World of Tanks Equipment Guide


World of Tanks Equipment Guide by merig00

1. Equipment. Purchase, Set up, Replacement.
Modules are available for purchase in the store section ?Equipment?

Some equipment is available only for a particular nation! Some for USSR and others for Germany! You can check it by clicking on the equipment slot in the hangar ? you will see only equipment that is available for this particular tank

If you want to use another equipment instead of the selected one ? just left-click on the box and choose the equipment you want to use. Your previous equipment won?t disappear it will be awaiting its next use on the shelf in your warehouse. That?s where you can find it in case you want to sell it.

If you want to remove the equipment from your tank just left-click on the box with it, find it on the list and left-click it again. It will be removed from the slot and will be waiting in the warehouse. This is useful when you want to use that equipment on some other tank but you own only one set.

2. Available Equipment
The devs come up with new equipment all the time so I hope this section will be frequently updated

Improved Ventilation
+2% to all skills of the crew

It actually says skills in the description, but what it does it adds +2% to the experience of your crew members. So if your commander had 100% with this equipment he?ll be at 102%

Additional grousers
+10% tracking on soft ground
+5% tracking on medium ground

Only for German tanks
There are different types of ground in the game. This will not make your tank go faster than the max. speed. But it will help you to faster pass through the difficult terrain.

Charge tanks with CO2
Chance of the fire in case of fuel-tank damage -50%

If you get hit in your fuel-tank there is a possibility of fire. This equipment reduced the chance of fire by 50%

Camouflage net
-25% to the visibility of a stationary tank

If your tank/anti-tank/s-p howitzer is stationary (that includes your turret too! ? stay completely still) you get 25% bonus to your camouflage.

?Wet? ammo rack
-50% of ammo rack damage

It?s something like the CO2 tanks for the fuel-tank. But if the fuel-tank fire is by chance, your shells have some hits number before they blow up, this equipment doubles that number.

Enhanced gun laying drive
+20% speed of aim

Your gun will zero-in on the target 20% faster.

Coated optics
+10% to the view range, but no farther than 500 meters

The range of your tank?s view will improve, but you won?t see farther than 500 meters.

Anti-fragmentation liner
+15% to the armor protection

You armor handle fragmentation round better (Not sure about this one, needs testing/devs confirmation)

Stabilizator of the vertical aim
Decreases the aim scatter during the motion or turret turns by 20% Available only from level 8 and up

When you move around there is a higher chance you will miss with your shot. This equipment will improve your aim ?on the move? by 20%

Binocular Telescope
+25% to the view range from a stationary tank, but you won?t see farther than 500 meters.

If your tank/anti-tank/s-p howitzer is stationary (that includes your turret too! ? stay completely still) your view range will increase by 25%, but you won?t see farther than 500 meters.

Powered up suspension
+10% to the weight limit that tracks can handle

Only for German tanks
Adds extra 10% of weight that your tracks can handle

When do you use this equipment? For example if you have Maus and you want to equip it with ground-hooks, wet ammo box or anti-fragmentation, it will give you an error that it will exceed your maximum weight. That?s when you get powered up suspension in one slot and the other equipment in the second slot.

Filter ?Cyclone?
Increases your engine HP(hits) by 20%

Just like with the ?wet? ammo box this equipment will make your engine more sustainable against hits and damage.

+25% to the speed of repairs

This equipment will speed up the repair of damaged modules by 25%

-10% loading time

Lowers your loading time by 10%

So far these are all the equipment that are available to players.

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