World of Tanks Crippling a Tank Guide

World of Tanks Crippling a Tank Guide by jdtherocker

Ever feel like the enemy is driving too fast and most of your shots miss, he?s got a fast firing gun? Each tank has its own ups(not the delivery company) and downs, with well placed shots you can sometimes rid the enemy of their advantage by taking out modules that go accordingly with it.

lights: these tanks are meant for scouting with high speeds, a good view range and small profiles it can be difficult to hit one when its going its highest speed, this runs the risk of your tanks being spotted and taken out by enemy tds,artillery or even tanks that are sniping. Even worse this can cause the light to get in ur base and destroy your artillery.

now since we know lights have good view range(with good radios),high speed capabilities and small profiles the way to cripple them is to

-aim for the treads to stop them cold temporarily, by doing this they have no ability to evade their bullets and they can generally be taken out in one or two hits.
-damaging the engine, by taking out the light tank?s engine you decrease its high speed capabilities.
-killing the driver, likewise to the engine it has a lower top speed and its turning and accel is decreased too.
-taking out the radioman/radio by losing the radio even if they are spotting you some enemies would not be able to see you on the map.

These tanks are built on fairly high speeds, decent armor as well as pretty powerful guns. They are infamous for ?wolf packing? and overwhelming the bigger tanks and taking them down as a team, even the most powerful of tanks fall quickly when overwhelmed and you run the risk of losing heavies that would help in the fight.

now since we know mediums rely on mobility and fairly high calibre guns with a good firing rate, the way to cripple them is to
-treads same for the light, no medium can circle you while its treads are out.
-driver or engine, likewise to the light both of these are important as it takes out their ability to outrun the tanks gun traverse and to take out your heavies with high mobility.
-ammo rack/loader, to get rid of the rounds hitting you often a wellplaced shot can take out their ammo rack or loader halving the reload speed(as a patton drivr I can tell you its painful when I lose either).
-gunner/gun, to get rid of well placed shots, by taking out the gun or gunner more shots will miss when they are firing at you while trying to rush in on you.

tank destroyers: These tanks are built to remain hidden and take down tanks unseen their gun calibre are quite high and can usually send most lighter armored tanks running for cover. In addition to this they have accurate guns with good penetration that can usually penetrate most tanks easily in their tier range. this runs the risk of your teammates being taken out by unseen foes.

now since we know tank destroyers rely on sniping you can cripple them by,
-taking out the gun or gunner, they will be less effective from firing from a distance usually making them have to move closer then they want to, to reliably put the hurt on your tanks.
-taking out the view range or commander, the loss of view range doesn?t allow them to see enemies from from as far away anymore making them not be abl to snipe from such a distance.
-loader/ammorack, some of the tank destroyers are infamous for high calibre guns(such as the bl-10 for the object 704) that can take most enemies out in 1-2 shots, by taking out the loader or ammo rack these guns fire much slower.

Heavy tanks: Heavy tanks rely on heavy armor, making a lot of shots just leave a scratch, with high powered guns they can send tanks running for cover as they are unable to damage the heavy effectively.

now since we know heavies rely on heavy armor and strong weaponry which runs the risk of them bouncing shots while taking out teammates the way to cripple them is
-gun or gunner: less accuracy makes them have to move closer, in addition more of those rounds that would put a hurting would miss.
-engine or driver: even though these tanks do not rely on speed by slowing them down further you can more easily outflank them. If you get lucky you can light the heavy on fire taking out more modules and damaging them making the job easier
-loader or ammo rack, by hitting either, the heavies have even lose more fire rate(which make stheir generally slower firing guns) making their hard hitting guns fire much slower.
-turret ring, this wil slow the turret traverse likewise making it easier to circle and by keeping on the move you can mostly outrun its shots. (credit to NotASadist for pointing this out)

Where to Shoot by Cielo

Driver?s Hatch: Aim for anything that looks like a view port in front of the tank. Hopefully, you?d wound/knockout the driver to slow down the enemy.

The Gun: shoot the center of the cannon barrel if the enemy tank is facing you, easyer to hit the bigger the caliber of the enemy?s cannon, normally easyer to do this on heavy tanks as it damages or disables their gun and adds inaccuracy however due to the fact that this is mostly done in close rage you?d still probably get hit unless you?re a circling med, you?d be lucky to acheive a snipe in this spot.

The Turret Hatch: Sometimes the commander hatch, generally a weakspot on even the ehaviest tanks. A good place to strike when facehugging in hopes tto knockout enemy commander.

The Turret Ring: Where the chassis and the turret connects, shoot there in hopes to temporarely get the enemy?s turret stuck making it more difficult to aim with a fixed gun. This is generally the more risky shot as you?re most likely to bounce when attempting to do this on very high tier heavies with strong armor ratings.

Tracks: In hopes to stop your opponent in their tracks you?d shoot them in their track if they?re facing you, if not aim for the front and back gear. If attempting to track a mobile light or medium tank at high speeds, aim low and estimate your distance between the tank and move your aiming reticle a ways infront of the opponnet tank?s path. This takes practice to get right nut is worth it when you see the shock and awe as the opponent tank skids to a halt and becomes an immediate target to ally tanks and overwatching supporting arty.

Ammo Rack: An obvious place to aim for the magority of turreted tanks in the game is the back of the turret. If you?re lucky enough to be ignored.

Other weaknesses: the underplate of tanks, generally the back of any tank, especially if you see ventillators and any machine gun bulge on the front of the hull of any tank. Anything buldging. These are just weaknesses to look for when nothing else tends to work. Try to ignore sloped armor if using lower caliber guns. Flat is generally more penetratable. Most TD?s and SPGs have fixed guns. If you can hug their sides and stay away from their front, they?re harmless and normally very easy kills.

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