Ahoy thar, Legion! I’ve bumped this Warframe video up a day as my PC Tenno won’t have much time to complete the event if I posted this Wednesday, and no matter which day I post it the console squad will benefit as they got a few weeks before it goes live to them anyway. This was actually quite ironically stealth patched in as I didn’t even know about it until I checked out the main site and loaded the game up. What’s this? Rescue Missions 2.0? Rescue? Ain’t nobody got time for that! What’s new, how did they change this mode? Well if Ninjas are three things they are fast, sword wielding, and lurking in the shadows. We’ve been fast, very recently got Melee upgraded, so now our shadow-game is getting a boost. Not as in depth or full of fluff as Melee 2.0, but still a nice upgrade to play with. Here’s the short list! You now have three objectives, at least currently for the event. You need to complete all three for the best rewards and most points per run.

You are likely better off spamming whatever is the highest difficulty you can walk through, but I’ll get to that in a bit. There are three objectives you must complete: 1. Save the prisoner. Likely goes without explanation. 2. Kill all Warden. These guys patrol the area and are either machine gunners for grineer, or Techs for corpus. This is pretty simple as well, just keep stabbing or shooting until everything stops moving and leaks. 3. Avoid Kill Switch activation. My, what a cheery and unominous objective! This is the hardest of the three to get, but we got you covered! If you want to get a perfect score, and this applies to all difficulties, the best method is to free the prisoner first.

Once you do the kill switch cannot be activated so you just need to clean up the enemies and drag the prisoner to the evac point and you are home free. In order to do this, your frame and weapons do matter. Rhino’s ain’t exactly light on their feet, while Loki’s will absolutely shine here. But I still did it with my Rhino, because I’m a glutton for punishment like that. The trick is to take alternate paths to free the prisoner instead of the giant obvious one they want you to take at first. That main path is always the most guarded, while the side entrances ain’t. So go there! You have a lot of options per level, currently only two variations exist, easy and hard are both Corpus tiles while Medium is Grineer, and arguably the harder of the two. Stick to air ducts and side paths to avoid conflict. If you cannot pass without killing a warden or two, wait for them to pass by, drop down and SHANK THEM until it looks like they grew a metal tail out of their stomach! Then carry on and silently break and fans or grates blocking your path to the prisoner.

Note! Depending on luck and difficulty, there tends to be one last mob patrolling inside this final area. Kill them quickly, silently, or rush to save the prisoner before dealing with them. Either way, this is the hardest part that nearly every pug will fail instantly, so solo queuing or with friends is the way to go. From that point on give the prisoner your secondary weapon and tag team some happy happy joy joy murder fun time on those wardens and head straight to the exit. The prisoner refuses to progress if enemies are near, so you do need to clear everything out.

He also tends to glitch and phase a bit in multiplayer games, so be careful of that. Luckily he can be revived if the unthinkable happens, so as long as you keep him limping across the finish line you’ll do fine. Side note: If you need to grind these out, it might be faster to do medium and just zerg rush the whole thing, as getting a perfect on hard takes longer and only gives you an extra three points. To each their own! Oh, and avoid Ceres as that has prosecutors. Still hate those those guys. Stupid immunity when at most they should be RESISTENT! RESISTANT NOT IMMUNE! Thank-you for watching, Legion. If this video helps you and your fellow tenno rescue up a hideous looking scarf or at least stop slaughtering poor prisoners with pugs ineptitude, we’d be honored if you liked and shared this video with your friends.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Catch you next time, Legion. Take care..

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