The Last Waffentr?ger: Event Guide


Hello, commanders. Intelligence helped us find the dangerous engineer Max von Krieger, formerly known as von Hoffman. He is probably developing a new type of weapon with excellent combat potential. And due to his specialization is based on electromagnetic technology. We consider his actions to be potentially dangerous and contrary to the interests of both ours and our allies. The command decided to create a special Greyhound Unit in order to disarm a possible aggressor and – if possible – capture the technology. To complete the mission, you will all get a special vehicle: T-55 Thunderbolt. The vehicle is a modified T-55 equipped with additional electromagnetic grenade accelerators in the bore of the cannon barrel. In order to activate the electromagnetic accelerators, it is on the body of the vehicle installed Impulse-1 power supply, technology, which we have received from our allies.

The source is exhausted at the beginning of the battle and you can’t significantly damage Krieger’s vehicle. The engineer will not be alone: there will be autonomous combat vehicles on the battlefield. They come in groups. After their destruction, the Energy Package will fall out of the last destroyed enemy, which looks like a ball of lightning. Get closer to him. Impulse-1 absorbs energy, slightly restoring your endurance points and increase the firepower of ALL your team’s vehicles. In addition, with the collection of Energy Packages extend the remaining mission time. When the power supply is fully charged, the position of the Engineer will be revealed on the map. You also get access to Charging mode, which will give your vehicle additional acceleration for a short time. Your main goal is an Engineer and his vehicle based on the tank destroyer Waffentr?ger auf E 100. Intelligence shows that the main sites of Krieger’s activities are Fishing Bay, Studzianky and Redshire. Waffentr?ger is equipped with a kind of electromagnetic field, which improves the defense of the vehicle. As long as it has enough energy, only the field is damaged. You cannot damage the indoor or outdoor modules nor paralyze the Waffentr?ger crew.

You should also take into account the firepower of the enemy. A few shots are enough for the Waffentr?ger to completely destroy your vehicle. The engineer’s vehicle has two technological elements. The first is the Electromagnetic Missile. It’s a high-voltage discharge that, if it hits you, will cause little damage and discard your electronics. This will slow you down for a while and weakens the characteristics of your vehicle. The second ability is the Electromagnetic Pulse. It eliminates everyone’s electronics in the area of ??impact and can penetrate obstacles. It will also cause significant damage to the nearest vehicles. Be careful and remember? Each of you has only three attempts. Automatic charging! Electromagnetic field and 32,000 endurance points! Unique abilities! Feel the power of the Waffentr?ger! Make them escape! In the game mode Last Waffentr?ger, players can play not only for Greyhounds, but also for the Waffentr?ger himself! To achieve this, complete special missions and get the Keys. The keys can also be obtained in packages in the Premium Store. The completion of missions will also bring you Boxes. Inside you will find credits, personal deposits, parking in the garage, disassembly kits, consumables and World of Tanks Premium Account days.

The boxes also contain items from the Collection. You will show your progress. Complete the Greyhound Collection and the Engineer Collection, to get even more rewards! There is also a special box. You can buy it in the Premium Store. Rewards from the Special Box are more valuable. And besides all that you have a chance to get one of sixteen premium tanks from them VIII. levels! Including the new T77 tank! You may not know in advance what will be in the Special Box, but you have the option to reopen them. The boxes are reopened for credits. Special boxes can be reopened behind Zla??ky. Furthermore, after the first opening of the Special Box, you get 100 Gold coins.

Another challenge awaits you at The Last Waffentr?ger. If you’re lucky you can encounter a special vehicle in battle Waffentr?ger auf E 220? Destroying it will not be easy, but if you succeed? Each member of your team will receive a Special Box. Good luck, commanders! .

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