World of Tanks Automatic Guns Low Tier Guide


World of Tanks Automatic Guns Low Tier Guide by anna_tankgirl

Okay this article is on the 7.1 new features with the flak and automatic guns and how to get the most out of them. Now I?m a light tank player in the main so these guns affected me most. And I noticed several features that are exceptional and can be exploited noting there was a loss in some guns penetration for a higher rof.

Now the first thing is do not aim and fire the flak guns they bounce, they move and likely your aim will not be that good to exploit them so autoaim the damn thing, scope closer to paint the target then focus on defense. There is a reason for this I will mention later. For an autocannon this means ones like the 37mm American guns you can aim more but still you have two options autofire OR pace fast shoot with a moment or two between shots.

Now why autoaim its simple this is important to most abuse the rapid, high and devestating rof! For the flak gun you get bursts of shots close together for up to 15 shots before reloading that means 15 chances at a critical, if say 8 hit a solid average of 64 damage and all in a mere few seconds! If your on your game and all this could be far more hits and damage I took in my ?Cunny? a LTraktor in one volley in two seconds noting my crew was at 100% and had the first strike from hiding but still it was short and deadly. The autocannon 37mm fires several shells as fast as you can click before reloading its a bit better for spot shooting but still with a higher penetration than a flak gun the autofire volley fire is still a fine option. But overall its about concentrated hard fire all out before you evade and take cover or do some defense.

Now there will be critics what about the French tanks they have to much armor, simple depends on the gun the flak gun is useless so my advice move away and hit something you can hurt I do this all the time no use fighting to just die. The flak if your on your game can still cripple many Tier 2 tanks with criticals and some damage this is where the high burst rof close together is good. If your using an autocannon you have to know the enemy some tanks have fairly modest lower or upper (turrent) armor and it varies based on location the H35 has all around 40 armor good luck getting through that but the H38 has 32 armor on the flanks and back of the drive section hit there your likely faster in an American tank. And the treads are always an option you fire into those you can set up the tank for teammates and you might be able hit a weak point close enough to exploit the advantage.

Just remember these points:

1. Autoaim over Manual Aim if a Flak Gun, if an Autocannon Favor the Autoaim using Manual Aim on Certain Harder Targets.

2. Fire Fast and Fire Hard.

3. After Firing Defend ? move, take cover, zigzag, just go back and forth, use sloping just defend as you reload.

4. Hit ?c? to Reload to Keep the Barrel Loaded as is Prudent (go to rule 2 for the reason you need to keep as many shots ready as possible when you have to fight).

5. Feel Free to Move and Find Better Targets if You Have To and Can (French Tanks Don?t Run Well).

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