World of Tanks Company Guide

World of Tanks Company Guide by NitroLauncher717

Looking at Companies today, they are very different from the ones we had pre-7.0 I decided to write a guide on how these new Companies work, and what is acceptable. Feel free to suggest or comment. Remember, everyone?s a critic!

1.Use Voice Chat. Turn it on by (esc->Settings->Volume->Check the Voice Chat box). Even if you do not have a microphone, you will still be able to hear people with it, and be able to follow directions. You may need to adjust the Voice Chat Volume to hear other people. It is commonly referred to as Comms or VC
2.Listen to directions. If you do not do as you are told, you may lose horribly. Listen for your tank or screen name. [IS-3s go here, behind the buildings] If you are unsure of where to go, ask, but you should have listened the first time.
3.Don?t spam. Pinging the map randomly is not acceptable under any condition. As is shouting into your microphone, or blasting music through it.
4.If you die, don?t say so. Everyone can see that you have turned red and dropped to the bottom of the list. The same goes for information, we can see the 1 tank detected, so we do not need you yelling in our ears to shoot, when it is clear that we are either aiming or reloading.
5.When there are enemies on the map, but all in one little area, You don?t need to call attention to it repeatedly. We can all see that there are 5 enemies in B3. Ping the map for areas that need someone to cover or to show people where to go at the start of the match.
6.BE PATIENT. just because you don?t get picked first round does not mean you won?t for the next. Many people leave a Company if they lose, just because they lost. As a result, the Company Commander will cycle through the people in the Lobby. Also, people who have been waiting longer in an acceptable tank are more likely to get in the longer they wait.
7.Don?t troll. Unless your Username is Hollie, your Leichttraktor is not getting into a Champion Company.

Different tanks take different priorities at each level of the Companies.
These vehicles tend to have a higher chance of getting into a Company for their level for obvious reasons. For example a KV-3 with the 122 can 1 or 2 shot a LOT of things lower than itself, as opposed to the 107 which has higher rate of fire, but less ?alpha? damage (alpha is the damage a single shot can do).

Not all of these I am certain on, and not all are even fielded. I hardly ever see Tank Destroyers in Medium Companies, mostly KV-3s and Grilles.

Always un-check the box labeled ?Open Company? before going into battle. This prevents random people from coming in and blasting music into your ears in the middle of battle.Each Tank Company level has a Tier Limit and a Tier Minimum. If you have a tier 5 tank readied, it will add 5 to the current level. The Limit and Minimum are listed at the top of the Company Box.
If you have entered a Company select the tank you want to use, make sure you have the Consumables and ammo that you will need. then hit the READY! button at the top, and you will turn green in the Company with your tank name and tier points will be added. Inversely, if you Un-ready yourself, then it will take those 5 points off.

The Que is where you sit after the Commander hits his BATTLE button. You sit here until there are 4 Companies of your level in the Que at the same time. You, your Commander, or anyone in your Company have NO control over this, so sit calmly and look at Facebook or whatever you do until you get into battle. Complaining it is taking too long will not solve it. I have sat in the Que for over 20 minutes because we were waiting for a 4th Company to que up to get into battle, so chillax bro. If there are not 4 Companies of the same Level created, then it is time to disband the Company. Juniors and Absolutes have this problem.

do not make a lot of money, and so are not done very often. Many I have talked to have said that if your largest tank will only fit in a Junior Company, you should be out in Randoms instead. These are very often the most fun tanks to run, but they simply do not make a ton of credits the way tier 5s and 6s do.

are the kings of Companies. They make money easily, even on a loss, and are cheap to use. There is almost always 4 of these made at any given time. These are the easiest to form ,because many play these level tanks anyway. A surefire way to make money quickly.

The big leagues, get in here, and you won?t make much if anything on a loss, but winning payouts are great. These exist less often, and many may be hidden. Some will use the Tier 8 premiums ? Lowe, Type 59, and KV-5 for a ton of money even on a loss.

is the end of the line. Next to never will you see these in the Que, most will just be recruiting. These have massive payouts on a win, but you will lose thousands on a loss. Since they are risky to run, most stick to Medium or Champion Companies to make the money and run their Tier 10 in a Random.

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