World of Tanks Crew Special Skills Guide


World of Tanks Crew Special Skills Guide by nTwous

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ATTENTION!! Special Skills Work As soon as you Class the Crew Member.

? There are three special skills a crew member of a Tank can learn which can help save your life in the battlefield and they are Repair, Firefighting and Camouflage.

? Repair- As said, it increases the repair rate to damage modules, but it does not ?Fully? repair your modules. It just reduces the destroyed time from 34-36%
Recommended: All Types of Tanks

? Firefighting- Prevents the fire from spreading all over your tank and damaging modules especially your ammo rack. Since if your ammo rack gets on fire there is a high chance that it might blow up. This one was hard to test ,but from the other data determined from repair, it would speed up the time by putting out the fire from 34-36%.
Recommended: All types of tanks; epically: Tiger I, T-44, and Panther. Since there ammo rack is located near the turret.

? Camouflage- Reduces your visibility to the enemy LOS (line of Sight) when your tank is standing still and not moving your turret or tank. This one still needs to be tested a bit more, since I only tested it out with two types of tanks: A Tank Destroyer (JagdTiger) and a SPG (SU-51).

While testing this out on the JagdTiger we did two test one JagdT with a Cammo Net (100k in Itemshop). As tested we found out JagdT 1 with the Cammo Net was ineffective since it was spoted at 165m. As for JagdT 2, did not have a Cammo Net and he was able to be spoted at 65m: Note each JagdT was standing right beside each other in the same area therefore the Cammo Net is broken for the JagdTiger so don?t waste your 100k on it for the JagdTiger.

As for the SU-51 test we did the same test SU-51 (1) with the Cammo Net and SU-51 (2) without. SU-51 (1) was able to be spotted at 110m, and SU-51 (2) the one without the Cammo Net was able to be spotted about 170m. In conclusion the Cammo Net seems only to be broken on the JagdT, but all other tanks seem just fine. Latter more tests will be conducted about the Cammo Net and other tanks as well for the camouflage skill.

Recommend: artillery and Tank Destroyers since you are the ones the hide the most.


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