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Warframe Profit taker solo credit farm guide


Frame: Use Chroma. His 2 and 3 are great buffs for taking down shields and PT itself. His 4 doubles the amount of credits that drop within 10m of it.

My Chroma build: https://overframe.gg/build/169542/ + subusme Empower on 1st ability

Weapons: Mod your weapons like you normaly would, except change the elemental combos around. I personally run a corrosive + heat Zenith (corrosive, heat, IPS covered), a gas + electricity Tombfinger (gas, electricity, radiation covered) and a magnetic + toxin Redeemer prime (magnetic, toxin, blast covered). I also run a Crit built Imperator Vandal with Radiation and Cold for the legs and such.

Must haves: R5 Arcane Nullifier (PT has an annoying ground slam it sometims does. You cannot avoid it and it procs magnetic, stripping you of all energy. Not with max arcane nullifier though), R10 Primed Sure footed (self-explanatory, if youve ever done a PT run, you know why this is here), Zenith (Alt-fire has infinite punch-through. It is the only weapon in the game that penetrates the shield pylon bubbles, allowing you to snipe them from anywhere and through anything), max rank Zenurik Energy bubble (self-explanatory), Redeemer prime (heavy attack build preferably), Smeeta kavat (for Charm), Tek Enhance (more Charm buff duration)

Strategy: Pop a bubble at Fortuna entrance/exit and wait a bit for a good amount of energy. > Equip archwing and fly to PT. > Empower, vex, empower, ward. > Take down shields (weakness can be changed if you shoot PT with an amp). > if pylon phase, whip out Zenith alt-fire and shoot them from across the map. If shields are down, whip out your arch gun, shoot all 4 limbs, then the torso. > When PT is dead, stand behind it. In its death animation it will always slam the ground 3 times, stand behind its left leg and wait for 3rd slam, put Effigy before it slams the ground the 3rd time. Collect Loot and pray to god it works (at least in my experience, it sometimes bugs out and the effigy double credits buff does not work. Removing the mod Fetch fixes this… sometimes).

Credit gain: base is 125 000 credits. Guaranteed maximum is 3 125 000 credits. The calculation for that is (correct me on this one if im wrong):

125000 × 2 (event credit booster) × 2 (thermia fracture bonus) × 2 (credit booster) × 2 (effigy) × (x) (smeeta charm) × 1.25 (credit blessing) × 1.25 (credit blessing double dipping with chromas effigy)

If you get lucky you can get up to a total of 6 250 000 credits in a single run. Thats due to the Charm buff. You have a 4.6667% to get the double resources buff every 27 seconds, however, this buff can stack with itself so if youre extremly lucky, you can get a 4x resource buff for a whopping 12 500 000 credits total, the chance for that happening being 0.2178% every 54 seconds. Anything beyond that is pretty unrealistic and probably a once in a lifetime occurance.

Run takes 4-7 mins depending on if I fuck up or I have bad luck or the game just bugs out.

Feel free to ask any questions/make corrections regarding this unformated mess, Ill be happy to answer whenever I can. Also, I am by no means saying that I specialize in PT hunting or that im even good/efficient at it. This is just an info dump of how Ive been doing things when farming credits.


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