Hello YouTube, this is Professor Robledo and today I’m going to teach you about the Atomos. The Atomos is a Grineer secondary weapon which fires a beam of pure heat damage. Just like the Amprex primary weapon, the beam from the Atomos will also chain to nearby enemies. Just looking at a glance at the stats, the weapon is nothing impressive. With only 50 base damage, a very low status chance, and an even lower crit chance, this weapon does not seem like it would really do a whole lot in anything past the middle of the star chart. The chaining of the beam from the main target to other nearby enemies is what makes this weapon. The difference between having that chain and not is what takes this weapon from being an average, mid-tier secondary to being one of the highest DPS secondaries in the game. The Atomos is left with two main disadvantages at this point. The first is that it has a D polarity in the first slot. Some people may like to count that as an advantage since it comes with a free polarity. I personally see it as a disadvantage because of the lack of useful mods to put in that polarity.

However, that problem is solved with a Forma. The other main disadvantage of the Atomos is that the beam is only about 15 meters long, and the chain radius around the initial target is only about 3 meters, but both of those can be solved with a mod, which I’ll show you in the builds. I’ve put three Forma onto this weapon. I got rid of the D entirely, changing it to a V polarity, and added a V and a — polarity. One of the main mods to take notice of in all the builds is Ruinous Extension. Ruinous Extension adds +8 Range onto beam secondary weapons, and that is huge for this weapon because it applies not only to the initial beam, but the chain beams as well.

The addition of this mod allows it to go from a mostly single target secondary to being able to single handedly clear entire rooms on its own. On every build I’ve included Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, and Heated Charge because of the weapon’s base Heat damage, but you can really put whatever elemental mod you want there. I chose Heated Charge because the Primed version is already out. For the Void and Infested I added Pistol Pestilence and Jolt for Corrosive damage and Scorch for extra Heat damage. With all of those dual-stat mods on there, it brings it up to a 60.1% status chance per second, which I thought was acceptable, so I decided to keep the status mods. If you want to add more Forma so you can maximize your damage, go ahead, that’s up to you.

For the Grineer, I used Pistol Pestilence and Ice Storm to make Viral damage and Jolt and Heated Charge to make Radiation. I chose to use Ice Storm for the extra magazine size, bringing it from 50 up to 70. It doesn’t really matter which Cold mod you use, it’s up to personal preference and mod space. You can even leave the D polarity on to use Deep Freeze, but I chose to get rid of it for added build flexibility. Finally, for the Corpus I used Ice Storm and Jolt for Magnetic damage, and Pistol Pestilence and Heated Charge to make Gas damage. Since you can’t make pure Toxin damage on this weapon, Gas is the next best thing for Corpus.

After putting all the Forma into this weapon and getting it built for each faction, I have to say this is my favorite secondary weapon in the game. It seems terrible on paper, but once you get in game it’s really fun and does a ton of damage, clearing entire rooms once you put Ruinous Extension on. There’s not really a whole lot of bad things I can say about it once you Forma it and get Ruinous Extension on there.

The only real disadvantage I can think of is that it can be a little weird building around the base Heat damage, but it doesn’t offer any extra difficulty in building for most factions, and even for the Corpus it isn’t that bad. You just have to go for Gas instead of Toxin, which still does Toxin damage anyway. All in all, I have to say that this weapon is definitely worth building and putting a Catalyst and Forma into. There’s not really a whole lot bad you can say about it except that it doesn’t do more damage, which you could say about most weapons in the game anyway.

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