World of Tanks Basic Battle Strategies Guide


World of Tanks Basic Battle Strategies Guide by @dongolev

Hey everybody, first of all I?d like to remind everyone that this is an awesome game, and if you chose to play this willingly, then you are a pretty cool guy.

If you are not playing World of Tanks willingly, please contact the authorities.

What is this post about?

I?ve noticed many people, especially in the lower brackets, having no idea how to effectively attack enemy tanks. So, I decided to do something about it.

Thus, I present:

The World of Tanks Essential Strategy Guide!

Let?s get into it, shall we?

Light Tanks

A Light tank is a fast tank with low armor and a weak gun. Its main strength is its speed.

Ever noticed how miserable it is trying to play when your tracks are shot? Guess how much fun it is when a tank that relies on speed can?t move.

Lights: Try hitting their tracks out before they hit yours. Other light tanks are your only options besides SPG?s for getting reliable kills.

Mediums: Go into sniper mode (hit shift) and try manually aiming for the tracks. If you hit their track, it may break. If it breaks, they dead. If you?re fast enough, you can try ramming them, which always works fantastic, assuming you hit.

Heavies: if you can get a solid shot, you can kill them in one hit. If they get past you, don?t bother turning around; you?ll never catch up to them.

SPG?s: these are your bane. Impossible to shoot if they?re moving at high speed, capable of turning quickly so you can?t quite hit them, and they can easily kill you. However, if one throws a track, he?s as good as dead.

TD?s: Same advice for mediums, but be warned: if they can get by you, you don?t have much chance getting them.

Medium Tanks

A Medium Tank is a midpoint between a Heavy and a Light. More durable than a Light but less so than a Heavy.

Lights: try knocking out their tanks to annoy them. Bear in mind that their guns can eat you up, if you give them the chance. Also, beware the occasional Medium who will ram you.

Medium: an obviously even match up. This will usually come down to who surprised who.

Heavy: NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. No Medium stands a chance against a Heavy ? unless they can get behind you, in which case be careful. If they have good AP they can damage you from behind.

SPG?s: Some mediums are fast enough to make hitting them annoying, but an immobilized Medium stands no chance.

TD: Should be a pretty simple kill. Their armor can?t stand up to your weapon.

Heavy Tanks

The biggest, baddest tanks in the game. Massive armor. Massive health. Massive.

Lights: you can harass them by aiming for the tracks. A few smart lights with good AP can run circles around dumb heavies, so the heavy can never actually hit them, while they constantly peck at them. But it?s not easy to do. I would keep running.

Mediums: these are your nightmares. You?re not fast enough to just breeze past them in most cases, and they can ? and will ? one shot you. Try staying behind cover while SPG?s tear at them. Honestly though, if a heavy decides on you for his next meal, you should just start running.

Heavies: obviously an even match up. It all depends on whose weapon is bigger. Freud would have a field day with this.

SPG?s: Heavies are easy to hit, but their sheer HP can make it tough. However if you?re lucky splash damage will knock out a track or two, and then you can just keep hitting them until they?re dead.

TD: if you can stay hidden, you can easily take out a track. Your gun might be tough enough to pierce its armor.

Self Propelled Guns

Also known as
those nasty buggers
artillery, SPG?s are a? controversial class, but you?re going to face them nonetheless. Capable of raining down death from long range in great arcs. Fair warning: many, many SPG?s can lower their guns so they can directly fire on you, so a frontal assault rarely goes well.

Lights: these are what you?re aiming for. If you got past all the Mediums, Heavies, and TD?s, a single light tank can easily take out a few SPG?s.

Mediums: if you?ve survived to late in the game, you are the best bet for taking these out. Just don?t stop moving and they won?t be able to hit you until you reach close range.

Heavies: BEWARE. These guys can and will penetrate your armor, knock out your crewmembers, and be the biggest pain in the ass possible ? and you can?t even move fast enough to dodge them. Of course, if you get close enough to see him face to face, he?ll have a quick trip back to the garage.

SPG?s: While you?ll rarely, if ever, meet one head to head, what you can do is watch the tracers ? the little trails that SPG shells leave when they fire. With that, you can get a good idea of where they are. Tell your friends!

TD?s: They can do everything you can do, except better. If they catch you out in the open, they can and will tear you to shreds.

Tank Destroyers

Essentially, Mediums with beefed up guns and front armor, in exchange for weaker side and back armor and no turret. Great for defense or ambushing. Great aim from long range.

Lights: You can one hit these guys before they get too close. If they get too close, they can shoot out your tracks ? then you?re done.

Mediums: You can two hit these guys before they get too close. Watch your tracks.

Heavies: A heavy versus a TD is a pretty close match. If the TD can hit the turret traverse on the heavy, it?s game over ? of course, all the Heavy needs is one or two good shots. Use module damage and the element of surprise.

SPG?s: You probably won?t have the speed to avoid these guys, and you certainly don?t have the armor to shrug it off. Use cover (rocks, buildings) to save yourself.

TD?s: It all comes down to positioning. If you?ve flanked the enemy, the enemy is done; if he?s flanked you, have fun in the garage.


I hope this helped some people out there. Have fun, tankers!

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