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Warframe Plague Star meta guide By: rednico6



Okay lads, Plague Star is finally back and not yet dead! Some might think this is just another ghoul invasion, those people are wrong! Plague Star can be one of the most important annual events for a Warframe player depending on how much they make of it!

So, what is there to gain from the event besides Nidus P? Well, allow a vet like me to tell you! Doing the mission gives you standing which you can redeem with the eidololi back in cetus for rewards. Here are the most notable rewards:

FULLY BUILT FORMA. No more having to wait 24 hours for each piece, nor must you farm orokin cells to make them. I personally maintain a stockpile of 100 of these things to last me the entire year.

Plague zaw parts, innate viral lets you do the sacred viral + corrosive + heat damage trio, kills anything. The hook shaped strike has slash damage too! I have yet to reach content that these zaws can’t kill.

Plague zaw arcanes, one lets you spam a rhino stomp to stunlock pesky enemies. The other lets you throw a high damage explosive while jumping, letting you spam AOEs everywhere with your melee!

fosfor: if you’re a trinity or harrow that wants to expand your 4’s range, this doubles it.

The saw thing, rip and tear.

fulmination, increase radius of explosive secondaries.

Sacrifice, lets your sentinel kill itself to save you. Sentinel respawns when you use a life, so this effectively doubles your lives if your sentinel isn’t killed by enemies.

Two MR fodder weapons.

Okay, so you realize how fun it can be fighting tentacle monsters for Konzu. But how do you gain standing as fast as possible?

There are 4 stages of the event. Most of it involves grabbing the toxin, taking it to the mixer, then taking it to the drone. For this, you want someone to focus on speed that can work underground. Gauss, Zephyr, and a slow Titania can be good for these parts. Use archwing blips to go fast above ground. Memorize the caves that the toxin spawns in, spread your squad to each cave and one of you should enter just as the toxin spawns.

After you bring the toxin to the mixer, you have to escort a drone several hundred meters to the boil. Additionally, it won’t move if no one is near it. This can be the most tedious and longest part of the mission. But we have some ways of moving the drone! You can either bring a Nova or Loki.

Nova’s portals can move the drone the fastest. But you have to put the portal directly in front of the drone’s path while aiming towards the boil. This can be very hard and needs practice. The base cost of wormhole is 75 energy so failure can be expensive. Failure doesn’t stop you from teleporting yourself, wasting even more time.

Loki’s switch teleport can move the drone simply by aiming at it and pressing 3. It’s much easier and can be faster for people that struggle with Nova. One problem is that Loki has to rush ahead of the drone to teleport it. But you can fix this by throwing your decoy out front and quickly swapping with it to get ahead fast. Or just blink with archwing.

okay now we’re at the boil and it’s fight time. What now? Use AOE weapons to quickly wipe out waves of infested. If you used juice (always use max juice to increase standing earned) a hemocyte will come out at every 25% progress. Here’s are the steps to fight it:

The hemocyte is invincible when its mouth won’t open. It won’t open its mouth while exiting the boil. Therefore, the time it takes to exit the boil is pure waste. Your third party member should be a speedva to rush it out quickly. Speedva can also help forcing the scythe head to open up.

The hemocyte has armor but is immune to status. Grab your fastest melee weapon (I use sarpa gunblade) and Shattering Impact and send one tenno to melee its body. You won’t do damage, but you will strip armor. When it’s health shows red, that means the armor is gone. Killing it will now be super easy. You could try to leave it with one armor just so corrosive deals more damage, but that’s not really worth the effort. Everyone can use a shattering impact melee, but if your speedrunner is a Gauss, he should use it with his attack speed buff. I do not know if Mirage’s hall of mirrors can use shattering impact, but if so, that would triple your strip speed.
NOTE: the first hemocyte is weak enough to kill without stripping armor. Stripping armor is usually a waste of time on the first hemocyte.

DO NOT USE HIGH DAMAGE WEAPONS ON THE HEMOCYTE. The hemocyte has a damage cap mechanic that limits how much each bullet can do. The hemocyte meta for DPS is firerate * multishot. Top contender weapons include:

Pyrana Prime: The pyrana prime is THE strongest hemocyte kill that I am aware of. It’s multishot * firerate has the highest known pellets per second in the game. It’s meh status doesn’t matter. The pure crits do great damage. If you can take advantage of the ghost gun perk, you double your pellets as well.

Grakatas. Twins have innate 2 multishot because both guns fire at once. Prisma is good too but your primary should be an AOE for clearing infested. If you’re a newer player and don’t have any high tier prime pistols, use the grakatas.

Aksomati prime: Aksomati P is a new contender for hemocyte meta. Haven’t tested it yet myself but people seem to do great with it.

Mausolon: the damage is just high enough to make up for the firerate. It’s a soft damage cap so you can budge it a little 🙂

The necramech’s 4 cannon: Same as mausolon, the damage is high enough to bitch slap the damage cap.

Your fourth frame can be a buffer/dps frame. Such frames include:

Gauss, not only is he a good speedrunner, his attack speed and reload buff make him great for pellets per second.

Wisp, she can give her speed buff to everyone. Good companion to Gauss and Volt speedrunners at start of mission too.

Mirage, hall of mirrors shoots triple pellets. She can also grant her entire team an EXTREME damage buff during the daytime. If you’re coordinated with your team enough, I highly suggest her just for eclipse.

Octavia: No pellet count buff but a similarly EXTREME damage buff from her 4. Not light dependent, bigger range for teammates to run around in.

Ultimately, I prefer Wisp because everyone should be attacking different heads and her buff can let everyone do that. Plus she helps out during speedrunning the toxin too.

And remember, don’t wait for Konzu to give you an objective marker, memorize where to go AND GO THERE.




Loki, switch teleport drone

Gauss, run for toxin

Speedva, to make the damn Hemocyte get out of the boil faster

Wisp, speed buff.

Primary should be an AOE for crowd clearing. Secondary should be your best dakka. Pyrana Prime is best dakka, but twin grakatas if you’re poor. Melee should be sarpa with shattering impact.


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