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Warframe: The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide 2.0 Episode #5: Finding Cephalon Fragments


Hey guys, what’s up here and welcome to episode 5 of my warframe, the ultimate beginner’s guide at 2.0 in today’s video, we’re gon na be talking about everything that we have to do on Mars and also we’re gon na be talking about a few other things. To complement all of that, so I’m not gon na waste any of your time today we’re gon na get straight into the focus Junction and what we have to do to get to Phobos. So the first requirement is defeat to 150 enemies in a single mission on Mars.

Now this is a pretty easy requirement. If you want to check your progress during the mission, you can hold down tab, you can press P, you can pause the game and go to a few mission. Progress and I’ll show you how many kills you have at the time of movement in it, but I would recommend doing this mission on Augustus. You should be going around and then doing all of your nodes whenever you get to Mars to the game of, as you can see, I’ve already done most of mine, so I’d recommend going helis, then spear then Ares, then Augustus, then gratis all the way up to The focal Junction that way, of course, whenever you finally complete all of these challenges, then you’re gon na be able to you know, kill the boss on the focus Junction and do your thing. So the second requirement that we have right here might make you quit the game. This is to scan free, Cephalon, fragments, and if you don’t know what Cephalon fragments are, I should have a little bit of gameplay on screen right now. Basically, what it is is a big glowing blue ball whenever you scan enough of them on any given planet, it’s going to unlock a lower entry in your codex.

So it’s up to you whether or not you want to do all of them in the game. I personally never scan these things other than for this Junction requirements, so you scan free of these as a new, your player, it might be difficult for you to find all three of them. It might take you an entire ire to find three of them, or it might take you days. It just depends on how much you play and also how lucky you are. Sometimes these things can spawn, like you know, just on your mian path, right, one city objective and then go into the exit that there type of thing and then some of our times they spawn in the most obscure locations like really hidden rooms. That knew your players. Probably have no chance of finding them because of course they haven’t explored the maps enough, yet so um yeah. This requirement may make you quit the game.

Wouldn’T blame you if you did like just take a break from the game once you hit this requirement but yeah. It’S definitely annoying an annoying one and I think that they should turn it down to one Cephalon fragment rather than a tree, because it’s just the progression stopper and it’s not that enjoyable, so uh yeah. But this third and final challenge that we have to do is to open free, live boy Alex Knight. If you guys recall, whenever we completed the Mars Junction back on earth, we got a little void relic kiosk thing. So if we back off our what’s the cult here, our navigation and we come to the back of our ship like where they are similars, and then we take a left from our arsenal. We can see that we have this little avoid relics thing over here, and this is basically where you can view all of the void, relics that are available in game and the ones that you have so the ones that you have obviously they’re, not transparent, they’re, not Grayed out, so you can see that I’ve got five lifti ones: 13 left l2, free, LIF, m4, so on and so forth. And what you can also see is that these drop Prime weapon and warframe parts right. So you can get the Atlas Prime blueprint from the lift e1, as well as a person prime receiver and a Lex prime receiver. Those are common rewards, then the uncommon rewards are at Mesa prime blueprint and then Conde, prime chin, and then the rare is a def cube, prime blueprint.

So if we could have me click on that, we can see that below the rewards we’ve got this, like you know, color of like little UI element. Basically, that is representing you know the the rarity after rewards, so the bronze little lion with the diamond in the middle, that is common rewards that we’ve got the silver one with the free diamonds in the middle. That is your uncommon and then we’ve got the gold one with like the ludus flyer, sort of looking thing, which is your rare right. So, whenever you’re playing through these void, relic missions that the junction requirement requires us to do, keep those free rarities in mind, because you’re going to want to pick rewards at the end of the mission based on these sad rarities. Because these missions are basically missions where you jump in and you use one of those relics. So if we go to our navigation, we go back to Mars.

If we take a look at this little flea Mike on and stop right, we click on this. We can see that there is a rescue mission on Mars right now, and this is a void Fischer mission and in these void Fischer missions we can use the void relics that we have to get the rewards from those boy relics. So if we click on this and then we choose a relic, we can equip that for our mission. Right so, let’s say, for example, I wanted to farm up Atlas, Prime on its blueprint right, so I would use this lift d1 relic in this mission and then at the end I would have a chance at getting over the burst and prime receiver Atlas. Prime blueprint. Let’S prime receiver, then Conde, prime Chian mesa prime blueprint def cube prime blueprint right, so you can only get one of these rewards from one relic, so it’s one reward per one relic. So permission you’re gon na get one reward unless it’s like a endless mission like, for example, a survival or a defense mission. In that case it’s per rotation. So every 5 minutes every 5 weaves in the mission you’re able to choose a relic once you hit like the the next drop point, basically so every 5 minutes in survival, every 5 waves in defense so yeah.

That is basically how that works. What I would recommend that you guys do as new year players is go out of your way to use void. Relics like, for example, this lift se8 Vella relic, if you have it use them to get forma. Forma is gon na be very, very, very important whenever it comes to making your warframes on your weapons stronger and, of course, the stronger your warframes and your weapons are, then the easier it’s gon na be the farm of all this other stuff. That you know is prime, so prime war, french-fry weapons, etc, etc, etc. So, at the beginning of the game, get as much forma as you possibly can you’re gon na get it in the form of blueprints because you have to craft them using as you can see, 45 bucks and credits.

One more fix one Road, one euro sensor, which we haven’t even got yet and then one orokin cells. So your goal is to get as many forma blueprints as possible because it’s going to consume the blueprint once you use it and then get as many credits, more fiction, euro, sensors working cells, etc and then you’re gon na be able to craft a ton of forma And you’re gon na use this formula to then upgrade your warframes making them stronger, because forma allows you to put more polarities onto your warfarin smoting sections. So that’s the little ships that we had that have to cost off our mod right. So you want to be investing, I would say in the area of like to the free forma, /, warframe and potentially weapon. Sometimes it takes more. Sometimes it takes less. It depends on the build that you’re going for and how many polarities Appius the weapon or warframe has so it’s usually in that area of to the free those.

So you know sort of allocate find out which frames you want to play and which weapons you want to use an allocate to you’re free for mapper, every single weapon or frame and then farm up that number of forma. Accordingly, you know so you know you’re going to run into circumstances where you’re going to need to farm up more form of to make a particular build to help you get free, a certain piece of content. You may run into that scenario or you may know it. Just sort of depends on your understanding of the game and exactly what it is that you’re trying to do so.

You know I would just farm as much format as possible unless you’re going for something specific. You can use these um. These prime weapons and Prime war frames and stuff like that you can treat these to other players for the premium currency, Platinum. So, in the event that you don’t get a form, a drop just go for the rarest thing that pops up whatever you’re, opening up these relics. Another thing is that it is only worth it to do these void RAL Commission’s whenever you’re cool up in don’t do them solo, simply because, at the end of the mission, you’re gon na be able to choose between your own reward and another player’s rewards, so we’re Gon na jump into a co-op void relic mission right now, so we just go make this public I’ll be good to this rescue and we choose whatever relic you’ll, see that we get put into your lobby with free other players. Let it load, let it a sting.

So we’ve got our other players here and we can pause the game and see which relics they have on so I’ve got a lift d1 relic on this guy’s got a lift. C4 they’ve got a lift l2. We got ta lift z2 right. So what you can do is you can take the name of the relic right. So I what to see. What’S in my lift e1, for example, I tap a square bracket, lift d1. I can click on this. I can see the rewards that it gives. I could do the same for his lifts C: Ford, Burstyn, prime forma, Paris, Bratten or Fu’s Krueger, prime. Let’S see we got little to take on it: equinox prime piranha, Prime Redeemer, Bratton tech, Oh limbo and then finally lift Z, 2 or Z. 2. However, you want to pronounce it lift Z. 2. That’S not working for some reason: LIF Z, that’s just not working for me, probably cuz. I haven’t discovered it yet, maybe, but whatever you sort of like discover a relic for the first time, that’s gon na work.

For you, I’m not too sure why that isn’t working though it should be working, but unfortunately it’s not odd but yeah. So what we have to do now is play the mission as normal. So this is a rescue mission where we do when we see if the guy but you’ll notice that there’s gon na be like these void portals that are appearing around the map and spawning in enemies that are glowing gold. These enemies are basically from the void and what these portals are also going to do is they’re going to corrupt the enemies that are around as well, so any enemy that is near a portal they’re, basically gon na, be like slightly buffed up right there. They might deal more damage or something who knows, but basically they glue gold, and all you really need to know is that enemies who are gluing Gold’s. They have a chance to drop these things called reactant right.

So I like to call them lemons, because I don’t know, I just think it’s memorable, but those little things that you can see like you seen the little UI element of them sort of lying around that was reactant and ten reactant before you complete the mission to Get the Prime reward at the end from your relic right, so you can see in the top left hand corner that I have 10 a 10 reactant whenever you do get your 10 out of 10 reactant you’re gon na get a buff so up in the top Right hand corner you can see just beside my health and shield that I have a buff that lasts for another 3 seconds. It’S basically infinite ammo on my bolter, so you know that’s a thing. I will have like a little bit more gameplay of this up on the screen later on, like near the end of the video just so you can sort of have a better visual representation, but these cool that amis, the ones that I’m killing right now they’re.

Basically, reskin that I’m used from the factions that you’ve already been against to the corpus, the Grenier, etc, etc. They just have like different effects. So, for example, there is a corpus: that’d be called the nullifier, he has a big bubble around them and if you’re inside that bubble, then your abilities basically turn off. Well, this. Basically the CM enemy except he is free textured. You know what I mean and his his bubble is gold and instead of blue that type of thing, so it’s not as if those enemies are, you know anything drastically different.

I guess you could say but um yeah. So that’s. Basically, all there is to this void relic system. I’Ve got my 10 reactant. The missions completed. All I have to do now is get to the end of the mission with my co-op partners, so we should actually be at the end, though, and then you’ll see that once everybody gets here, we can choose whichever so you’ve got these silver ones, which is the Uncommon, the bronze or the comments, so we didn’t really get anything good from ours, so I’m gon na choose one from this guy over here. The silver and egg is prime blueprint because it’s a it’s an uncommon. So most people choose that and then I’m gon na get that there at the end and the missions. So as you can see, silver and egg is prime blueprint instead of the one that I got from my relic. So that’s how you go about farming, prime items, and it’s also gon na be how you go about farming format. You have to go three times to move on to the next Junction. It’S a pretty fun and rewarding system. I’M not gon na lie, come and eat it.

With your clan friends or just friends, you have in general, he also played warframe because that’s how you’re gon na get the most enjoyment out of it, but um yeah with all. That being said, I’m gon na take a breath now because I’ve been talking for 14 minutes straight and then we’ll talk a little bit more about other things that we can invest into to help us out with our progression-free warframe. Alright. So, with all the things I’ve got leveled up so far, I can actually level up to mastery rank free. So I’m gon na go ahead and show you guys the master rank free test, but before I do that, I’m gon na show you all the things that I’ve leveled up thus far. That has allowed me to move on to master rank free.

So if we go ahead and we press on progress, we can see that I’ve got the bolt or the max rank. I’Ve got the Excalibur warfarin, the max rank, the mk1 Parris, the scanner laid over to level 29, the art text, level, 28, taxon level 20 and the mk1 strung to level 5, and that’s all that I’ve leveled up so far. To allow me to do the mastering free test, so with that knowledge, let’s just go ahead and jump into the master rank up. We can see that we get syndicate access, so syndicates are basically factions. We’Re gon na talk a little bit, but it was after we do this test. We’Ve got 1 4, isn’t Deeley standing them, but that’s gon na be relevant. Whenever we talk about the syndicates, we’ve got our void.

Trio, storage, which void traces are like little rewards that you get at the end of a relic mission. It’S basically like implemented as a way to reward you, even if you didn’t get what you wanted from the relic, because these void traces allow you to upgrade the relics to better your chances at getting the item that you want. So it might decrease the chance of getting a common item, but then increase the chances of getting an uncommon or rare item. If that makes sense, so I’ll show that they’re off at some point as well, and we also have 1 base mod capacity. So, basically, whenever you’re modding your warframes, your beast, modding capacity is gon na match your master rank. So if you are mastering free but you’re using a level 0 warframe or weapon that warframe or weapon is still gon na, have free mastery rank or not free. Mastering sorry free capacity, so that’s how that works. So, let’s just go ahead. Jump in and we’ll do this test, so this master rank test is a 4 easy as well.

All you have to do is kill the bad guys with your sword, pretty straightforward, honestly. Nothing too advanced about it. It’S the same as mass drank 1 & 2, except you’re, using a different weapon or a different weapon type. So these are corpus enemies, they’ve got shields and they’ve got their fleshy health, so they should be easy to cut free if you’re, using the scanner. That enemy was armored right there. So you would take a few more swings, but I’ve actually upgraded my Ma’s just a little bit so he’s not too hard and I’ll talk about the mods that I have on all of my war frames and weapons after we talked about syndicates alright. So now that we are master ik free, we have been given access to syndicates and syndicates are basically like a faction system. Fine within a warframe that you need to make sacrifices to to sort of like become part of the faction, while also like, representing them, while you’re going through your missions on a day to day basis right.

So if we just go over to this little console over here and we interact with it, we can see that we have all these different factions to choose from. Some of these factions are allied with one another and opposed to others. So, for example, steel Meridian, which is the one that we’re gon na, be going for. They are allied with red fields, so we’re gon na get half the amount of standing that we are getting with Steel Meridian. While we do our missions, whenever we do pick steel, Meridian we’re half that amount with red viel right. So if we get a fuzzy XP with steel, Meridian, we’ll get 500 for red viel and then new looka, like it’s going to go down by you know whatever we get for a red.

Viel is gon na go down for new Lucca and then whatever we get for a steel. Meridian is gon na go down for the parent sequence. So if we get a thousand XP for steel, Meridian we’re to get a negative buzz in xp for the parent sequence. If that makes sense, so you can go and then the negative of this. So whenever you go into negative standing with a syndicate, then you’re, basically like opposed and the enemies from said syndicate, are going to come after you randomly in your missions right. So we’re gon na be going with the steel Meridian, simply because we want to get em mod from the steel meridians in the kit that is gon na make a weapon that we’re gon na get later on very, very, very powerful.

So it’s prompted us to go to the relay here which we’re gon na go ahead, and do I’ve never actually done this before so I don’t know, I’ve never had the go into the relay to activate my syndicate. So this is completely new to me. So here we are in the Stila meridiem room. I’Ve been here before, but I’ve never had to actually talk to the people. Okay, so we’re right up in our face, so we press this initiation button and it asks us to sacrifice for Salvage and 10,000 credits. So we just initiate, we sacrifice that stuff and then there we go. We get the skill meridian sigil, so what we’ve got to do now is we got to go back to our ship? I don’t know why it likes to force us in the delay.

We go back to our ship and we equip that sigil on to our warframe right. So we go down to our armory and we go to your pearance. We go to regalia, we go to front or back schedule doesn’t matter which one I don’t go front. We press no chest: sigil selected, we press our steel, meridian sigil and there you go. You can see that our schedule is now on this chest of our warframe, though the annoying part is that you have to go and equip that to every single warframe that you’re ever gon na. Have you can tweak this and make it like brighter or more opaque or whatever? Whatever you want to do that you can do you can change the position of it? You can rotate it all out there cool stuff, let’s just go ahead and make this like a straight line. Now my Excalibur’s chest I think that’s. This is written as I’m gon na get it. So let’s go ahead and the word or not we’re it.

That’S changing the the the width us we’re looking at annoyed with that shall high a bit. So maybe the y offset yeah, that’s better! That looks better cool. So, basically, as we go free missions now, any XP that we get in those missions is going to go to our syndicate right so we’re we have to get free. Fussn’T XP well not free funds, an XP, but we need to get free funds and syndicate stand-in to upgrade our syndicate right. It’S not actually the XP that you get, but, as you play missions with this, and it gets a jewel equipped you’re going to get xp for your syndicate right, it’s not necessarily going to match the XP that you’re getting in, but just know that as you’re playing Missions with the sigil equipped then you’re making progress with the syndicate that you’re a part of right 110 percent, goula, Steele Meridian, it’s just gon na make things a little bit more straightforward.

You can dabble in the everyone’s if you really really want to, but just be aware that if you side with a syndicate that, as opposed to the steel Meridian well, then you’re sort of like went off track with this guide. And you know, if you get stuck at a certain point, then you’re gon na have to grind up. You know the steel, Meridian reputation or the premium currency or whatever, to get the mods that I’m getting from the steel meridians are sort of like follow, along with the guide right, so yeah that’s important to keep in mind, but now that we have this equipped, I’m Not gon na take that off make sure that if you get a new warframe, you equip it as well. Otherwise, you’re not gon na be making progress. So that’s important to keep in mind as well. So you can see it on here at the bottom of the screen.

We have a daily standing cap of free fussing, and this little bar at the bottom is basically representative of how much we have got off our standing for our daily cap right. So you’re you’re standing cap resets at midnight every single night. So if you are that hardcore, you can stay up until midnight and then you know grind up your your stand and then so, if you like, really want to make progress and get things done as soon as possible, it’s midnight for me and I’m from the UK, Sometimes it changes to one or more 1:00 in the morning whenever we swap time zones, so it might be a completely different time for you guys it’s just when the daily recent happens in your region. I recommend googling it because I’m not too sure what they all are off the top of my head, but yeah. So I could only earn a little bit of standing with Steel Meridian today, because, even though I wasn’t like you know, what’s what’s the word like all the way up there to get my my syndicates yep, it’s me at a little bit of progress here. For some reasons, so not too sure why that’s a thing, but tomorrow it’s gon na you know reset. I don’t like me to get my full free funds and daily standing, so you’re gon na get like a thousand stand-in per mastering the ego up.

Like you, your cap is going to increase every single day, so if I was to be master rank for, I would able to get for fuzz and standing in a day right. So the game gets easier as you play it and as you progress, and this is why it’s important to be up in your master rank as soon as possible, because you want to be able to you, know, farm up as much standing for your syndicates and whatnot. As soon as possible, now the really interesting thing as well is that this isn’t the only place where this sort of system is used. If you remember back whatever we first started the game, there was a place called Cetus which led to the plains of idle and the open world lake area. Basically the guy there, the bald guy Baldy ba.

I called him. He is also like a faction in his own right, so you can do the Bundys in the plains of idle on the missions that he gives to earn standing with him as well, and it’s gon na be important that you do that on a daily basis too. You might not be ready to jump into you’re right now because of the enemy levels and whatnot, but if you feel comfortable doing those types of missions, I would recommend doing it. I’M actually gon na go in my way to farm up a little bit standing with him, so not gon na. Do it right now, but I am gon na do after this video and I’m gon na keep on doing it and I’ll basically show my progress to you guys as I go along and just show you, like. You know at what stage in the game that I hit what stage in the plains of Eidolon standing guy or the ball a black guy and the steel Meridian syndicate and stuff like that.

So, as the series goes on I’ll sort of keep you guys right and say hey, I am you know at this right now with the Baldy BAP guy or I am at this right now I was still ready and so on and so forth. So you’re gon na need to get different stuff to treat to this vendor and other vendors to shorter rank up. So you can see that the next title it requires more fix and credits as well, so make sure you have a bunch of these left over. So you can trade over to these people to rank up, because this is gon na be what sort of like stumps your progress with these vendors as well. The fact that you have to go everywhere to get things you’re, eventually gon na, have to farm up the prime items from the void. Relics like we mentioned earlier, to progress with the syndicate as well. So keep that in mind – and just you know – maybe do a little bit of research ahead of time and get the item that you need. Whenever I figure out what item I need at this stage in the game, then I will let you guys know, but that item is also gon na, be constantly changing with highly routine tonight the prime frames and weapons and stuff like that. So you know that’s also important to keep in mind as well, like not everything that I show you guys in this guide is going to be 110 percent.

Accurate and up-to-date so make sure that you’re doing your own research as well, because by the time you’re watching this, something could have changed and changed up the progression and all that there type of stuff so yeah keep all that in mind as well. Alright, so what I also wanted to show you guys was the progress that I’ve been making with my mods. So what I would recommend that you guys do is for every single one ranked. Do you put into your mod put a rank into all the other mods that you think are worth it right? So, for example, I put four ranks into my vitality, mod, which means I’ve also put four ranks into my Rush. Mod right and I’ve tried to do the same for every single ever mod that I have as well. So I’ve put four rungs in the my serration mod, but I didn’t have enough ended to sort of like invest into the other modes as well. So I put four ranks into my Hornet shrekt mod I’ve, just sort of like went in order of how important the mod is. Basically so you know, obviously more damage, for my rifles is very important and more damage for my secondaries is very important and more damage for my melee is very important as well.

Elemental damage is very important if you recall back to the episode where I explained how damage works. You’Ll understand like the importance of elemental damage and stuff like that, so attack speed is very important and all that type of stuff, so just try to like upgrade mods. All with one another, and then that way, like you, don’t find yourself in the scenario where you can only like through one mod on right. The downside is the more you rank up your mods, the more they’re gon na cost to prove on to your weapons and your warframes. So that’s why I’m saying like rank all the mods up one by one and then like put one into Hornet strike, then put one into pistol gambit where he did charge or whatever the key is baby said. In that way, you can have more mods on there. Just like you know giving slightly higher benefits than what they would be.

You know at the beginning of the game or whatever that type of things. So you know just just try to upgrade all of your mods together. If you can don’t worry too much, if you can’t, because you’re eventually gon na have them all upgrade it, but I would say just for you know sake of covering all of your bases, then upgrade them all one by one and you know have them all sort Of like going in at the same time, basically I don’t know how else to explain that, but yeah guys with all that being said, that is pretty much it for this episode of the beginner guide. I know it was a pretty bland episode, but there’s not really much. I can do to sort of hold your hand through those requirements.

Apart from telling you exactly what it is that you have to do and then expect you to sort of go and do them. The only other thing that I can really show you is like gameplay of me, complete in Iraq by myself and showing you like, or giving you a better look at what the little reactants look like and what the buff you get after you pick up. Ten looks like so the in limited. I am on my bolter, for example, you can get that buff for your primary weapon. You get it for your secondary weapon, I’m pretty sure you can get one for melee, which increases the melee range and you can get one for your warframe, which increases their pyre strength umpire range. So that is pretty much all I can share with you guys in today’s video next episode is gon na be a little bit more interesting because we have bosses to kill and we have a quest to do so. You know stay tuned for that, but thank you guys for watching this video. If you liked it go ahead, hit that like button below, if you wan na you know dislike it because you know, maybe I didn’t help you at all. That’S fair too, but yeah subscribe for more warframe content and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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