World of Tanks Creating a Platoon Guide


World of Tanks Creating a Platoon Guide by merig00

So somehow you managed to get some people who want to play with you, maybe because of your awesome social skills or because you have IS-7.

First thing to remember ? to create a Platoon you need to have a premium account. You do not need a premium account to join a Platoon.

You can play with one or two of your friends.

In order to begin the invite process for a Platoon, you need to click on the triangle under the big red Battle! button and chose Create Platoon

After you click that, you?ll get the Platoon Channel with the invite option.

Click on ?Invite?, and the invitation form window will pop up. There you can chose to invite people from your Contacts list or use Find Contacts to look up people you want to play with. You can also send them a message with the invite by typing it up in the ?Additional Invitation Text? form. To add someone to the invite list, select them and click the Add button. After you are done click Invite.

The person you are inviting will get a notification in the Invite button. Open it up, click on the invitation and the ?Invitation to join Platoon? window will pop-up. You can accept, decline or cancel. In our case we?ll accept

After you accept the invitation, notice that your big red Battle! button is now changed into big red Ready! button. You are also added to the Platoon Channel. You are not ready to play yet, that is indicated by red dot in the Platoon Channel window ? if the creator of Platoon will click Battle! right now you will be left behind.

That?s why after you select the tank you want to play, and buy ammo and expendables if needed, click that big red Ready! button. You will see that in the Platoon Channel you get green dot, as well as your choice of tank will be shown. The Ready! button will changed into Not Ready! button. Now all you need to do is wait for the creator of the Platoon to click his Battle! button. Also if you change your mind and want to change the tank, click the Not Ready! button and chose another tank. Click Ready! button afterwords to indicate to your friends that you are ready to play.

That?s it. If you want to quit Platoon, click on the Platoon under the Battle!/Ready! button.

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