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Warframe – Saturated Muscle Mass Farming Guide


Hello, everyone it is games from, and today’s farming guide will cover how to form saturated muscle mass in wolfram. Let’S get into it to get saturated muscle mass you need to cut two types of fish open: let’s go ahead and look into it. Okay, the first one is right: eel: let’s go ahead and cut all eight open there we go and then the other one should be right up: yo yeah, let’s cut open about silly large ones. Let me type in silly make it easy there we go and then each one of these will give one saturated muscle mass there we go. I’M gon na get shield e8 conform, as you can see we’re on the fast cycle right now and they are popping up pretty often and both the fists that you need for saturated muscle do pop up during this activity.

As you can see, the other one isn’t popping up right now, so let me go ahead and catch a few of these, because i think it’s at the max that i can catch right now, but the ones i’m catching right now are a little bit more uncommon Than the other one is yeah see there, we go the other one just popped up as well. They pop up a lot more than the ostomals do, but both of them do spawn at the same time. Here’S a quick overview for the two fists that you need. As you can see, the first fist is active going to both cycles, but i recommend facing during the fast cycle, while on the surface using fast bait, while you’re near a foam energy zone. So that way, you can get both the fists and it makes it pretty easy, and what i mean by the foam energy area is where you see the foam bait with the blue highlights of energy. That is what i recommend fishing at as long as those waddle, though it should work.

You can use a resource booster to increase your amount of fish you get before every one fist, you get two, but i would highly recommend just using fast bait and having them pop up more often, so you can save yourself some platinum. I just want to thank each one of you guys for coming by and checking out the video. It really does mean a lot if you end up needing any help with the guide. Leave me a comment down below and i will get back to you as quickly as i can, but i hope you did enjoy the video and once again, if you have please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, to see future content Coming out soon, thank you i’ll see you next time, games from out.

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