Warframe – Sporulate Sac Farming Guide (Glutinox Farming)


Hello, everyone, it is games form and let’s get into this, forming guide all right. So the location is right here and it’s doing the fast little area. As you can see, and then i marked it with number one and i’m right here on this area and then there’s a bunch of them as you can see right here, so that’s pretty helpful and they do pop up pretty often. Let me go ahead and get these guys there we go.

This one should be pretty big yeah a lot. It’S also important to know that you can technically fish any wall that has this faster door area just as long as there’s a nice little water area nearby, and then that is actually heavily populated with fish. I highly recommend using fast bait, while you do this, so that way they spawn a little bit more as well to prove that this does work. As you can see, i did catch over 100 of the fish and one go once you get the fist that you actually need to go and cut it. So you come ill and then we have to find it go to this yeah. I think we should do.

Maybe a few of these and then a few of these small medium ones, and we can do a quite a bit of the small ones as well. We can do about 20 i’d, say and then let’s see how much we get that we will get silty from just those ones, nice here’s an overview of how to get the resource. As you know, you have to cut the fish open, but to even get the fish. I recommend using fast bait, raw nil or on a fast energy area during the fast cycle. That’S the best way to get the fish and they usually pop up more around that area.

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