World of Tanks Aiming at Weak Spots Guide


World of Tanks Aiming at Weak Spots Guide by Baine


I figured i wanted to say something about aiming and your crosshair.

Some people may have already noticed that there are 3 different crosshair colours, indicating different penetration values.

Green shows that the shot you are about to make has a very good chance at penetrating the spot you are aiming at. Always be sure to look for spots like that, especially when you are up frontally. Tankdestroyers are hard to penetrate from the front, even for higher tier tanks, thanks to their sloped armour. There are still some spots that will show green, that is in most cases the area around the barrel. Shots aimed there will likely go through and score a good hit.

Yellow shows that the shot you are about to make has a decent chance at penetrating the target and doing damage. There is also a high chance to bounce the target. Spots like this are well armoured but still leave a chance to penetrate. Those spots are most of the time located around the area immediately above the treads and around all kinds of edges on the tank. If you can?t find a green spot, go for the yellow spots.
The gun barrel and range finder on most tanks will show as yellow, a hit here will likely guarantee a destroyed module. Who doesn?t like a big tank with a destroyed gun

Red indicates an almost guaranteed ?Ding?. These spots are heavily armoured and/or won?t do alot of damage if you manage to penetrate them. This is the front for most tanks, but super heavy tanks are likely to have similar heavy sides and rears. Only HE will do reliable damage here.

Keep in mind, that the colour of the reticle also depends on the ammo that you have loaded, your gun and the enemies armour rating.

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