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Warframe: The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide 2.0 Episode #4: How to deal more damage!


Hey guys, what’s up here and welcome to episode 4 of warframe, the ultimate beginner’s guide at 2.0. In today’s video we’re gon na be talking about a lot of stuff. We’Re gon na be talking about progressing free mercury on completing the Mars Junction. We’Re gon na be learning how to calculate damage and we’re also gon na be talking about inventory management which weapons and mods you should have before you progress on in to Mars. So we’re gon na cover the inventory management side of things first, because it’s probably the most boring and least interesting thing that we’re gon na talk about in today’s video. So you guys might also notice that my Excalibur has a skin of your scent, the skin. In for the gifting system in warframe, it takes the premium currency. I don’t recommend doing it if you’re a new year player.

But if you really want to gift me something I would recommend you guys give me things like affinity, boosters resource boosters, credit boosters, because if you gift those types of things to this, a kind which is called please sub to me, then you know it’s going to Speed up the progress of making these videos and it’s gon na save me a lot of time. That is, if you want to give me something by no means, are you obligated to give me anything? I would actually recommend that you don’t because you know I can do everything in this game like I know what, like the back of my hand, so you guys don’t have to give me anything whatsoever. It’S just if you really wanted to give something then give the boosters, because that is what’s gon na save me the most time and that is going to help, but the most. Basically, you can’t send cosmetics if you want that I’ll use them in the videos, but boosters would be the ideal thing if you’re gon na gift anything but again don’t recommend it. I’M not asking for it.

But if you really want to, you can go ahead and do that, but let’s move on with the video thank you to f’ing weeb for sending this over by the way as well, and also thank you for rocking the glyph. It means a lot to bud. Thank you very much, but yeah. Let’S talk about inventory management. So if we go to my arsenal, you’ll notice that my Excalibur, my mk1 Braton my Leto on my scanner. Well, not my MK 1 brat, my mk1 Brown is unranked, but a lot of my stuff is no higher level than normal right. I usually would have the MK 1 Paris, but what happened is I got that 2 max rank and I sold it? No, you might be wondering: why did I do that? So if we pause the game and we go to show profile, we go to equipment, we go to the primary weapon tab and we scroll down and we find my mk1 Paris you’ll – see that it has this little symbol in the top right hand, corner and I’ve.

This basically means that I have mastered this weapon and I can get no more master exp from this weapon so because it is like your beginner weapon in the game. I don’t really have any need for that anymore. So it’s okay for me to get rid of it right now, if you were to go to your armory and you go to your primary weapons, tab right, so you click on this, for example, you’ll be able to see if you scroll down a little bit that These weapons, the Bratten, the mk1 Bratten that the mk1 strung and the regular strung you can buy all of those for credits. If you picked up the mk1 Bratten in the prologue of the game, then the mk1 paris is going to be available for credits as well.

So if I go ahead and I type in mk1 Paris, you can see that I can get it for 15,000 credits. What I want you guys to do is get all the weapons that you see that I have here so the bolt or the Braton, the mk1 Braton, the mk1 strung and the regular strung get those. And then the level goes up to level 13 and that’s going to get you a lot of master xp. So, what’s going to sort of like put you ahead of the ahead of the curve right in terms off the enemy levels and stuff like that, because the higher your mastery rank is the more of the game becomes available to you so you’re gon na? Have you know these better weapons going into this pretty low level content right, so the weapon that we’re aiming to get is a shotgun called the heck and you get that mastery rank force. So what you’re aiming to do is to get the mastery rank for by leveling up the warframes and weapons that are available to you right now, but of course, in this guide, I’m gon na tell you all the weapons that you should be getting.

So those are the weapons in the primary category that I recommend picking up. Moving on to the secondary category, I picked up the Furious as well, because I had enough new roads to craft that and the bolt or I have the regular later, which is what I chose in the prologue quest. I’Ve got the mk1 furious and the mk1. You know anything that you can buy for credits. I want you guys to go ahead and do it, but that is pretty much all I have access to right now. Everything else is love behind mastery, so I can’t pick anything up the next secondary weapon that I will be going for, though, is the Lex it’s available at mastery rank free and you get that for fifty thousand credits.

So moving on from that to our meta weapons, I’ve got my scanner and then I’ve got my mk1 boom and mk1 few racks – and I haven’t got these just yet because I haven’t got enough weapon slots available to buy these right. So if I were to go ahead and click on the mk1 boom and I try to purchase it, you’ll see that it says insufficient inventory slots purchased. Two starts for 12 platinum. Now I, as a new year player you’re, not gon na, have the premium currency lying around to purchase these slots unless you buy it. So what you do is you get out of your arsenal?

Pause, the game go to equipment, go to the inventory, go to your weapons tab and then what you want to do is sell a weapon that you have mastered, so you’ve got it from level 0 to 30. For the first time at least once you can sell that weapon and then you have freed up a inventory slot pretty much so, for example, I can go ahead and I can sell the mk1 strung sell items and there you go you’ll see that if we go Back into the weapons tab that I have an open slot available right. So what I’m gon na go ahead and do is just buy back that mk1 strung, because I’m gon na actually have to level that you guys aren’t gon na want to. You know all willy-nilly. Just sell stuff because you have a limited amount of credits, but because I’m gon na be sticking to this and getting those credits back. It’S not that big of a deal to me, but that is what you want to be doing and that’s how you’re going to like push yourself further in the ski and leveling up. Your war frames on your weapons is the fastest and pretty much only way to level your master rank. I get a lot of people asking me from time to time like how do I level up my mastering faster?

That is the only way. Unfortunately, so you know there’s no other way around it. You just have to level those weapons from zero to Ferdie. No, you might be asking. How did I get my weapons and my warframe to be such a high level, like with the limited content that we have right? It’S pretty low level content? Well, the reason that I was able to get it so high because I was doing a lot of farming for items on mods you’ll, see on the screen right now that I’ve got like a spreadsheet of mods that I want you guys to go ahead and get It’S got all the information about the mods, like the percentage chance to drop what the mods do where the, where you should be going to get those mods and stuff like that. I want you to get every single one of those mods before you move on the Mars. Of course, there might be places later on in the game that you know it might be easier to farm those mods. But to me it just makes more sense. You get those mods early, so you can start putting together a build that makes sense and you can invest your credits on your endow where it matters as soon as possible. So pause the video and just go ahead and get all of those mods farm up.

The resources that you’re gon na need to build the bull tour and that the Furious and also the tax, and, if you haven’t already and then what you’re also gon na need to do to craft the bull tour is get to mastery rank too. So if you’re somebody who’s already got the new roots and stuff and you’re struggling to build the bolt or it’s because you haven’t leveled up the mastery rank to you. So I should have footage playing on screen died off the mastery rank to test the mastery rank to test is pretty straightforward. It’S basically the master rank one test, except you have to use your secondary weapons, so you shouldn’t struggle with it and if you do just few on more mods on your secondary weapon and then you should be good to go. But with all that being said, the only other thing that there is to do right now is go ahead and equip your companions. So if you crafted your Taksin, go to your arsenal and click on this little tab here at the top, and then you can just go ahead and equip him here.

So you can just equip them like you, equip a warframe or a weapon and then what you can do is you can go into upgrades and fro mods onto him, though. The mod that you want to throw onto him first and foremost is vacuum, because this is just gon na suck up all of the items that are around you within, like a certain radius, the higher you upgrade this mod like the higher level you get it by Investing n doin credits, the wider radius that it’s gon na cover, so you want to like really make sure that you’re investing as much endo and credits into this mod as soon as possible, because it’s going to be one of those quality of life, mods that you’re Gon na get used to pretty quickly and you’re, probably not going to survive a fight and then once you’ve done that you want to just end like survivability mods, on to the taxon as well.

So it’d be like the likes of metal fibre. That is available to me right now and also regen, because regen makes it so that he can revive himself pretty much the other mods like the offensive mods. You don’t really need, because the mods were the offensive capabilities off the the sentinels are not that great. I don’t throw any mods on the Arctic’s. You just have the art text, which is which is his weapon equipped to earn bonus. Mastery rank from it. So you do you get mastery from your companion and the Companions weapon just make sure to equip the Companions weapon because you can, whatever you equip it. It doesn’t come equipped with the weapon. So you just quit.

Press equip and then make sure that you put it on don’t throw any mods on, because if you do through the mods on and then those mods are also on your primary weapon. For example, it’s gon na say that there is a conflict and it needs to resolve it, so just make sure that you don’t put any mods on the sentence weapon, at least for now later on down the line whenever you start to get buckets and stuff like That and you have enough endo and credits to just sort of flow around, then you can start investing into your proper build for your companions weapon, but that is pretty much it for the housekeeping. The only other thing that I think I told you guys to do was to go and get all of the parts for rhinos, so you can see that I have the Rhino chassis, surrender optics and the Rhino systems. You want to go ahead and kill the boss on fossa, which is on Venus and farm up the chassis, snur optics and systems blueprint, and then, whenever you can craft all of them right so on Mercury, we’re gon na be able to get morphix. So we can craft the inner optics and then whenever we get to, I think it is Saturn or maybe it’s on focus we can get plastics and control modules are from a place called the void.

So that’s pretty much all you want to get the only other thing that you can get and you’re gon na get this whenever you’re getting one of the mods that I told you to get that was on that little spreadsheet. In the spy missions, you can get a virus systems from the spy missions from rotation see so whenever you’re farming up the mods fishes, Frost and I think, volcanic edge, it’s called then you’re gon na have the chance to get the fr-s systems as well. So Ivar is a pretty good warframe, I would say: go whatever your way to get all of the parts for her as soon as possible, but you’re nowhere near being able to build up her components, one by one, because you need resources like 19 extract on argon Crystals, which were pretty much nowhere near getting yet so don’t worry too much about crafting Fri just try to get the part blueprints for her and yeah.

So with all that being said, I’m gon na jump on, to my mean account and we’re gon na talk a little bit about how damage is calculated within warframe okey dokey. So this is gon na be a lot to take in, but it is very, very important, at least in my opinion, that you really pay attention to everything that I’m about the same. Simply because you’re going to run into a lot of like rookie mistakes and warframe. If you don’t understand how damage works and you’re gon na be scratching your head, whenever it comes to killing higher-level enemies, because you’re not gon na know why your weapon isn’t dealing a lot of damage, because you’re gon na think that you’re throwing on the best mods That you possibly have because they have like really high percentages or something but in reality, you’re sort of like shooting yourself in the foot because you’re not you, know, modeling the right way, because there is definitely a right and a wrong way to modern warframe. It’S less apart, no because the game is like when in a more casual direction, but if and when de come up with like really hard difficult content that requires you to have like really good builds.

It’S gon na be worth understanding. High damage is calculated with in warframe, so maybe I’ve briefly went over it in previous beginner guide episodes, but you find the total damage off your weapon in the ideal circumstances where an enemy doesn’t have any weaknesses. Id doesn’t have any resistances by adding these free stats together, so you have impact, you’ve got puncture and we have slash so impact puncture and slash. Add it together. So sixteen point eight sixteen point, three, eight plus three hundred and two point four. This is equal to three hundred and thirty six right, so that is the amount of damage that this weapon, which is called the dread, deals with absolutely no mods on it right. So it’s got pretty decent damage to begin with. No, what we want to is, how do we make our weapon deal more damage?

No, there are mods in the game which just gives you bonus damage right, so this year moderation is going to give you plus 165 percent damage. What this mod is going to do is it’s going to take one hundred and sixty five percent off these different stats and then add that on top right, so it’s going to take one hundred and sixty five percent of 16.8 one hundred sixty five percent off three Hundred and 2.4 and then add that on top so just pay attention you see high. All these numbers turn green. That means it was increased right. So that’s pretty straightforward and really easy to understand. You know at the 16 point on impact 1. Up to 44 point 5 cm for puncture and then slash went from 303 point 4, all the way up to 801 point O. So that’s pretty good. No! That’S really straightforward and easy to understand, but the problems arise whenever people start to flew on mods such as, let’s say, for example. I think I have one called crash course. So that’ll be a polarity. Oh yeah, polarity so crash course gives you one hundred and twenty percent impact damage. You might think that that’s good, because hey it’s a high percentage right high means good bigger number means good, at least in most people’s mind, and then the UI also does like a little trick on you, and it makes you think that it’s good, because you also Get that green number.

Whenever you throw on to show that hey, you know, you’ve increased your damage right. So if we go ahead and we through crash course on, we can see that it increases our impact damage and you know that might be all well and good. But the thing is like there are different mods that give you like a lower percentage bonus which are going to give you more damage overall right, because if you haven’t already caught on by knowing it’s taking the percentage that thats that gives and then adding that, on Top just to clarify that so one hundred and twenty percent of sixteen point eight isn’t exactly the biggest increase in the world. It’S maybe like a ryan 20 or something twenty damage.

So that’s not the biggest increase in the world. So what I want and did is, I mean like a little fancy new pad for us to look at and we can talk about. You know, high damage is calculated and how we use different to get more damage to have, like maybe a lower percentage. So our total damage of our dread, like we’ve already established, is equal to 336. That’S our impact puncture and slash that added together. No in most cases nine times out of ten, it is more effective to use an elemental damage mod. So in this example we’re gon na be using Hellfire, but we could use any elemental damage mod, so we could use in fact the clip or stormbringer or what’s the everyone’s called. I think it’s called cryo Rhines. Yet we can use crowns. We could use any of these mods in this example, and it would get the same results. It’S just enemies, have different weaknesses and resistances to different physical damage types. So your physical damage types are your impact, your puncture on slash and then different weaknesses and resistances to your elemental, damage types, which is your cooled, your heat, your tox in your electric, so on and so forth that type of stuff.

So again, like I said, we’re gon na be using Hellfire, know the unique thing about your elemental mods. Is it’s going to take the percentage of all of these numbers added together? So it’s taken a percentage from your total damage and then adding that, on top, where a mod like crash course, which is only using your physical damage style and at least only one of them, it’s only gon na be taken from that one stat right. So if we read my little notepad here, elemental damage mods take their percentage from the weapons total damage. Total damage is equal to impact plus puncture plus slash, which is abbreviated into IPs. The example using the dread is total damage is equal to three hundred and forty six Hellfire gives us 90 percent eight damage. Ninety percent off three hundred and thirty six is equal to three hundred and two point four.

So your total damage after Hellfire is gon na, be sixteen point. Eight two plus sixteen point did plus three hundred and two point four plus three hundred and two point four, which is equal to six hundred and thirty at point free. So, let’s just go ahead and put Hellfire on and see if that is the case, so my mouth was correct. That is indeed the key is so anoying defined our total damage off our dread. We would add these four numbers together, and that would be our total amount of damage in the circumstance where the enemy doesn’t any weaknesses or resistances to the damage types that we’re using right. So that is high elemental damage. Mods increase your overall damage right. Moving on to the likes of crash course, so physical damage, mods mods that increase impact puncture or slash they take their percentage increase from a single stat example. Using the dread crash course gives 120 percent impact damage. 120 percent of sixteen point. Eight is equal to twenty point.

Sixteen sixteen point, eight plus twenty point. Sixteen is equal to thirty six point. Ninety six, that a game is gon na run that up to forty seven point O. So, let’s see if the game actually does that crash course. We Furr that on so you can see that, of course, our math is right. That basically just confirms that right. So I just go ahead and I excited that you can see that you know this is our our equation, that we add forty seven point zero. Sixteen point eight three hundred and two point four, so total damage after crash course is equal to thirty, 7.0 plus sixteen point, eight plus three hundred and twenty point, four, which is equal to three hundred and fifty six point two. So the total damage after Hellfire was equal to six hundred and thirty at point. Four, and the total damage after crash course was at. It was equal to three hundred and fifty six point two. So hopefully, this at the very least, shows you that the bigger number on a mod doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be better than another. Mod has a lower percentage right because it all comes down to how the mod is calculated or high. It’S like thrown into a math equation, which determines how you know much damage you get basically right.

So let’s go ahead and move on to an exception right, so it’s only gon na be worth it to use an impact puncture slash mod over an elemental damage mod. If the impact puncture slash mod or the physical damage mod gives you a damage increase that is greater than ninety percent and the weapons total damage is between 82 and hundred percent off the IPS that that your modding for so, for example, on this dread, because most Of the damage is in slash damage, it would make to use a mod like crash course, but except for slash, because slash has a higher value than impact or puncture right. So if we go ahead and we find them all, you’ll find fusillade, let’s go ahead and take a look at my little equation before we do it free under and trooper 300. Two point: four is equal to eighty nine point: nine percent off 336, so free hundred and two point four is the dreads slash damage stat on 336 is two dreads total damage. Fine fusillade increases the slash damage by 120 %, as you can see over here and then one hundred and twenty percent off three hundred and two point four is equal to three hundred and sixty two point. Eighty seven.

So now we add three hundred and two point four plus three hundred and sixty two point: eighty seven, which is equal to six hundred and sixty-five point twenty seven and the game’s gon na ride that to six hundred and sixty-five point free. So again, let’s go ahead and see if that was indeed correct. You can see that we have six hundred and sixty five point free cool right, so the total damage after five fusillade was thrown on is equal to six hundred and sixty five point free plus. Sixteen point eight plus sixteen point, eight, which is equal to six hundred and ninety eight point. Nine. So again, let’s compare that to our hellfire total damage that so that was six hundred and thirty eight point four. Now, the only reason that that worked is because, eighty to 90 or 80 to a hundred percent off this weapons, total damage was in that one physical damage type right. So what nine times out of ten it’s gon na be worth it for you, the fru-u — on an elemental damage mod over a physical damage mod.

If that makes any sense now that is just like before you flew on the likes officer, ation, for example, but serration is always going to be like the CM increase so like, even if your serration increases it to whatever the numbers were on the dread right. So the percentages are still technically gon na stay. The same so like eighty nine point, nine percent off the total damage if the dread is still going to be in slash. So it’s just like a matter of adding all these together right and then finding out what percentage of eight hundred and eight hundred and one is off the total damage stat right. So it’s still going to be 9.9. So hopefully that makes sense, and hopefully that does a good job at explaining the absolute basics of how damages calculated with Anwar. For him, don’t really know how else I could explain it, but that is like the absolute basics.

There is a lot more to it. There’S like crit chance and there is crit multipliers and their status chance and there’s different status effects and there’s armor values and there’s weaknesses and there’s resistances and stuff like that. But that is just how you sort of like, add up and get like the highest number. Technically right, so hopefully that helped you, I and hopefully that sort of like helps your understanding whenever it comes to the basics of modding and warframe and high-damage is sort of calculated. So with all that being said, let’s move on with progressing through Mercury. With that knowledge, okey dokey, so I am back on my beginner account, and the next thing that we want to do is complete the Mars Junction’s, so we can move on to Mars. So the two objectives that I personally have to do is to complete the quest once awake and to also complete Susi on Mercury, know those other two objectives that you have there: the feet: 150 frontier gon na your enemies on earth and collect 500 rib ado in Missions, those are gon na, go hand in hand because rib ado drops on earth and, of course, you’ve got those grenier enemies who are spawning on earth.

So if you haven’t got all of that done, I recommend playing Everest on earth because that way, you’re gon na get a ton of resources. You’Re gon na get a ton of rewards and there’s gon na be a ton of enemies. So Everest is, in my opinion, one of the best missions to play as a near player, because there’s just a lot of good stuff in there. So go ahead and do that and get all that their stuff and then focus in on these two objectives, which is completing once a week and completing its to see on Mercury. So to start once awake go up to the top right here on this little X. With the circle in the middle and then press on once awake and then once you do, that what’s gon na happen is you’re going to get a message from the Lotus and your inbox. It’S a little piece of text. Don’T have to read it, don’t even care about it, just close it immediately unless you’re a lore, nerd and then move on to mercury, and the first mission is going to be an investing or a spy mission. We’Re just gon na go ahead and complete this.

I’M gon na show you how to do spy volts and here’s to let’s go okay, so I might set my first Bible. I’M gon na go ahead hack, this console – and this is one where you’ve got this little corridor over here, but as you come through the store, there’s a little hole over here to squad slant on their lap. You’Ve got those lasers. This might be a little bit difficult for you if you’re in your player, which I’m assuming you are because you’re watching this guide, but you want to crunch and then aim your crosshair up a little bit. Wait for this lose your stick. We’Re dying, jump, jump again. Rule and then keep on pressing the spacebar across that wall, while looking towards this little vent and then, while run up the way, so just keep your crosshair like on the wall up the little bit. I like that and then come through this vent, and then you can just hop on these little bars here.

Of course you can walk climb. So don’t worry too much. If you fall, you just can’t fall down that little pit there, because then you’ll be teleported back to like the nearest platform or whatever, but just jump across these and then jump into this little thing right here. So again aim your crosshair up a little bit crouch and then the your bullet jump and then just drop down this hole and then hack the console, and then that is how you do that a spy vault, my it stays to seem into higher level missions. This one isn’t like any more challenging in the later levels. So there you go. You know hi that perfectly do your spy boy all right, so we’re outside the second spy vote for this mission just hack our way in again, we’ve got two doors here so make sure the shoot, the camera. You can go up that way and then go all the way around where you can just work for that door, usually just to get it done faster. I walk for the door, sometimes in higher-level missions. This little area right here can have lasers. You just want to. Like you know avoid them, obviously, so they can be at the bottom or they can be at the top. Just go whichever area they’re not up, and it’s gon na take you into this trim.

You can hack that console if you want, but I just drop down here and this little hatch thing sometimes in higher-level missions. Lasers can be here, so you just want to avoid those make your way, free jump on up this little hole and then hack, the console like so and then the ghetto. If here you don’t have to do all that again, you can just go. Had I go up this elevator jump on up and then once the elevator reaches the same floor as you, you can walk out the door, so that is that all right, so my side, the finals Bible, this one is probably the easiest in the game honestly. So this one you’ve got like a big tire in the middle you got like some Thai troops and stuff. Like that two doors I always come through the left door, just because it’s easier for some reason. For me, I don’t know, I’ve always done it’s just habit at this point, but you want to get to the top of this tire. So you’ve got two options. You can just like jump up this wall like so like this or you can do what I do and just crouch here, like all the way up hit this bit and then I’ll run up like that and then drop doing this glass and then hack, the console And then there you go, that’s pretty much! It really easy shit that camera jump all the way around like soon and then through the door again and you’re done so. You can see that I got a lot of xp for that spy missions.

If you do them undetected, they get you a lot of XP. So if you want to level your your like weapons and your warframes up pretty fast, do the highest level spy mission that you have available to you at that moment in time, and then you know, that’s a really good way of leveling solo. Make sure that you do it undetected? There are other ways of leveling your warframes fast, so, for example like doing defense, missions and stuff like that, but you know it’s totally done to you, which one you feel is faster. I would say at the beginning of the game: it’s probably worthwhile doing a mixture of both because you can get different types of rewards from the different types of missions.

So, honestly, that’s what I would do I’ll do the spy missions first, because it was really most tedious to get the rewards from because you can only get like you know: free rewards, one from each rotation every single time that you run it and the defense is A lot easier because you know it’s just it’s multiple players and it’s a lot more chill. I guess you could say, but I’m gon na go ahead, get out of this mission and that will talk about the next one. Alright. So our second mission off this quest is on exterminate mission, and I wanted to take the time in this mission to share with you guys how you can level weapons a little bit faster, so you’re not levelling, like all of your weapons faster like it’s not more Efficient to level one weapon over like free weapons at a time, but what you tendu is, if you want to level a weapon faster than the other weapons that you have so say, for example, if I wanted to level my scanner from level 28 to level 40 Faster, what you can do is you can take off your primary and your secondary weapon.

That way more of the XP that you get in a mission is going to go to your scanner, opposed to being split between your primary secondary weapon, a melee weapon. So you’re not necessarily like leveling like weapons faster you’re, not getting master rank faster or anything like that. You’Re just leveling that one specific weapon a little bit faster because of course it’s getting more of the XP right. So technically it’s sort of faster. But it’s also not like more efficient. If you get what I’m saying so that is pretty much that you’ll do that there, if you want to just like you, know, make a build for a weapon or get rid of a weapon faster. That type of thing but um yeah, there’s also these things, and these are eyes and stars. You want to get as many of these as possible. If you see them or run them up, make sure to go ahead and pick them up, and then we’ve also got this blue thing over here, which you can scan with a codec scanner, haven’t got that yet. But if you see that there is this require scanner, you can hold.

Thank you or whatever the gear button is in console pick a scanner aim down sights and then hold left click and then yeah you’ll scan that thing and it’s a thing for a thing. That is later on and doesn’t really matter too much. So don’t worry too much about those things, but those ayats and stars that I picked up. Those are worth it so yeah, I’m gon na go, kill all the infested night and I’ll see you guys in the next mission. Alright. So after you complete that exterminate mission, you’re gon na get an inbox message from the ludus and she’s gon na give you a mail, a mod for heat damage. So you guys remember back to our how we calculate damaged segments of this video. That’S gon na be a good, mod and I’ll actually show you the build that I was using on my scanner for that exterminate mission. So we can drop mail a prior prior s, private price – that were you sorry.

I said that word out of reflex. Coil remove para to you, then this year be the the build that I would recommend using for you know just sort of pure damage versus the invested, which is the the faction that we’re going against right now, the the monster looking guys and then you can go Ahead and confirm molten impact on therefore more heat damage as well, so yeah well kind of gauge. You get this from a spy mission if you’re refer back that a little spreadsheet that I showed you guys earlier, it’ll show you where they get this mod. This mod is really good. You’Re gon na need it for a lot of ng and builds as well as Moulton impacts to go ahead and get those. This last mission that we have to do is a defense mission. So again, I’d recommend just bring in the scanner. If you have it, because the scanner is mainly slash damage and the infested are weak to slash, so it just makes sense honestly so yeah just pick that up and we’ll jump in and we’ll do the the defense mission alright.

So this defense is really longer than it should be, I think is like maybe ten or eight waves or something I wasn’t exactly paying attention, but I think that it should be register in the five waves honestly, but on this last wave there should be enemies that Sort of look like tentacle squid monster guys and those are called ancients whenever you get to the leader levels of the game. Those guys are gon na be very disruptive because what’s gon na happen is you’re gon na spawn him with like different effects. So there’s one right there, so this one’s a disruptor basically he’s gon na, like SAP your energy away, so he sucks, but there’s gon na be types of those enemies that provide armor. So here’s one right here, an ancient healer. They provide armor and basically healed and fasted, so it’s important to the goat to kill those guys ASAP so after you’ve completed that final mission, that is pretty much it.

That’S the once away. Quests done there we go, we get a blueprint as well. Whenever we, I close our inbox and and open it again for some reason, the games being a little bit slow for me tonight. So we should yet get the screen right here to. Let us know that we’ve completed the quest that a final thing that we have to do is we got ta, make our way our rime mercury to get the susi right here now in the mood or the mood, the note tolstoj, you can go ahead and you Can fight that boss that we fought in the prologue quest again he’s gon na drop parts for a weapon known as the seer and he’s also gon na drop a blueprint for weapon known as the Chronos. You want to go ahead and farm those up and then have them sitting in your finery ready to crafts. Before you move on to Mars, it’s not a necessity, but again it’s just about getting that extra little bit of mastery.

So you know: go to tolstoj farm up off the parts and the blueprint for the sea-air farm up the blueprint for the Chronos and then have those in your finery and then craft. Those soon as you can stand, you can level them from zero, with dafur ready to get the master XP, and then you can sell them because honestly they’re, not good weapons and you can get a better version of the seer later on. But for now I have your sights set on moving on to SUSE and then completing that, and then we can do the junction to move on to Mars on earth and then call it a day. So I’m playing SUSE right now. It just turned out to be a spy mission, so this is a spy boat that I haven’t showed you guys.

It’S got like a little elevator, full tier to the right. As soon as you come into it, we want to do is come on the little elevator escalator, whatever you guys call it jump up to this platform go through this tunnel and why there’s a laser right there, so you want to slide on there that and then Drop down on this little belt right here and then hop down into the the console hack, it turn to range go through this door to the left and your right, and that is pretty much it. So that’s my sister, you complete it. So the next thing that we’re gon na do is the marsh Junction.

Alright, so you probably notice that insta sea I was using the bolt or the bolt, or you want to be using this weapon versus the Grenier, because it’s mainly puncture damage and that the Grenier enemies they are weak to puncture damage. So, whenever it comes to mod in this thing, what you want to do you want to throw on serration if you have it for on speed, trigger and then from on any elemental damage, but that you have at the time. Ideally, you want to be fluent rusev, which is a mixture of toxin and electric, but if you don’t have that, then you can just throw in heat damage. If you end up getting a heat damage, mod, just throw it on heat damage on its own is probably best whenever you put two elemental damage modes beside one another in the modern section, it actually has like a secret order to so the top left is lot Number one then, to the right of that is slot number two, three four and then down the bottom left five, six, seven, I’m right is number eight. So if you are putting let’s say a storm bringer mod, which is electric and then a Hellfire mod, which is heat in slot one for the electric and in slot 2 for the Hellfire that is going to make radiation damage.

So if you want to make Caruso damage, it is electric in slot 1 toxin in slot 2 and then you could also throw on heat, which would then be in slot free. But if you put heat in slot 2, where the electric is, then it would make radiation and toxin well, I know that I don’t have like a visual representation for you, but I think that it’s worth noting just in case you happen to like pick up any Of those mods, but to make it simple, Suresh in speech, trigger elemental damage, mod and then we’ll talk about elemental, combos and stuff in a later video. But because we talked to my damage today, I thought it was worth talking about at the ball tour and how I would go about building it early so out.

Let’S go ahead and kill the boss on the marsh Junction, alright. So, to make this as easy as possible, just go to your ship through as many pyramids onto your warframe as possible. I’M as many like damage mods on to your exalted blade as possible. Come in here press for press to spammy and you’re done it’s pretty much. It that’s how easy it is alright. So, after completing that we got a few things, we got 25 codex scanners, we got a frag or blueprint, we got a lift m4 relic void, relic segment, incubator, pyre core and that the archwing. So if we back off our navigation, we can go down to our little relic station over here, which is new to us. We’Ll talk all about what this does and the next episode off the beginner guide. So thank you guys for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, go ahead, hit that, like button below, if you disliked it, hit dislike, subscribe for more warfarin content, and I will see you guys in the next video

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