Warframe – Sharrac Teeth Farming Guide


Hello, everybody: it is games from welcome back to this channel. We will be covering another farming guide today, so let’s go ahead and get into it. As you can see right here, i have caught the first ratio that you need for the resource. Let me go ahead and show you the location, real, quick. As you can see, i am right here and a few of them do spawn here pretty frequently. Let me go ahead and show you on the map where the location is here’s the location right here by the waddle.

As you can see, it’s a pretty good spot to prove that the facing location iso does work. As you can see, i got 32 of the resource at pretty quick, great and actually didn’t. Take me that long to get the resource, i recommend using twilight bait when you go fishing for the fist. That gives the results so that way they spawn faster. Overall. Once you get the fist, you actually need to come to this lady right, yo and set this as you can see, and that’s where you can cut the face open to get the actual resource. So let’s go ahead and do that real, quick all right once you’re on this menu you’re going to select the fish that you want to open, i’m going to go ahead and select all of them. There we go and then that should be good and then i’m going to hit catfish and, as you can see, we get about 38 of the resales there we go. Thank you guys so much for coming by and checking out the video.

I really do appreciate that if you need any help with the guide, let me know down below and i’ll spawn as quickly as i can, but if you’ve enjoyed the video so far, please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to see Future content coming out soon i’ll catch you next time again for now have a wonderful day.

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