World of Tanks French Tanks Guide


World of Tanks French Tanks Guide by brandonhwtf


  • Great guns with good damage output combined with good penetration makes for a deadly combination.
  • Amazing maneuverability.
  • Auto-loading guns.


  • Weak armor.
  • Matchmaking is screwed on some tanks.
  • Starting Tiers are a pain, but once you have ground through to the gems, the tanks are worthwhile!

Let?s get started.
Weaknesses for the AMX-40, AMX-38. These will be demonstrated on the AMX-40, but the same rule applies for both.

Weaknesses for every other French tank.

Now, I know you?re wondering why I separated the AMX-40 and the AMX-38s from the rest of the french tanks. That is because the AMX-40, and AMX-38 are sloped, and have high armor that is difficult to penetrate by tanks around it?s tier. The rest of the french tanks however, have armor that is paper thin and can be penetrated from mostly anywhere, and they have little bounce capabilities.

.. Auto-loading guns? What the..?

French guns are unique, and no other nation has them.
Here?s how it works!
The only thing that varies from gun to gun is the reload time.
(I?m using made up numbers, same concept though) My gun takes 20 seconds to reload. But when it loads you have 6 shells that can be fired with a 2 second reload time in between. Once the 6 shells are fired, it will take another 20 seconds to reload.
This makes for amazing burst damage on almost any target, the reloading system also describes your tactics which I?ll address.. now!

But Brandon, since I?m squishy how do I survive in a battle, and how do I tackle tanks that can pound me one versus one?
Well French tanks are hit and run.

Speed: Speed is an important part of the French line, it allows you to avoid bullets, and be highly mobile.

Flanking: Use your speed to get to your enemies soft spots. And fire away!

Cover: I can?t stress it enough. Use your environment to your advantage, I know it?s fun to go knocking down houses because your all giant, but it?s not worth it! It serves as cover, not entertainment!

You are an assassin!

Hope this guide helped! It will be updated later! Feedback is welcomed. Brandon out!

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