Wartune Blacksmith Guide


Wartune Blacksmith Guide?by?Misstress

As I have tried to find a good guide to all things blacksmith related and have yet to turn up a really good on, I have decided to step out on limb and try to write one of my own. I will try to cover all I know short of the section on refinement this is the section that I am most interested in myself and will be researching over the next few days. Once I have all the information I will update the?refinement?section to include this information for all. Please bare with me on?refinement?and if you have anything to offer in that?regard?please post here and I will include anything?relevant.


Very?straight?forward layout here enchantment allows you to raise the overall stats of a given?piece?of equipment by consuming gold. Simply select the?piece?of equipment you wish to enchant and move it into the equipment slot. When you are ready press the enchant button.

Notice that there is a percentage to the success rate of an enchant, this will start at a base value of 100% and will drop by 10% with each successful enchantment, until the rate has reach 10% at this point the base success rate will remain at 10%.

To better our odds of a successful enchantment we have the use of luck stone. Depending on the level of luck stone used it will raise the success rate by a?certain?percentage.

Tip: It is?recommended?the you use luck stone high enough in level to create a 100% success at higher level enchantments. higher level enchantments will cost large sums of gold so better to have a 100% chance at success rather then fail these enchantments. Also luck stone may be?acquired?in your guild shop. (more on this later)


Here in the socket section we are able to socket gems to enhance our overall stats, and also open more sockets in a given?piece?of equipment through the use of?socketing?rods. Socketing rods can be obtained in a few different ways the most common place though will be the cash shop as they are a very rare item. I wont go into all the different place that they can be obtained.

Once again very simple interface here simply select the?piece?you wish to work with and move it to the equipment slot, notice this piece only has 1 open socket.

Next select the gem you wish to socket and place it in the open socket. Note: you may remove a gem whenever you choose using the remove gem button, then select the gem you wish remove. This does however consume a certian amount of gold depending on the level of the gem you are removing.

To open extra sockets in a piece of equipment you must have socketing rods, if you simple click the open socket button this will consume 1 socketing rod. Once the socket is open you may then select a gem to socket. Note: you may open 3 sockets on a piece of equipment the 4th socket may only be opened if the equipment you are using is legendary.


The synthesize tab is where we may craft items from materials we have collected, we may also craft higher level items from items we have as well. This tab is very indepth I will do my best to cover everything here.

Starting out here is a quick look at the interface, notice the tabs to the left these are the different catagories of which you have to choose from.

Starting with the equipment tab here you can craft pieces of equipment, you will need to have the required material before you are able to craft the piece. Once you do simply select the level of set and piece you wish to craft and click the button. Note: new sets become avaliable as you reach the required level.

In the gems tab you will be able to synthesize or craft gems. To synthesize a gem as with equipment you must have the required number of gems to synthesize the gem you want. This is very useful for using lower level gems to create higher level gems. You also have the option to craft gems here, crafting though is a balen consuming way of making new gems, should you choose to craft a gem using balens here it will however use any gems you already own to reduce the balen cost.

The items tab can be a bit overwhelming with everything in this tab, items ranging from luck stone, crystaloids, and battlegound chests may be crafted here. Once againg you need the required number of items to craft the item you desire.

Tip: use the synthesizeable check box at the bottom to filter the items you meet the requirments for to lessen the clutter in these menues.

And finally the legendary tab as with everything else here you will need the required items to craft the legendary piece you desire and just like equipment these will become available as you meet the level requirments.


Here we have the refinement menu and I am sure there are many like me that have had troubles fully understanding want to see this so lets try to make sense of it.

In the refinement menu your goal is to take a piece of equipment which starts with 5 random stats given for your class, so a mage for example will never be given Patx of a knight Matk. So why refine simple the stats you are given have a star rating, from 1-10 that jigher the rating the better to stat boost. So your goal here is to get all your stats to 10 star. I wont make class recomendations as to what stats to go for but simply explain the basocs of how refinment works.

As with all other menus you will need to select the equipment you wish to refine and place it in the box here. Then assuming you have enough refinement crystals of the propor level click refine. If you dont have refinement crystal refer to recycle, once you click refine you will generate 5 new stats. These stats will not come into effect untill you have used the swap stats button. Dont like the stats you have generate no problem just refine again and again untill you do.

Now lets say you have 2 stats as I do in this case you wish to keep. You can lock these stats BEFORE you refine but it will cost you balens for each refinement to do so. Once locked you will notice the balen cost at the bottom. Now you can click refine.

Once you have generated the new stats notice that the locked show the same stat on both the left and right. This is because even though you have the stats the swap will in effect swap all 5 but by locking it will always generate a copy of the locked stat. The rest of the stats will change to what is directly to their right. It seems tricky at first but once you have done it a time or 2 it becomes easier to understand how it really works. Tip: remeber that 1 you must lock the stats you want to keep BEFORE you click refine or the stats wont be kept but replaced with something else. 2 locked stats cost you balens for each click of the refinement button so make sure the stats you are keeping are ones you really want.


Here you may recycle equipment of blue level or higher to obtain refinment crystals to refine your equipment with.

The recycle menu allows you to select the equipment in multipuls so no need to recycle 1 piece at a time. This will cosume a small amount of gold per piece so be aware of that. Also bound equipment will reap bound refinment crystals and unbound equipment will reap unbound crystals.


Here you can convert gems to any kind you wish at a cost of gold.

Simply select the gem you wish to convert and select the the type you wish to create. Note: the higher level the gem the greater the gold cost.

Credit and thanks

Written by: Misstress [s94] Galbary Hold
Edited by: RavenLee [s94] Galbary Hold

If I have missed anything or made any mistakes please let me know and I will fix.

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