficiency and Strength.

Duration is important for Razorwing Blitz.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide
r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Other AOE DPS frames use more or less the same build based on Range and some Strength.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Adarza Kavats provide consistent crit buffs that can help kill the hemocythes faster.

The Archwing Launcher is very useful because the bounty makes you travel across the Plains constantly.

Necramechs gain decent XP over time from this event.

You might want to set keybinds for your Archwing Launcher and event consumables.

Doing so will make your life much easier.

Drone Spawn and NW Skip

There are 2 important tricks that will speed up the mission even further.

Forcing the Drone from stage 3 to spawn close to the Infested Tumor is done as follows:

When doing the mixer defense stage, when the timer reaches 30 or 20 seconds, everyone but 1 person must go to this small infested tumor near the gate:

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Standing anywhere between the Cetus Gate and the small tumor works.

When the mixer defense ends, the person left behind must grab the toxin, bring it to the small tumor with the rest of the team, and wait there before the next stage starts.

Wisp and Volt are the best options for this, because of their teleport and speed buff abilities.

Whoever carries the toxin must be fast, reason why it’s important that Wisp places a Speed Mote at the mixer if it’s not herself who carries the toxin.

Or if Wisp is carrying the toxin, she must place a mote at the small infested tumor prior to the mixer stage, so she can teleport to it at the end of the mixer stage.

This little trick has a huge impact on mission time, because you can get spawns as far as this.

And the nearest drone spawns are 300 meters away from the tumors.

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

Nightwave dialog skip is done by quickly opening and closing up the Nightwave menu when there is dialog from Konzu or Lotus.

Dialog transmissions between stages hold up the bounty progress by half a minute at times, doing this cuts out the dialog and makes the next stage start right away.

This trick is particularly important at the start of each stage, and at the end of the bounty, for there is dialog and a long pause of about 1 minute before you can start the bounty again.

Be careful not to do this between the mixer defense and drone stages, as the dialog gives the toxin carrier time to get to the small tumor, and force the drone spawn successfully.

Stripping the hemocythe armor is also important.

Using Sarpa or Vastilok and Shattering Impact can fully strip the hemocythes armor.

The first hemocythe doesn’t have much armor and it barely makes a difference, so it’s not necessary to strip it, but the following 3 have quite some armor, and should always be stripped to kill them considerably faster.

Corrosive is still the most effective damage type on fully armor stripped hemocythes, as the weakness to Corrosive Damage is on the hemocythes’ health, not their armor like Eidolons.

Some people say Blast damage is more effective on fully armor stripped hemocythes, because of Primed Heated Charge, after testing I can tell you Blast and Corrosive perform pretty much the same on fully stripped hemocythes, I presume because of the damage attenuation mechanic, and Corrosive has a higher damage multiplier on hemocythes’ health.

Rewards breakdown

r/Warframe - Plague Star 8 minute speedrun Full Guide

The Eidolon Phylaxis is required to get the most out of the event, and you should buy and craft it as soon as you can.

Get the Ghoulsaw melee weapon and it’s stance Butcher’s Revelry.

Sacrifice combined with Primed Regen can revive you up to 4 times per mission.

Buy 5 to 10 of each Zaw part, depending how much you like melee weapons.

The Plague Star Emblem costs practically nothing, so might as well grab it.

Get the Snipetron blueprint only if you care about mastery rank, you can always grab it next year when Plague Star comes back.

Get at least 1 of Exodia Contagion and Epidemic, they are pretty expensive, so you might want to get more Forma instead of maxing them, they work ok at rank 1.

Do NOT buy the Cetus resources, the fosfors, Ether Daggers, or Fulmination, there is Primed Fulmination from Baro.

And finally buy all the Forma you can.

And that’s all you need to speed run Plague Star and farm 100 Formas from Plague Star.

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