Wartune Enlightening Guide


Wartune Enlightening Guide?by Cryx_Seekers

Welcome everyone to my new?Guide.
I will tell you all my experience about Enlightening!

Hello all, this?guide?is for all players who get lvl 40 barracks and are interested in the enlightening.

But when you shall use it? Is it worth? What does it do?

The Enlightening is a special upgrade you can do to your troops after they reach lvl 40, it can be done to all troops.

The Enlightening basically consists in giving your troops a special ability. That ability will give you a % to a attribute, depeding the amount your troops has of that attribute, you will recive more or less.

Example: Hp Transformation, it gives you 1% of your troops HP to you.

That isn?t 2 much but, at higher lvl Transformation and troops lvl you will receive more and more.

How to get a higher lvl enlightening?

It?s very easy, but really need a lot of duru:

Just click on enlighten, doing this in the right side will appear a new transformation. If you want it you can use the SWAP button to use it, if not just let it.

You must do the enlightening the nessesary times to get Blessing full.
After you get it full you will have higher lvl transformation. The new transformations, will be all lvl 2, you will need to complete the blessing again if want a higher lvl.

Each time you enlighten it takes you 1.000.000 Duru,?so it?s a bit expensive.
To get lvl 2 Transformation you need 5m. To get lvl 3, you need 10m?

So you will need a lot of duru to get a higher lvl.

When to use it?

The enlightening is very nice, after you have high lvl troops, actually I don?t recommend you to use at low lvl troops. I recommend to be lvl 50, get the warlocks or templars, up them to 45-50(need 3m after to up lvl after ) and then start the enlightening.

Which one is the best??

If you are a archer or a knight you will need more P attack, but only templar got good one, if you selected warlocks you can?t get it. So you will can use mdef, cuz they have more. If you get templar then get the P attack. The same for Mages, if get warlocks, use M attack, if templar, P def.

What is Convert?

The convert option let you change your troops Transformation ability. It can be used if you previosly used enlightening with a lower lvl troops and now get other troops. To use it, you will need 200 Balens or 2.000.000 Duru. So thats one of the reasons why you should wait to be lvl 50 and have templars or warlocks to use the enlightening.

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