Wizard101 Myth School Tips and Tricks

Wizard101 Myth School Tips and Tricks?by BWildheart

Do you feel like you?re the only Myth wizard?out there, that you don?t get any respect, that no one else really wants to be Myth wizard? Despair no longer.

Myth came late to me, being one of my last two wizards, and she had an interesting run at Grandmaster as she was paired with my Ice wizard ever since the Krokosphinx in?Krokotopia. However, even I learned a little something and thought I?d pass it on. Everyone has their own approach to Myth wizards and ultimately you need to figure out what works for you. Hopefully other Myth wizards will offer their tips and tricks, which I will try to incorprate into this write up.

Myth wizards appear to be a little middle of the road. Their accuracy of 80% is low-medium, damage output is OK, but doesn?t stack up with Fire of Storm, and they suffer from the third worst health levels. What they do have is minions and some very interesting attacks in the form ofMinotaur?(L33) and Othrus (L48).

? Myth wizards start off with 425 health and gain 22 health per level up to a maximum of 1,500. This ranks only ahead of Storm in terms of overall health.
? Myth spells have a mid-level accuracy (80%), being less that Life, Death, or Balance, more than Storm or Fire, and equal to Ice.
? Myth gets the only dual-attack spells and gets minions earlier than anyone else.
? The female Grandmaster robe is the ugliest of the set. Ok, this is an opinion.
? Myth opposes Storm; your attacks will get a 25%?boost?against Storm opponents, which tend to have the lowest health in the game.
? Myth will also get a 10% boost against Balance opponents because you are part of the Spirit schools
? You don?t run into too many Myth bosses that you have to solo in the mid- and late-stage game. There isn?t anyone in?Mooshu?with more than 2000 points. Notable bosses you will have to fight on your own are?Cyrus Drake, the last boss fo your L48 spell quest. Other bosses you have to fight include?General Greystone?(Plaza of Conquests),?Iona Pyrelance?(Crucible),?Vika Markmaker?(Crystal Grove), and?Tumok Gravelbeard?(Great Spyre), all of which you can tackle with other people.

Must Have Spells.?These are spells that I always have in my deck.
Troll?5 170-210 myth damage 2
Cyclops 10 265-325 myth damage 3
Humongofrog?22 265-325 myth damage to all enemies 4
Time of Legend 26 +25% to all myth damage (global) 2
Minotaur 33 50 myth damage and 445 myth damage 5
Ninja Pig?Treaure Card 5 (special case, see notes below)
Myth Blade +35% next myth damage 0?Mything In Action?Level 12
Orthrus?Deal 50 myth damage and 650 myth damage 7?Two Heads Are Better Than One?Level 48

Notes:?Your core attack spells are solid, with the exception of Blood Bat, I use them all. I tend to run Cyclops more when I?m fighting Myth enemies so that I don?t have to double prism. Ninja Pig deserves a special note. It?s not a trainable spell. It is dropped by mobs in Mooshu. My advice: hoard them for your Myth boss fights. This is the single most?effective?way to deliver a big attack without having to double trap and double prism. A single pig combined with a Myth Prism and Myth Blade can deal a lot of damage relatively quickly.

Minions Spells.?
Golem Minion summon a minion of myth 0?Enrollment?Level 2
Troll Minion summon a minion of myth 1-3?Myth Adventure?Level 7
Cyclops Minion summon a minion of myth 1-4?Mything Vision?Level 18
Minotaur Minion summon a minion of myth 3 Myth?Taken?Identity Level 38
Buff Minion?15 +40% next damage for minion only 0?Tish?mah
Siphon?Health 20 sacrifice minion for 400 health 1 Tish?mah
Mend Minion?23 heal minion for 350 1 Tish?mah
Shield Minion 10 -70% next damage for minion only 0 Tish?mah

Notes:?I didn?t really use minions after Krokotopia because I always had the Ice Wizard with me, however they are very useful at all levels. At the lower levels, they are great as they add another player on your side to the fight to make them 2 on 1 or after Colossus Boulevard, 2 on 2. They not only contribute substantial attacks, they also absorb attacks that would otherwise target you. The Minotaur Minion in particular taunts to draw attacks to him and covers himself in Tower Shields for defense.

Even at the Grandmaster level, consider what the lowly Golem Minion can do for you. At 0 pips, it costs as much as a shield, but can attack and any spell directed at him will effectively be 100% nullified against you.

Also consider the effect of other minion effecting cards. You can use Siphon Heath on a minion before it dies, for 0-pips, to regain 400 health, making this a very?efficient?healing spell.

Special Purpose Spells.?These are spells that I swap out depending on the enemies I expect to face.
Myth Trap?8 +25% next myth damage 0
Ether Shield 16 -70% next life and death damage 0
Earthquake?42 310 myth damage to all enemies and remove charms and wards 6
Myth Shield?10 -80% to next myth damage 0?Sabrina Greenstar
Myth Prism convert next myth damage to storm 0?The Sixth School?End of Wizard City
Pierce remove one positive ward 1?Back to Balance?End of Krokosphinx
Cleanse Ward remove one negative ward 0?Temple Dweller?End of Krokotopia

Notes:?I typically only run Myth Prism if I see Myth bosses. For Myth mobs, I found that I could deal more damage faster by casting more bladed Humungofrogs. Pierce and Clean Ward are useful, though Pierce is somewhat chancy with a 75% accuracy. Add Keen to it and you get a very nice treasure card that can remove a positive enchantment for 1 pip. I have never used Earthquake, but have been on the receiving end. For the most part, I don?t find enemies have enough sheilds and wards to make it worth the extra 3 pips to cast. For pure damage, I?d rather cast multiple Humungofrogs.

Spells I Never Use.?Other than experimenting, I never run these spells in my deck.
Blood Bat 1 70-110 myth damage 1
Subdue 15 reduce threat X Mortis
Draw Power 25 sacrifice minion for 2 pips 1 Tish?mah
Stun?stun one enemy for one round 0?Mything Persons?Level 28
Blinding Light stun all enemies for one round 2 Bad News? End of Marleybone

Notes:?I just don?t use these spells because for the most part, I just haven?t. The stun spells are interesting, but for PvE, I could be using that same turn to shield, buff, or attack.

Spells from Secondary Schools
I went Life and Ice as my secondary school. Life gives me?Sprite?for additional healing and Ice is a standard school I training all of my wizards in for the shielding. This may not fit with everyone, but it worked for me. Your mileage may vary. The Spririt Blade from Niles the Balance Tree was an absolute necessity for me too. Note, I did?t go for Death to Feint. Your most effective attack spells won?t be able to make full use of this, so why waste the training points. Note, as of this writing, I still have 7 training points to spend. I?m not really sure where I want to put them.

Tower Shield?(Ice)
Volcanic Shield (Ice)
Sprite (Life)
Spirit Blade (Balance)

Notes:?I always run the max number of Tower Shields I am allowed. Volcanic Shield is very nice when facing the two most destructive schools, Fire and Storm. Between healing from Sprite and and Ice?s shields, you will have very resilient wizard.

Other sources of spells
Go to Krokotopia to buy the four amulets that give you the Ice, Fire, Storm, and Myth Shields. Each will give you three cards. If you can find the Nightshade Choker, this will give you a pair of Weaknesses.

Playing Your Myth Wizard
Basic Philosophy
Myth wizards are solid attackers. They pack plenty of pretty good attacks and can really tip the balance with even low level minions to help dish out the damage. At higher levels, they can also play a supporting role with Cleanse Ward, Pierce, and the stunning spells, to make sure other players are attacking at full potential. Earthquake is another nice spell that can really?clear?the way for group attacks, but be?careful?as it?ll also eliminate any friendly traps or feints placed by your teammates.

Early Game (Level 1-19)
Despite our low health, Myth wizards are very solid in the early game because of minions. You get the Golem immediately and Troll Minion doesn?t follow too soon afterwards. Except for Cyclops Lane, you don?t really run into too many Myth opponents in Wizard City or Krokotopia. Trolls and Cyclops are generally enough to get you through fights and you get Fairy early on for healing support.

Mid Game (Level 20-34)
When you hit Level 20, you gain access to some good Myth gear and you earn Humungofrog at Level 22. Humungofrog and Cyclops are your workhorse attack cards even when you earn Minotaur at Level 33. At Level 25, you get access to Spirit Blade, and a?Frog?backed by a Myth and Spirit Blade can be cast on turn 5 (assuming no power pips) for close to 650 points of damage. Back that up with a Tough and you can start hitting in the 800 range.

In the mid game, you also have enough gold to afford treasure cards on a regular basis. Go to the library and buy 25-50 Toughs or Keens and then go to Golem Tower to make a bunch of treasure frogs. With an 80% accuracy, it?s really up to you whether you want a better guarantee of success (Keen) or better damage (Tough). Some of it may depend on what kinds of boosts your gear gives you. I typically run 4-8 of them in my sideboard to ensure that I?m never lacking for an attack card and stop by the Commons on a regular basis to replenish my stock of treasure cards.

Your gear choices will make a big difference. I?ve noticed that a lot of wizards choose health maximizing gear, where as I?ve gone the other route and emphasized power and power pip enhancing gear, which adds a significant boost to my damage output. As a result, my mana levels are low to moderate, and my health is probably lower than the average comparably ranked Myth wizard, but I think I can dish out more damage earlier in a fight.

You can farm bosses for gear, or you can just buy it from the Bazaar, which is what I did. So, I have weaker health and mana, but I?ve tried to boost my offensive output as much as possible. The rationale is that if I can kill enemies fast enough, I?don?t have to worry?about shielding or healing as much.

End Game (Level 35-50)
I actually had the hardest time in the end game, meaning Dragonspyre. Even in Mooshu, until I got to the Village of Sorrow, I wasn?t running into a ton of Myth oppenents that I couldn?t take down with a double-blade Frog and some clean up. I thought about using prisms, but concluded that in the time it took to cast prisms, I could have cast multiple bladed frogs. The key here was to have a fairly slim deck to make sure I was getting the spells I needed. In general, I ran a deck of 18 spells: 4 each of Frog, Myth Blade, Spirit Blade, and Tower Shield and then 2 Minotaurs.

I had the hardest time in Dragonspyre ? I imagine everyone does. The enemies are large enough where I need at least 2 Frogs to clear the field and their attacks are big enough to worry me. I spent more time looking for other people to quest with. When I was alone, I spent a lot more time looking for the solo enemy I could pick off or at least wear down before the second enemy jumped in. I found power pip % to be very important here as well as getting a blade that gave me the extra power pip as being able to cast a bladed Minotaur or Frog on the second turn was just a huge advantage.

Choosing A Secondary School
As mentioned earlier, I went Life and Ice for my secondaries. Balance and Death also seem popular. My take:

I don?t think Fire adds much to Myth other than DOT attacks from Fire Elf. Myth already has one of the best AOE spells in the game.

A lot of people train in Ice up to Tower Shield. I did too. The versatility of Tower Shield is just too good and I use the Volcanic Shields a lot as it shields me from the two most destructive schools. Oddly enough, you run into a lot of enemies that use both Fire and Storm attacks, which makes this shield a very efficient spell.

A lot of people go Balance for?Weakness?and Reshuffle. Personally, I?ve never used Reshuffle, but it is available to everyone. Weakness will cost you 3 training points, so not a huge investment. However, you can also get two weakness cards from?Lord Nightshade?s Choker, which you can find in the Bazaar or various stores. The elemental and spirit traps and blades from Niles are an interesting proposition. They are available to everyone and are certainly very versatile. I tend not to use traps a lot, but the blades are absolute must haves.

I consider Life to be a must have school. Given your low health and the lack of any healing spells other than Fairy, it?s important to have a non-treasure card source of healing. Many people train in Life up to?Satyr, I?m generally satisfied with Sprite.

I have a Storm Grandmaster who turned out quite nicely, but I can?t imagine using Storm spells with my Myth wizard. To be sure, it would add some nice punch, but I think the 70% accuracy would drive me crazy. With a base accuracy of 80%, I don?t think using spells with a lower accuracy would do much for me.

Deck Construction
I won?t spend a lot of time here as it?s been covered in other posts. However, efficient deck construction is a must. If my strategy is to get the earliest mass kill possible, then I want to get a Myth Blade on turn 1 so that on turn 2 I have the option of firing off a Humungofrog or waiting to add a Spirit Blade or Time of Legends. The faster I get the attacks off the lower the change of having Weakness or Shields being put up.

When I go up against bosses, I?ll swap out two ?Frogs to add 2 more Minotaurs or Othrus. I?ll add Time of Legends and max out my blades too. Myth Prism and Ninja Pigs get added if I?m fighting Myth bosses.

Gear Selection
Gear selection is important. If you take a step back, you can boost Health, Mana, Accuracy, Power, Resistance, and Power Pip %. I figure that I?ll never really gain enough additional health to become competative with peers from other schools, so I tend to put less emphasis on Health enhancing gear. I mark my location often and port back to commons for Mana, so as long as I have 100-150 Mana, I feel pretty comfortable.

That leaves the other 4: Accuracy, Power, Resistance, and Power Pip %. Let?s set Resistance aside for a moment. The other 3 have direct implications on damage output. Power Pip % and Power % basically improve damage on a point for point basis, e.g., a 10% improvement in Power Pip % gives you 10% more pips and therefore 10% higher damage output (assuming consistant damage per pip). Upper level Myth gear gives accuracy boosts too, which are very nice. Here are some thoughts on gear selection:

Hat: No recommendation
Robe: No recommendation
Shoes: No recommendation

Hat:?Krokenkahmen?s Hat 80 health 1% accuracy 2% power 2192 gold
Shoes:?Krokopatra?s Footwraps 40 health 1% accuracy 1% power

Hat: Widow?s Charming Cap 80 health 2% accuracy 3% power 8% resist 3579 gold
Robe: Pop?s Tunic of Subtlety 120 health 3% accuracy 5% power 10% resist 5964 gold
Shoes:?Smogger?s Shoes of Atlantis 40 health 1% accuracy 3% power 6% resist 1789 gold

Hat:Yakedo?s Hypothetical Helm 106 health 3% accuracy 6% power 10% resist No auction
Robe: Yakedo?s Hypothetical Robe 160 health 3% accuracy 8% power 14% resist 9543 gold
Shoes: Tomugawa?s Slippers 2% accuracy 4% power 8% resist 2505 gold

Hat: Hat of the Endless 200 health 3% accuracy 8% power 2486 gold
Robe: Tunic of Tradition 300 health 4% accuracy 10% power 3314 gold
Shoes: Redwind?s Boastful Boots 66 health 3% accuracy 6% power 10% resist No auction or;
Valerik?s Sandals of Destiny 100 health 3% accuracy 7% power 3181 gold
Ring: Snowcrusher?s Bombastic Band 176 health 15% PP No auction

Hat: Spiderkeeper?s Storyveil 200 health 3% accuracy 8% power 13% resist No auction
Robe: Malistaire?s Unhallowed Tunic 300 health 4% accuracy 10% power 17% resist No auction
Shoes:?Kraysys? Subterfuge Slippers 100 health, 3% accuracy 7% power 7% resist No auction

For athames and rings, read my list of power pip maximizing gear:?http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/blog.php?b=697

Other Gear Option
Malistaire Drake?s Deathedge 188 health 10% power pip, 15% incoming health no auction
Malistaire Drake?s Ruby Signet 188 health 10% power pip, 15% outgoing health no auction
Philosopher?s Stone 197 health 15% power pip 5% power (Briskbreeze Tower) no trade no auction

Myth wizards can benefit from Malistaire athame, not so much from the ring. That way, you get the benefit of incoming boosts where as it?s unlikely you?ll be doing a lot of heavy healing.

The Briskbreeze ring is a no brainer. You give up 170 mana, but gain 9 health and 5% power. There is no change in power pips. With the Briskbreeze ring, you boost your GM gear?s max boost from 25% to 30%

I have one Epic Othrus and an Ancient Othrus. The jury is still out. The Epic Othrus is very good. While it doesn?t have pips, I does give 6% attack boost and 5% accuracy, both of which are very useful. Myth is kind of the middle spot, where just about any talent is useful, except for maybe Myth Resist.

Using Myth?s Unique Attacks
Myth is the only school with a double attack. Minotaur and Othrus each attack with a small attack first, to clear shields and then with a second, larger attack. This leads to some interesting considerations as traps and feints don?t do as much, potentially for Myth wizards. In order to work, a Myth player really needs to put down two traps, one for each attack. This takes a long time and is really quite wasteful. One trick you can try, it to place a Myth Prism. This will convert the first attack into Storm, which will then bypass any Myth Traps you?ve put down.

Otherwise, I tend to avoid the use of traps. It?s just not efficient for me to have to do everything twice. Myth Blade, Spirit Blade, and Time of Legends are my staples, when fighting bosses. For this reason, I love working with Balance wizards as their Balance Blades and Blade Storms are a great complement for my Minotaurs and Othrus.

Working With Other Schools
This is really just a compiliation of ideas and thoughts about how I?ve worked with other Myth wizards and how others have worked well with me, or how I wished others would work with me.

Location, Location, Location. A Myth wizard should NOT be the first one into the ring. At the beginning, that position will probably be the focus of a lot of attacks. If the Myth wizard takes that spot, you can force other players to spend time and resources shielding and or healing you. If possible, take the very last position.

Communicate. This is especially true if you?re going to use a AOE spell (e.g., Humungofrog or Earthquake). Be mindful of what other players are putting down. If they?ve just finished laying down a bunch of traps, prisms, or feints, they will not be happy if you fire off an Earthquake.

Let the rest of the party know if and when you need healing. It never hurts to tell people that you need healing, but it?s also just as important to let them know that you?re OK, so they don?t spend turns giving you unneeded health.

Tell other players when you can take out shields. Other schools have to use a wand to remove shields. Minotaurs and Othrus can take out shields and deal significant hits in a single package.

General Tips
? At the lower levels, Myth wizards are fragile because you don?t have enough gear to offset both your low health and low accuracy. Pick your fights carefully and make sure you fill up on wisps after each battle.
? Low health and accuracy can be offset through gear acquisitions later in the game, particularly at the higher levels. However, this may be a hard balance to strike as sometimes you?ll gain accuracy at the expense of higher health and visa versa
? Low accuracy can also be offset by using treasure cards, such as Keen to develop a sideboard of attack cards.
? You can compensate for low health by pairing up with other players and taking up the last position in the battle circle. Other players will appreciate your additional damage and at the same time, you get shielded from a lot of return damage and probably get access to healing.
? Picking and choosing where you fight is important. If I?m prepping for a mob fight and intend to use Humungofrog, engage one enemy and accumulate your blades and pips. However, wait until the second enemy joins before you toss your ?frog as you want to maximize the number of enemies hit. Late joining enemies are also less likely to have shields up.
? You will need to venture into the Labyrinth to complete your L48 spell. Fortunately, you don?t have to?complete?the Labyrinth. You have to fight the first boss to get across the lake of lava, but you can pass through the Gate of Despair without having to fight the outlaws. You?ll have to beat 2 Myth bosses in a small house to earn your Othrus, so stock up on those Ninja Pigs.

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