Warframe Steel essence, Kuva, and Introverts. Alternative farming guide By: jacemonored


Hello everyone! so while I have played the game for a long time this will be my first post in the sub. I’m usually just a lurker but I recently discovered a Kuva farming method I quite enjoy and wanted to share with you all.

First of all I know this is far from the most efficient way to farm for steel essence/Kuva. But I think it still has value for people like me that prefer to play solo or for specific times of day when online player count might make recruiting difficult. So let’s begin. ALSO This assumes you have both of the resource boosters on.

Khora. I love using Khora for this farm for obvious reasons. She dispatches enemies very efficiently. The usual high range whip-claw build with a nice stat-stick is what we want here. I personally made the decision to put Mesa’s shooting gallery on her third skill for the crowd control and survivability but this is not essential.

The location is Kuva Survival. This location is good because it allows you to double up on your Kuva earnings. While you collect your steel essence you will also get kuva straight from the kuva catalysts.

So the plan is begin the survival like usual but DO NOT start collecting kuva yet. You want to wait for the max number of life support capsules to spawn in first. Then find a capsule that is in an ideal position. you want there to be no more than two ways for the enemies to come at you forcing them to funnel in. My preferred spot is on the balcony in the large room with the lowering floor. Once done you can begin harvesting kuva. This is to ensure that every time you finish one kuva harvester the next one spawns right where the other one was so you never have to leave your farming spot. From here just repeat the harvester while you whip the enemies for their steel essence.

In 2 hour runs I consistently received 60 or so steel essence. 10K kuva at 15 steel essence a pop nets you 40k kuva. BUT you also get the kuva from the harvesters which will give you 25~30K kuva more.

for a grand total of : 65,000 kuva/run.

There is one last factor to talk about and that is Kavats. In my runs I took a sentinel mainly because I’m lazy and like vacuum. But if you get decently lucky with your Kavat’s resource blessing there’s no reason you couldn’t see 70~75K kuva yields.

Hope this can help someone out there. Thanks for reading.

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