Wartune Fast Leveling Guide


Wartune Fast Leveling Guide?by S49_JTPM

My Leveling?guide?is going to be simple enough , but note that it requires some time to achieve.

What i learned from this game is that the first 40 levels can be achieved in less then 15 days of constant playing (without missing a day)

You would want to start your first 20-25 levels with doing all the available main quests , don?t use your exp scrolls on these levels as they wont help you that much.

Bounties Quests


For those who prefer cashing do all your bounties purple/orange (i usually keep on refreshing the quests and doing all of them 20 quests in 20-30 minutes time.?Note: This will easily give you more time to focus on the rest of the ways of getting exp.). And for those who don?t have this opportunity do blue/purple/orange bounties , make sure to check your bounties building every 30 minutes since sometimes you get only white/green quests.
Note: don?t use any xp scrolls while doing bounties as they don?t give you anything.



Upon reaching level 22-23 (can?t remember exactly) go into the catacombs everyday , don?t use any crypt keys/runes/balens as at the early levels it is not that important.
When you reach level 35 and have the whole PvP set +12 with sockets , try maximizing your Catacombs levels to the top (by that time you should be able to reach level 40-50 in the catacombs) and as soon as you reach that level start using blitz with a crypt key for x2 exp. and items.
Note: it is very important to focus on reaching the maximum highest level you can in the catacombs starting from 40+ since the exp gain there starts to be reasonable.

Multiplayer Dungeons


Mp normal

Mp Nightmare

From the start try to run all MP?s with the same group of people in order to achieve friendship level of 3+ by the time you reach level 40.
Starting from level 40 when you should already have the full PvP set +12 with sockets (your whole group should have the set) you can start running Void Nightmare for the exp. boost. But to be able to go Void Nightmare you should complete normal mode once first.
Note: For those who can?t complete Void nightmare , you can always ask a higher level player to help you. Same goes for 45+ MP dungeons.
Always use your 100/50% exp. scrolls before the last boss in the 1st run to boost your exp. even more.

Campaign Dungeons


What i do here is first i try to get the maximum amount of stamina i can (refreshing 60 stamina in between events and using any stamina potions i have left or received from the guild blessing) in order to get 160+ stamina.
After that i start Streak on the highest level dungeon available since it gives more exp. before starting i use a 100/50% exp. boost scroll for 8+ runs. At level 48 dungeon i receive around 800k-1 mill exp. for 8-10 runs with 100% scroll and level 5 VIP
Hint: the level 48 dungeon gives 25k gold on every run so you might want to consider this as a good profitable dungeon.
Very important: Don?t use the Streak before you have finished the ?Shadow Crystal? daily quest , i?ll explain why in the next section.

Daily Quests

Daily quests

The daily quests are mainly very easy to do and all you need is time for that. I would say that the hardest daily quest is the ?Shadow Crystal? one since sometimes the luck isn?t on your side and you don?t get enough Crystals to complete the quest. That?s why i was saying to wait before starting the Streak on solo dungeons since streak doesn?t give you the opportunity to open Mystery Chests that sometimes contain x3 Shadow Crystals. So in that case i would recommend doing all solo?s manually (still with a scroll) till you get your Shadow Crystal quest done , that?s in case if you are lucky enough and have enough skeleton keys.
Hint: Another way to complete the quest is by using the VIP wheel which contains Shadow Crystals ( if there aren?t any shadow crystals , just close it and reopen it till there are at least 2-3 crystals) and the last way of getting shadow crystals is trough the guild blessing which gives 5 crystals , but that?s only if you are lucky enough.

Other ways of earning exp.


Arena shop exp scroll

If you got lots of insignias because of guild battle winnings and need that extra boost, go for exp scroll at arena shop. it cost 10 insignias for 5,000exp if you do the math..100insg=10?5,000= 50,000exp

Enhanced bounty scroll

Bounty scroll picture Bounty scroll description

If you have tons of enhanced bounty scroll, better save them for later when you are 50+. because bounty scroll gives you exp based on your current level. (not on the level you got that bounty scroll)


Farm 1

If you have the opportunity to buy the Level 3 (1h) seeds for 5 balens each , do it!

Farm level

Land upgrade

Higher level will give you more xp from seeds and less time for waiting!

I recommend everyone to level up his farm to the max available level and save all your vouchers for upgrading it starting from level 30 farm.
Always plant 1 kyanite seed and the rest should be exp. seeds. For the time that you are going to be online always buy the 1h seeds. And by the time you have to leave buy the 4h seeds.

Daily Duels

Duel attempts

Another way of earning exp. is finishing all 20 duels you have daily (at level 49 it gives me ~100k exp.)

Guild Tree


Last way of earning exp. is attending your guild?s tree spawn which is very important since it gives ~2%+ of your current level , depending on the tree level and it?s recharge amount.

If you have any questions , please PM me anytime on S49 , my character name there is JTPM.

With this?guide?i have achieved top player on S49 and level 49 in 22 days of constant playing.

I hope i could help, have fun and good luck to all of you.

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