Wartune Parties Basic Guide


Wartune Parties Basic Guide by Hyorinmaru6

Hello to all here is my simple guide on parties for dungeons

ok so i have been going for multi player dungeons for awhile now and i have noticed that most of the party leaders always ask the same question

so to help u guys here is how u do it

first once u enter the party or if u have already made party then first wait for all the members

once all the members have entered u need to assess their classes,defense,offence and their level ok but be very careful if u don?t assess them carefully there is a chance of 1 or 2 of the members to die like if u place a mage on front and put a knight on the back then due to lack of defense the mage might get killed but i know u guys might not care about that since assessing is a major pain so here how u put them

knights ? front

archer ? centre

mage ? rear

knights have defense so they can tank even solo some if they are strong

archers have good crit so they give destroy and if left alone they can also tank

mages have low defense but they have AOEs and healing ability so they should be at the back

Don?t put them in a single row ok and also don?t put the a mage or archer in the open even if they are in the back

So now how to open formation and party interface

ok u see the P on the first pic P means party i think and F is formation but there is also a formation button on the bottom right of the screen that button is only available when u are in the area before dungeon entry i recommend making a good formation before entry but if u need to make some changes then just click the F and u opened the interface after that i am pretty sure u can come up with the rest
for those who are lazy like myself just click on the character and move it to the desired slot and done formation complete

Next is assign leader
just click P and the character pic whom u want to make as a leader and then click the assign lead button on the right and done

the P and F are below ur character pic or next to ur Hp,gold,balens,vouchers and troop count table so don?t miss it ok after this click ready wait for ur members to get ready and then press start and wala good dungeon u can also preview the drops so u will know what u MAY get

Now u guys know how to open and use party and formation interface next is all up to u and ur friends and party members

Also i recommend that u DO NOT rush when doing dungeons cause rushing makes many issues and problems for all members and urself ok

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