World of Tanks Bouncing Shots Guide


World of Tanks Bouncing Shots Guide by jdtherocker

Tired of getting peetrating constantly by enemy rounds? Hi my name is JD and I?m here to talk to you about JD?s Guide to Bouncing shots! and with a payment of 0$ US (includes the shipping and handling fees) you can learn the secret to bouncing shots! If your not satisfied just send us back the guide and we?ll give you your money back

1. angle your armor to bounce shots, the other night in my IS I bounced 3 Jagdtiger shots by angling my armor, to angle your armor just turn your tank so they have a less of an angle to fire upon, careful that you do not turn to much or you will show the enemy your sides which are easier to penetrate.

as seen in the above pic the tank properly angled itself the the enemy tank would find it much harder to penetrate its armor.

as seen in the above pic the tank improperly angled itself to bounce shots, this is most likely due to the fact that he turned too much or he didn?t turn enough, this gave the enemy the ability to penetrate his soft side armour.

trick: By hiding behind a rock and angling your frontal armour with enough peeking out that you can shoot, you can angle your armour so much that although your showing your almost have your side of your tankl in the direction of the enemy he cannot shoot your side armour.
this trick is portrayed in the drawing below

2. Sloped armor, sloped armour on tanks increase your effective armor (for example if you have 100mm but its sloped its sloping has the effect as if the tank actually had 10mm more of armored plating and makes the effective armour 110mm). Use this to your advantage, this also helps with bouncing shots when it comes to a facedown.

3. Turning as the round comes to hit you, this can save you if done properly, it is almost impossible to do with faster travelling rounds but much easier with slower travelling rounds such as the 152mm from the KV I?ve had 152mm rounds from the KV rounds shot at me and while the round was travelling at me I angled myself so the round would miss or bounce. (this trick is hard to do if you have a tank with slow traverse, I tend to do this in my medium tanks).

4. Not showing your weakspots can save you, every tank has a weakspot which makes it tanks that can normally pen the tank able to penetrate it with AP, be aware of the spots and hide it, (for example if your driving a kv5 hide the machine gun turret, or more fondly known as r2d2, behind a rock while your hull which is much more thick peaks out with your turret so that you can fire).

5. going hull down is very useful, not only is the area in which they can actually hit you with a round much smaller but most tanks have an extemely thick mantlet that is almost impossible to penetrate. This also works for US heavies who?s armour thickness is extremely high and bounces a lot of shots.

6. Lower chassis and top of tanks are extremely soft, alot of german heavy tanks have very predominant lower chassis, these are easier to pen and would allow someone to pen rather then bounce, by angling it the armor on the lower chassis can bounce, also be careful when cresting hills as experienced tankers will shoot the lower chassis. Tops of tanks have a very low armor count and this alllows them to be taken out, try to be careful of enemy on ridges so that they can?t a good and clean shot at the top.

by applying thse tricks you may just have to worry about the scratch on the paint rather then a giant gaping hole in your tank.

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