Ahoy thar, Legion! Man, what a week it has been! We’ve been tweaked, reviewed, reworked, rebalanced, anything and everything except the biggest buzzword of all: Nerfed. No developer likes to openly admit that’s what they’ve done, so it should come as no surprise that they used all those other happier words instead to describe what happened last Friday. But if we take a gander at what those individual changes mapped out to show, you just have to ask yourself: DE… what …the heck ya do-in? Valkyr’s Warcry did absolutely nothing at 18.13’s release. They had to patch that ability back into existence. Volt’s scaling has taken a hit, and while the jury was out at first, the majority consider Mag’s rework to be an across the board nerf, not as bad as what they did to Saryn, mind you, but when someone figured out a way to do insane damage with the new kit…

They removed that too! At this point I think they’re purposely farming US for our salt drops. Mirage’s blind got the line of sight treatment, Oberon can tame wildlife, lucky him. Mesa actually got a buff somehow, I can only assume that was a typo. Mag’s bullet jump sucks up items but played such an annoying sound they clearly did not test it in action and removed it, Excalibur was brought back down to reality, why they even released him as massively overpowered as they did I have no idea, and Trinity.

Oh, my poor, poor trinity. If ghosts exist because of a sudden violent death, surely DE has tethered you to the afterlife. What was that initial change to Blessing’s damage reduction again? Damage Resistance % = 100 – Square (Average(Tenno Health%)) It’s as simple as that. But it’s okay! They are finally doing what they should have in the first place and are nerfing ENEMIES! They could have done these first and had all the reason in the world to say we don’t need the extra killing power anymore and folks would have been far more agreeable to them… but who needs logic! We got EXTREMES! So lemme at it, tell us all how the nullifier is getting hit with the nerf jat kittag! Are they finally deleting him off because he’s redundant with the new scrambus enemies and overall badly designed? Hyekka Master’s flames won’t shoot through walls, Ballistas will give a queue before firing a shot, and…

Something about plasma grenades? [Bomb falling whistle sound] [Weak clunk] Now before you tighten that noose and become one with the void, Legionnaire HermitBob asks, “How do you get back into Warframe after you burn yourself out” Well, what are the odds this random question was the one we chose today! First: What IS burnout? I’ve been using the term for years, but in essence you got this brand new game and for all intents and purposes, the hooks are in so deep that it actually owns you. From flesh to soul you are nothing more than this game’s plaything, you eat it, play it, and if done right, don’t even sleep because you are too busy playing this digitized shot of euphoric deliciousness. But after awhile the new game smell wears off, the red tinted glasses crack, and through it you can see what was your dirty, dirty addiction is now an unappetizing game of bleh. How did it happen? Several reasons. Six months without any real content will do that to ya -_^ but the best treatment is prevention. I’ve said in many farming guides now to avoid burnout you should run different spots, or at the very least different mission types to keep things fresh.

Maybe even listen to playlist of your favorite music, or maybe even some amazing warframe guides that just so happen to exist right here *ding* Once the funk piles up it is hard to shake off, so if you wanna play Warframe for a longer, healthier amount, make sure to switch it up to avoid grinds! The Starchart rework will supposedly help with this in terms of void runs, but it remains to be seen in reality. But let’s say it’s too late and you are firmly in the clutches of zee dreaded Burnout! What do ya do to get back into the game? Well, wanting to come back is a great sign.

Part of you wants to enjoy it, but something else is blockin’ ya. Possibly the memory of all that grind and boredom associated with bad RNG. Time is your one real remedy here, but I do got some good news for ya! It’s not that much of a secret so you can share it around if ya like, MMO players have been doin’ it for years. Wait for content to actually get added. And as much as DE might suggest otherwise, no, one weapon every other week does not count. Nor does a deluxe skin or Prime Access. That’s just plat bait. What you’ll need is veritable dual grakata reload time-sized content dump! Something massive enough to tell the worry wort part of your skull noodle that it should ignore the past fears as there is SO much new stuff there is no way to burn through it all! This is of course a lie, all games run out sooner or later, but the more content there is to play with the better your chances to convince yourself otherwise.

Luckily times such as these are easy to spot in warframe! Ya just need to answer two questions to find out: 1. Is it an update or a hotfix? Updates contain actual stuff to do while hotfixes keep Warframe at the top of the ‘recently updated’ list on steam and patch out bugs that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. 2. Does it end in a point zero or point five? x.0’s and x.5’s are usually the biggest updates Warframe has to offer.

So if you are itching to come back after, oh I don’t know, a badly handled patch to the game turned ya off to it, keep an eye out for a solid update as that’ll cushion the blow of previous shenanigans. A third, optional step is to let someone else continue to keep up with the game for you and allow you even more time to destress. As I’ll be keeping up with it no matter what, I’ll happily give ya the all clear signal when the time comes. All ya gotta do is hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. Thank-you for watching, Legion! If this anti-burnout guide helped you out or brought a smile to your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow tenno. Unlike companies, we always appreciate it when ya does. Quick shout-out again to HermitBob for the suggestion! If you have any questions or suggestions of your own, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do! Catch you next time, Legion! Enjoy the weekend, have fun, and take care!

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