Warframe Scintillant Farming Guide (For those who do multiple vault runs and find none) By: Reelix


1.) Set the game to Solo (Important)

2.) Start a Vault bounty from Mother

3.) Proceed, until you enter the Vault, and kill the Necramech

4.) Go around the Vault slowly until you find 1 Scintillant (Listen for the buzzing noise). Being the Host of a Solo game, there is a guaranteed spawn chance. Remember where it is (Important!!!) – Finish the vault (Optional)

5.) Exit the Vault, and start a Vault bounty (Note: Not the “Kill the Necramech” bounty, but the new “Do quests inside the Vault” bounty)

6.) Go into the Vault – The Scintillant you found in Step 4 will have respawned

7.) Enter the bounty circle to activate the bounty

8.) Travel back to the surface using one of those suction-extracty things and travel far enough away till you abandon the bounty

9.) Proceed to Step 5

Every loop will guarantee 1 Scintillant (Start bounty, collect Scintillant, enter circle, evac, fail bounty, loop)

Enjoy 🙂

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