World of Tanks Crucial Tips to Achieve Victory


World of Tanks Crucial Tips to Achieve Victory by Foxxy2010

In the past few weeks i was sitting in my chaird staring at the smoke that comes out of my destroyed tank and wondered?why the hell am i failing and loosing?.Now i sat there and thought,applied several strategies and examined each and every of my teammate?s behavior and reached the conclusin:What the hell,dude this is a team damn game and nobody is co-op.Bingo!Lol,so i came out with some tactics that might(will surely)help you out and through you,your teammates


Now at the loading screen,examine every and each tank of your team and the enemies team and reach the conclusion:it?s even/we are outmatched/we outmatch them.Now even if those threee general cases might vary from an arrangement to another,you must think this way:

II:In depth tactics

Case 1(Even):Wether you think or not,this is the most fragile and tough cases of all,why?Because your teammates will be like?All rush?wich has a certain percentage of succes depending on who gets spotted first,number of artyllery,etc.In my opinion rushing is rarely efficiant,wich makes it a preety noobish tactic,maybe cant even be called one.What you have to do since you hit heavy and Medium tough dudes and you are probably a t-28/pzk3/4 etc and think you cannon help,well hell,thats wrong.You must follow a group of tanks(Prefferably heavy tanks)and help them.How to do that?For instance:you and your is-3 buddy hit nose with a Ferdinand,you are crucial to the battle,hit its tracks and he is stunned,then run and let is-3 do his job,(this was what i did,humiliating a Ferdinand i beign in an pzkpfwIII).Beign a medium tank tier 4-5,try hiding and staying behind your heavy tank group,and nail them when they are distracted in fight,hit their weak spots.Every tank is useful it it?s own way,even if you think you?re useless,you?re wrong!

Case2(Outmatched):Preety fragile,what you need to do is advance slowly with a big group of tanks,but telling the others to protect the artillery,or portect them yourself.Tell your teammates to ask the arty for help because if you are in-battle with a VIB Tiger 2 and can?t really do anithing,hit the cover and ask the arty for backup,while he is following you,he might end up dead or retreating,so you did a good job by earning kills,ending up untouched,co-op with your team.

Case3(Outmatching enemy):all you have to do is hang into 2-3 packs of tanks and hit the cover while letting them attack first,using the arillery to help while you cant shoot because you are into cover.When they are low in numbers and undetectable,go to capture enemy base.

III.Several tips

You might find yourself in a group that wants to rush,while you think it is wrong,and it is!tell them why they shouldnt,and what to do.For instance we are like outmatched and the dumbasses don?t see that,tell them to do so:Go in groups,don?t go far,protect arty,attack scouts,hit cover,tell arty to help if you are in danger.

When you are low in numbers,tell them all to gather up@base,because beign scattered across the field makes them easy targets,but sticking together and all attacking one target taking them down one by one is efficient.

All i did now is about co-op,now particular tips for yourself:

1.Go with groups,do not go alone even if you are FREAKING MAUS,because it is reckless and you get killed easily(that happened to me before going tactician)

2.Everytime you advance,hit the cover(rocks houses bushes,everything you think that can protect you from getting hit)

3.If you go with heavies,help them as mentioned above,because it is not important about how heavy you hit,but where and how you do so:hit the back of the tank,do crew damage,module damage.This will REALLY hur the enemy more than you think it does.

4.Don?t get upset if somebody steals your kill,because kills dont matter,but the damage you deal.For instance i kept hitting Ferdinands,IS?s KV?s etc,but got 0 kills and earned 1300 exp and 30000 money,for module,crew,damage.

5.Encourage co-op if you want to win,tell them to stick together,request arty support,stick to cover,dont go alone,kill enemy scouts,etc.This will make the community better step-by-step and will make the game more pro than you think.

6.Follow the adequate tutorials for your tank type:
Light Tanks: World of Tanks Scouting with a Leopard Guide
Medium Tank: World of Tanks Medium Tanks and You Guide
Sorry,no heavy tank guide yet,will update soon post for heavy if you have something good:)
Tank Destroyers: same as above
SPGs:?World of Tanks Artillery and You Guide
All these ideas are deduced by me,i don?t know if you find them anywhere else,but enjoy and Lock n? Load!

EDIT:User-made tips

Tactics which involve surrounding the enemy seem to work out fairly well. Wedge and cluster formations attacking a group of enemies yield more favorable results than a line of lemmings or a weak trickle.(Clockworkred)

: one group moves while the other group is stationary and ready to shoot at whatever the moving group spots. When first group finds some good cover or concealment (not too far ahead of the second group) the first group stops and the second group moves. Take turns.(Mesaia and U75ADashingBlade)
he very first key to victory is KNOWING what victory means.

In a WoT Standard Battle, there are only 2 victory conditions:
1. Your team destroys all enemy tanks
2. Your team captures the opposing team?s flags before they capture yours.

In most public games, a lot of tank drivers usually only focus on number 1, because it?s a whole lot more fun blowing up opposing tanks. Consequently, all their actions focus on destroying the opposing team?s tanks, even when this option isn?t the most optimal way of winning the battle in their current situation (match balance screwed up, your heavies got pounded early by artillery or blindly rushed into an ambush etc etc).

If you want to win battles, then you need to constantly evaluate in battle whether it is still possible to win by destroying the remaining enemy tanks, given your own team?s remaining composition of tanks and location of remaining enemy tanks, or do you need to switch tactics and try to cap.

Every single tank still alive on your team can contribute, either by spotting, drawing enemy attention and capping, in addition to providing direct firepower. A lot of players will think they are useless just because their gun can?t hurt anybody on the other team. In fact, a player who?s tank has been destroyed can still play the role of a spotter. Just giving a direction of where you saw the enemy artillery tracer will give your own scouts and artillery that much more advantage when trying to locate enemy artillery for counter-battery.

To quote Sun Tze?s imminently useful Art of War, the 3 ingredients for victory in battle can be summarised as:
1. Know yourself (and by extension, your team)
2. Know your enemy
3. Know your environment(moralis)
think the low ground in cliffs or the west side in abbey
those are perfect places to do leap frogging

lights tanks, it is more important for you to survive and be able to scout again then to light up the ENTIRE enemy force and go out in a blaze of glory
wait for a bit for enemy to disperse, take out thier scouts and then do a speed run through the base, driving as erratically as possible to avoid shots, but still maintain speed to get back out
once your out hide behind HARD cover (rocks, buildings etc) to survive the incoming barrage, and be ready to move your ass if you get someone coming after you, call for support if needed (esp if its a heavy medium or a heavy)

if you are one on one with a td/arty track them or get right up alongside them so they cannot shoot you and you should be able to just plink them to death(bldavis)

and another rush,maybe the most logical one:I often say ?RUSH? but not a noobish rush, a real ZERG style rush is everyone at once catch them off guard and kill them before they realize their mistake. Lone Rushes fail.(twig1919)i totally agree with this guy

Another thing to consider is the advantage conferred by hiding in the bushes and striking from ambush, especially if you have a gun like the Tiger 2?s 10.5cm cannon ? it is super accurate at long ranges and can punch through most armor. In one match I sat my Tiger 2 off to the side in a clump of bushes and let the enemy come. Teammates were complaining about ?camping? and how the match was lost because we were down 6 tanks, but in 2 minutes time the match was completely reversed. Rather than rack up kills I would shoot a target such that he was an easy kill for someone with a faster firing gun, moving on to the next target that presented the next highest level of threat. In short order 7 enemy tanks were burning just outside our base and we were able to kill the remaining lighter tanks and artillery to claim victory, despite a rather substantial numerical disadvantage.

Sometimes it sucks to be used for moving target practice, but I would rather throw away light tanks (i.e. pawns) to win the advantage and the game than sacrifice my most powerful weapon on the field simply because he can soak up a few more rounds. Ambush and patience will yield far more gains than blindly rushing in to avoid being considered a ?newb?. It?s important to play to your team?s strength, and who cares what the haters think? If you have half a dozen tank destroyers to the enemy?s one, then the smart tactic is to stand on the defensive (as in ?camp?) and pick off their scouts before artillery becomes a major factor.

In the end, you only have a few seconds to decide on a plan of action, so it is important to find what works for you and capitalize on terrain and team composition ? that comes with practice and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of vehicles that you team up with or will have to face. After that, you go out and shoot and think fast when everything falls apart.(Evolvate)yep,suitable for heavies ^^

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