World of Tanks 7/42 Tips

World of Tanks 7/42 Tips?by Cod_Das_Doctor

This is just going to be a bit of bread and butter stuff. It?ll show a few battles from a string of matches on Himmelsdorf just to show some of these tactics in action. Also if you are expecting some ?Camp Hard Win Easy? then this won?t be the guide for you (although jesus christ camping is easy as fuck).

  • Have a solid goal in mind with every strat you run. This seems like an obvious piece but so often we fight teams who try to do multiple things with their strats. If you run a strat always have 1 solid goal that you?WILL achieve no matter what. Typically at higher levels of competition this will be seeing what the enemy does without taking any damage.
  • Do not hesitate. Ask any caller in any game mode period and they will say hesitation is the biggest issue when it comes to calling. 7/42 simply amplifies this because any hesitation you make could mean you lose 5% of your team?s HP for it (1 IS-3 shell equals approximately 5% of your teams HP assuming a standard 3 50 2 IS-3 comp.) In this battle at 2:06 you see pings go out for our tanks to move across the courtyard and flank the IS-3s. However we are slow to go and delays our engagement. And then later after the initial engagement you see our 2 50s and 1 IS-3 get caught up on a building and delayed even more. These seconds come back to bite us in the ass when all their tanks except for one are destroyed but we cannot cap in time because we missed it by a matter of seconds.
  • Recognize overmatches. if you ever have a time when you can attack 2 tanks using your 5 tanks and their 3 tanks can?t hurt you then you should always do it. If done properly you should Kill both tanks and only lose 2 shots of HP. Here at 3:30 we see the enemy 50 100 running away in a way where he cannot help his two IS-3s. We then push in with 2 50s and 2 IS-3s and manage to take them out without losing a tank until the enemy 50s arrive. Even after the enemy 50s arrive we are 4v3 with 2 constant fire tanks against 3 burst tanks who don?t have full clips. By that point the win is almost guaranteed for us as long as we play it out properly.
  • Do not force it. If they enemy has a sturdy camp set up where you absolutely cannot break it without losing too much HP then just do not give them the easy victory by pushing into their hell camp.
  • Use your T1s wisely. When used properly T1s can easily make or break a game. The best thing to use your T1s for is scouting and cap pressure. In this battle (yes the one previously linked) I keep two of their IS-3s lit for the majority of the battle and if we actually had skilled Rerolls instead of Rick and Chilly we would have been able to do some significant damage. A example of T1s being used for cap pressure is here. We take out their hill T1, send both our T1s to cap, which they can?t disengage to reset without losing the fight, and end up winning a battle where we had terrible positions and were losing the brawl. Here is just a general pack of Replays of what happened and different battles. All are on Himmels and some from the pack exist in the group above.

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