World of Tanks Crew Experience Gain Guide


World of Tanks Crew Experience Gain Guide by HvyMtlChaos

When a crew member is wounded/killed in battle and is still wounded/killed when the tank is destroyed or when the round ends there is a 10% penalty on the experience they receive. This is calculated by * .9 = . Note I stated ?and is still wounded/killed when.? I said this because if you heal a crew member during the battle and they are not wounded/killed after that before the tank is destroyed or the battle ends they have NO exp penalty. Only their condition at the end matters. In addition, destruction of the tank does NOT mean the crew is wounded/killed as far as exp calculation (and as far as some of the voice in the game where they say to get out of the tank).

Destruction of the tank has no effect on what portion of the exp earned is passed on to crew members.

The tank exp is NOT split between crew members. Before secondary calculations (wounded, Mentor, accelerated training) each crew member starts out with a base of exp given to them EQUAL to the amount the tank received.

Mentor functions exactly as the wiki states it does. * .01 * =

WoT rounds in an unconventional manner. Rather than rounding a number with a decimal of .5+ up to the next whole number, they always drop the decimal values.

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