Wizard101 Level 58 Pet Quests Guide

Wizard101 Level 58 Pet Quests Guide by Professor Greyrose

There are 3 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting pet quests from your school professors in Ravenwood, Nightside, or Krokosphinx. Each school has a different quest and each school has to fight a different boss in Wintertusk to get their new pets!
1. Being level 58
2. You must have completed your school?s level 48 spell/pet quest from your professors.
a. Fire is the quest ?Tower of the Inferno? from Professor Dalia Falmea
b. Ice is the quest ? from Professor Lydia Greyrose
c. Storm is the quest ?Stormbringer? from Professor Halston Balestrom
d. Myth is the quest ?Give a Dog a Bone? from Professor Cyrus Drake
e. Life is the quest ?Loudly Sing Cuckoo? from Moolinda Wu
f. Death is the quest ?Don?t Fear the Reaper ? from Dworgyn in Nightside
g. Balance is the quest ?Breaking Glass? from Alhazred in Krokosphinx
3. You must have completed the quest ?Nordrilund Exposure? given by Grandmother Raven in Hrundle Fjord.

Once you meet all of these requirements, then you can go talk to your professor about getting a new pet! Talk to your same professors who you received your level 48 spell/pet quest from to get the quest?.
Fire is quest ?Like a Phoenix?
Ice is quest ?Wings of Valor?
Storm is quest ?Egg of the Storm?
Myth is quest ?Frog in Your Throat?
Life is quest ?Ready to Hatch?
Death is quest ?Century Egg?
Balance is quest ?Balancing Egg?

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