Ahoy thar, Legion! Another Warframe vidja for yall! As you can see I’m still playing, didn’t rage quit just yet. There isn’t anything exactly game breaking yet, but when the odds of getting the baron mount are higher than a friggin’ stance, I’m going to call them out on their shenanigans. This is actually the next frame I’m leveling up, Sayrn! Had all the mats and an empty slot available, and as I’m not getting Mr. Tentacles anytime soon, thought why not? To the Console players out there, good news. Your up to date version of Update 13 should be sent to Sony’s approval within the next week or two. It was supposed to be done by Monday, but then last night they said it will be out sometime this week. Enjoy your Charged Galatine builds while you can. PC Players, just a few days ago they rolled out another Katana Stance called Decisive Judgement. So if you asked for another mod that will refuse to drop, wish granted. They also started tweaking existing stances, specifically the Glaive, Scythe and Staff have new weapon combos. They supposedly stopped rolling animations from playing automatically on landing, but to be honest I haven’t seen a difference.

They added the Amprex which is a lightning gun. It chains to other enemies and is good for groups, but is a bullet hose so be careful. Also it’s a clan weapon, so get in one of those if you aren’t already. Dark Sectors now have a max conflict duration of 12 hours, which I’m on the fence about strategically but I’ll take that over two days being locked out of the content. Also there are now guaranteed 24 hours between conflict before another rail can be setup. Based on the winning rail’s health it can go up to 3 days, but what’s the real kicker is even when you help defeat Eclipse on Ceres, TW Alliance then doubles the tax.

I said a 7% tax was great, TW! I didn’t say 7% less than Eclipse was great! Got my eyes on you… Vay Hek’s new boss fight is okay… but the amount of times you’ll need to run him to make Hydroid will make this one very tedious. Basically all you do is follow the floating head like a sing-a-long and shoot it when he starts playing propaganda. Do this a few times and queue the actual boss fight. Again, shoot him while he is vulnerable only now you are stuck in an arena with enemies the just phase in out of nowhere. Eventually you’ll get him low enough and he’ll turn into a moth bird butterfly thing. I… I don’t really even know what’s going on there. I want him to go full on butterfly so he can shout out “FEAR THE MONARCH!” but on the other hand it’s really weird and not like Grineer builds at all. I don’t know if they are going for connotations or trying to set it up as this big bad guy that has been taunting us for three or four updates in a row has a very flamboyant final form or what.

“It’s a joke, get it? Get it? LAUGH AND BUY MY PLATINUM!” Thank-you for watching, Legion! Best of luck hunting Hek *TENNO!* As always, if you have any questions OR suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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