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World of Tanks Blitz: The American Line – The Tier VII T23E3 Eagle 7 Complete Guide


Hi everyone armored pants here and i have a brand new video for you on a brand new tank, the spanking new t26 e3 eagle 7, which is in the stores right now, and it’s in the stores for 10 000 gold fully equipped. But i think that’s probably a bit pricey for a tier 7 medium, it’s around 32 euro and which is what 36 37 bucks or 28 quid in the uk. And when you consider that the k91 offer was about 25 euro just a few weeks ago.

And that’s a tier 9 premium, it does seem a bit pricey, but nonetheless we’ll have a look. The tech, spec and we’ll have a look at you know all of the details and because it’s interesting, because this tank is kind of a frankenstein’s monster, but tankers bits and pieces of things thrown together, the pershing, the t23 e3, the t20 etc. We’Ll have a look at blitzhanger.com and we’ll get all of the info there, so, firstly, this is a decent, medium tank right, there’s, nothing special, it’s not particularly bad. It’S not particularly good. It’S just decent and in terms of the the provisions i would use coke then case of coke and improved fuel to max out the performance, but stay away from the enhanced armor. You don’t really sandbag armour or whatever. You don’t really need that re gun.

It has a 90 millimeter gun, you know, which is kind of standard on these american mediums and 6.4. Second reload, if you use gun rammer 6.9, if you use calibrated shells, and so the reload is okay and in terms of pen, you get 160 millimeters or 168. If you use calibrated shells and your PRAMMO, which is another ap round – is not an APCR or is 202 versus 212, if you use calibrated shells and he is 45 or 50 depending on whether you use calibrated shells are not and muzzle velocity in the HE. Shell is a bit lower. It’S 10 70 meters per second, but not significantly lower. That’S going to make too much of a difference in terms of gun, handling, 10 degrees, gun, depression, 20 degrees of elevation means that this tank actually has excellent and gun alignment.

Now, in terms of its gun index, it’s 9.9 k or 9.9, which is very good for a tier 7 medium tank and we’ll have a look at why that is later on, but this tank. You know it needs that good gun index, because it’s pen is not great, with a 90 millimeter gun now on the downside, its power to weight ratio sucks and is truly awful and that’s quite characteristic of many american medium tanks. We don’t really know why, given the size of the engines i put into them, the traverse also sucks it’s just awful as well, and that really leads to a very, very low, maneuverability or mobility index. I’M going to have a look at that later on. When we look at how to play this tank now in terms of concealment at 302, meter view range and you basically um the tank needs to get in within almost 240 meters of you 252 when moving so, basically, it’s not great, so a tank with 302 meter View range is going to spot you up relatively easy, so you need to be careful if you’re, using it for spotting or scouting and particularly, if there’s a light tank with a high view range on the other team. You need to be very cautious because the concealment numbers are not great, but what is good about this tank is its turret. So it has this huge gun mantle, which takes up most of the turret.

It has this 10 degrees of gun depression. We spoke about which basically means that um you can go hold down at this tank and now the whole down ability of this tank basically means that um, it offers configuration choices and we’re going to look at those later on too, i’m actually going to have a Look at the in game set up on this tank because i think it’s quite important because there’s two different ways as i see to play this tank i’ll, do my best to explain that to you later on. When we look at this in-game setup. Now, back to the armor, i think you know looking at the armor there. If you look at the relative armor numbers on the sides, you can actually sidescrape in this tank, and it has some frontal armor as well unlike the t23 e3, but the turret armor is great and that big gun mantlet means that it is ideal for going and Hold down, and so if you want to go, hold down and be holding sniper in this tank, that is definitely one option. Um.

If you look at the tank – and you can see that it does have some armor, unlike the t23 e3, which is one of its direct equivalence – your t7 premium american medium tank when you’re up to it, of course, you’re going to suffer a bit. But nonetheless, it’s still very difficult, even if you’re, even for tier 8 tanks to pan that and turret, because there’s such a small um target to aim up now in terms of tactics for this tank, um they’re very much dependent on how you set the tank up. So we’ve messed around the configuration a lot and i i’m going to share this with you in the hope that i can maybe use the experience of messing around with this for hours and yesterday and today to maybe um save you some of that pain and enable You to um, you know, play the tank a bit better.

Now one thing about it is: it only does 225 plus damage points right so as low alpha rolls particularly consider that if you use calibrated shells, it’s going to go up to almost a seven second reload right. So it’s pretty low right and it’s maneuverability indexes mobility index is only 4.65. It’S also very low right. But of course we know it’s typical of american medium tanks, because that power to weight ratio and traverse in particular suck now. So what does this mean? Well, it means it’s difficult to play this as a normal medium tank, as you would in a standard medium tank play right because it’s difficult to get around the map and it’s difficult to get to places quickly.

However, you can actually um resolve that by using this um extra engine accelerator. So it has this option if you use this extra engine accelerator and use the um equipment. Sorry, consumables loader, as we have here this actually can be played effectively as a medium tank and you’ll see that in the gameplay. But i would also set up the equipment differently, then as well so um, and what uh i would do, then is. I would actually run, and you could the equipment slightly differently, we’ll have a look at in a second, by the way, if you’re running that additional engine accelerator i’d run, two repair kits and you have to draw, you have to um lose adrenaline to do that. Now here’s the setup if you’re gon na play as a medium in terms of combat power, i would go for supercharge, but i’d use vertical stabilizer and i’d use gun rubber, because basically the vertical stabilizer is important when you’re shooting when you’re moving and that’s a key Asset, a key facet as well of when you’re playing a medium tank. If you’re going to go as a whole down sniper and then you actually, i could say i would set it up – maybe even like this – so basically use calibrated shell supercharge and then i would use refined gun because you want to reduce the dispersion because you’re going To be not moving a lot when you’re firing, if you’re going to be a hold down sniper, so therefore um. This is also another option that you could think about.

If you are going to be hold down sniper, you can still use that extra extra engine accelerator, but it’s not as important. So maybe you want to take an adrenaline instead. So just some setup options to think about guys now in the game, we’re going to look at it’s on normandy and i have it set up as a medium tank. So basically, the um first specification that we looked at in terms of equipment, and you can see here that i have chosen two repair kits and the extra engine accelerator and you’re going to see here when i take off from the start. And now originally i was going to go and hold down and go towards b. But then you know this game is about communication and you see the eggplant are saying like. Please, everybody go towards c. So, okay, i’m a good team player.

So i’m going to go towards c now, look at the differences engine accelerator makes. I mean this thing just takes off: it’s like [, __, ] off a shovel. When you have this extra engine, accelerator um and look, i look how quickly i get to see. I’M in c straight away: uh sorry, i mean d, apologies, i’m in d straight away and i’m capturing that before any of the enemies started, capturing c now they’re capturing it more quickly because there’s more of them there, and but you know, i got a significant advantage In getting to a key position on the map, using this, i also and when using consumables – and i also always um – use – select to use them more frequently and in particular, when you have single use consumables. That makes a lot of sense right and if you use a repair kit, it doesn’t matter if it lasts 20 or 15 seconds. What matters is how frequently you can use it right, so it makes sense right um.

Now you can see here the gun, depression and action able to get a nice shot onto that wz by the way i get through this whole game without taking any damage. Now, here’s the um gun handling in action has good gun handling. We saw that you can see here um when you’re on the lower tier tank like this and you’re gon na pet. You know that was on a tier eight tank destroyer, particularly chinese ones, would be much more difficult to pen um. I slowed this down right here because em when i was live in game, i had no [ __ ] clue where we missed that shot, but in actuality, when i slowed down i see i think i fired over the back of the dracula um and that just Shows how fast those [ __ ] things are, but um uh nowhere mistake on the second shot now um again, i am in a good position here right because i am utilizing the hold down um abilities of this tank, and now we’re also going to see the Armor, in effect, so i fire roll back and we can see here how superior the armor is on this to the t23 e3, which is a tank which is very very similar too. You would not have gotten that bounce on the t23 e3. So there is a bit of forgiveness: again: good gun alignment there in action, good gun index and nice shot again on the su-100.

Now um here, you’re going to see an example of why um and again another bounce there you can see this tank is armored. Well, i bounce right off the mantlet now, as i was about to say here, you’re, going to see a good example of why, if you’re, playing as a medium tank and not going to be uh sniping from distance and and i would recommend playing as a medium Tank, it’s much more fun is why you need to run vertical stabilizer because of shots like this. You probably would not have made this shot and if you weren’t running vertical stabilizer because and your um shots when moving are not as accurate. So if you’re running calibrate sorry if you’re running refined gone rather than vertical stabilizer – and you would have i’m not saying you wouldn’t have made it, but you would have had less chance of making it and with er in those circumstances again – and this is this – an Extra additional engine accelerator in action here see how easily i was able to move up and down those hills get around the black prince and that’s that extra engine accelerator in place. It transforms the uh, maneuverability and mobility of this tank.

So much it’s like driving a different tank so and and a definitely definitely that’s a consumable that i would run if i was playing this now and there you go almost two point: over uh 2.7, almost 2.8 k of damage, which is pretty good. When you consider the low alpha rolls that you have in this tank a good example of this tank being played as a medium tank, a good example, i think of um the equipment loadout and also the consumables loader, which i recommend look guys. This is just my opinion and, but you know um, i always like to look at the stats. I always like to see how team how they affect tanks differently, and i always like to see how equipment, loadouts, etc work – and this is my result of messed around with this [ __ ] thing for hours so um. Hopefully, you will also find it useful and i will help you guys, enjoy this tank a bit better. Should you decide to buy it, of course, and you may not and because it is quite expensive. So let’s have a recap on the key aspects of this tank.

Now um, it is a decent premium tank and from what i believe it has 156 percent credit card vision makes it around. Fourth, in the tier seven in terms of premium tanks, which is not bad, and it has adequate, it’s an adequate medium tank. I mean it’s not bad, it’s not good. I mean you wouldn’t say this is an lp tank by any stretch. I imagine, as you also wouldn’t say, it’s a [ __ ] box. It’S not um. It’S just adequate 90 millimeter gun does struggle a bit, especially if you’re obtained i mean, if you’re up to trying to pen an is-6 or someone like big a lot of armor on the front of it is going to be difficult and you got low alpha rolls As well, particularly when you consider that it has a 6.4 second reload, it’s uh or goes up to 6.9, if you use calibrated shelves, it’s quite long for such low alpha rolls, and but there are different setups available in this tank and for the different roles.

And if you want to play it as a standard, medium do medium tank things and i would set it up as we looked at earlier and you know and there’s also unusual um optimal consumables. I think that work and that extra engine accelerator two repair kits i’m not using adrenaline and which goes against my normal sort of setup and my think works best with this, because that improved engine power boost is just awesome. It transforms the tank’s mobility completely and then that 15 seconds the tank is actually really really nippy and agile. And but you know it is a decent tank. It’S okay just adequate, but for ten thousand gold. I think it’s a bit pricey and i think it’s nice to have it’s not a must-have or a need to have tank.

So you know only if you’ve got significant amount of cash to spare and you really really love your collectible and premium tanks. I would consider giving this getting this, otherwise you know it’s not necessary and i would give it a miss. So thanks for watching guys, i hope you found it useful. I hope you found it enjoyable and i guess all remains for me to say is pants off.

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