World of Tanks Chaffee Pub Domination Guide

World of Tanks Chaffee Pub Domination Guide by OrignalWolf

1. Understand that you are an extremely vital part of any team. Understand that the opposing team knows this, and will go out of their way to kill you. Understand that you look like a bobblehead, so you will probably get hit.

2. Passive scout. This is a MUST. As long as you have teammates to do the hitting for you, hold your fire. I know the urge to shoot that amazing gun, but hold your load till your teammates get theirs off. ?snicker?

3. In combat, you are a support tank. If you can avoid it, do not engage more than 1 tank of any type. 2 or more barrels pointing at you usually means certain death. Wait till the opposing players are occupied with allies, then swoop in and circle-strafe them. If their attention turns to you, sometimes it pays to bug out depending on the tank and their health.

4. Bluff. Rush at opposing tanks like a lunatic. Then abruptly flip a ewey and run like a snake in a room full of mongoose. Swerve like you have been drinking Everclear all night. if you can see they are about to take a shot, sometimes you can abruptly stop if you are near cover(does not work in the open, but sometimes they will reflex fire and miss).

5. Flank and fake flank. Flanking is obviously a good thing, but the fake flank can really confuse the enemy,especially if there is a low number. Pretend to do a wide flank, when you are out of site, run like hell the opposite direction. This can give your team valuable time to cap or defend because it ties up the enemies expecting to get circle strafed.

6. Learn to love defeat. Sometimes, things just don?t go your way. So you got one shotted. Deal with it and move on.

7. Non penetrating shots can still be useful. As a support tank, you can ding an enemy from afar while your teammates attack up close. This makes the opposing tank think there are more guns pointed at it, and may cause a retreat.

8. Distract and sacrifice. Sometimes the best policy is just to cause a ruckus. Suicide charge that IS-7. It may give your teammates the shot they need to kill it.ONLY DO THIS IF THERE IS A CERTAIN CHANCE YOU WILL CHANGE THE BATTLE WITH YOUR SACRIFICE!

9. There is no substitute for luck. Sometimes the stars allign, and you feel like the master of the WoTiverse. DON?T let it get to your head though,or your next game will be a disaster.

Please post your awesome Chaffee and VK2801 vids here. NO T50 vids please, I?ve seen my fair share of T50s trolling.

Here is my entry
Chaffee Saves the Day

Replays from iamablocker

Here are some of my ?best? Chaffee replays:

This somehow shows that even a credit sink can churn out credits when used properly

Do note that most of the battles are of tier 7-9 max.








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