World of Tanks Frequently Asked Questions


World of Tanks Frequently Asked Questions by SiberianExpress

Q: Where do I download the client?
A: Download Page You will need to download the Full Client then it should automatically update with the latest patch.

Q: When is the release date?
A: The game release is scheduled for April 12

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: There will be no monthly fees, no initial fees, game will be absolutely free to play. But gold will cost real money.

Q: What is a Hardwipe?
A: On the game release we will get a Hardwipe which means all tanks, stats, credits, experience, achievements, everything will be cleared, only your login info will remain.

Q: Which server should I choose?
A: Which one is closest to where you live, the North American server is located in the United States and the European server is in Germany.

Q: When will the next patch be released?
A: The next patch will be 0.6.4.x eta is unknown.

Q: When and how much daily gold do we receive?
A: Every player right now receives 250 gold daily at 7pm EST.

Q: Will I continue to receive the daily gold after the release?
A: No, the daily gold is only for Beta and will remain until release.

Q: Can I buy gold now?
A: No, gold will be available to buy only after release.

Q: How do I report team kills?
A: If someone intensionally shoots at you during a battle, killing or damaging you take screenshots (Prnt Scrn) and send it to support at or [email protected]

? note that only those who were actually shot can report the it, no third party.

Q: Where are screenshots stored?
A: Screenshots are stored in the main World of Tanks folder where you installed it (World_of_Tanks).

Q: What does the little shield and number mean by players? names in the map loading screen?
A: Those players with the same number on the same team are playing together in a platoon.

Q: How does the matchmaking work?
A: Match-Making System

Q: Once my tank is destroyed do I have to wait until the battle if finished before leaving?
A: No, you can hit ESC and Leave Battle once your tank is destroyed without any penalty. Your tank will remain ?in battle? until the battle is over and you receive your earned xp and credits, but you can start a new battle with a different tank in the mean time.

Q: How is the experience I receive from battles calculated?
A: You will get experience for:

1. Damage to enemy tanks.

2. Critical damage to enemy tanks. The difference in levels between the tank is taken into the account. The higher the level of the tank you damage the more experience you?ll get

3. For discovering an enemy tank, You will get more experience for discovering SPG than for a regular tank.

4. For ?lighting up? enemy tank while your allies damage it from beyond their range of vision.

5. Bonus experience for destroying enemy tank. Only if you actually got the kill. The difference in levels between the tank is taken into the account. The higher the level of the tank you damage the more experience you?ll get

6. Bonus experience for capturing enemy base. Applied only to the tanks in the ?circle?, not the whole team, proportionally to the time spent in the enemy base circle.

7. Bonus experience for restarting the capture counter by damaging enemy tank which is capturing your base. Experience is given in proportion to %HP you took off the enemy tank in your base circle.

8. Bonus experience if you stayed alive.

9. For ?active battle actions? ? shooting in some radius from the enemy and being in the radius of enemy fire. You don?t get much but it still influences your experience gain.

11. The more your team damages the enemy the more experience each player on your team gets. Only damage to killed enemy is taken in account. Coefficient is not that big but still it?s experience.

12. Bonus experience if your team wins: +50% to each player!

You will NOT get experience for:

1. Damaging ally tank.

2. Team killing.

3. Ricochet and ?no penetration?.

4. For receiving damage.

5. For receiving titles in the ?hero of the battle?. (except for ?Invader?, see #5 in upper list, and also ?Defender? see #7 in the upper list).

6. No bonus experience for a draw! And of course none if your team lost.

7. The special bonus for ?killing all enemy tanks? does not exist!

Q: How are the credits I receive from battles calculated?
A: Credit calculation in the game.

Credits are awarded for participating in battle and battle performance (damage inflicted in HP)

Payment for battle

Payment for battle ? guaranteed amount of credits, independent of the tank?s performance in battle. Payment is proportional to the tank tier (essentially its worth in battle)

Payment for battle consists of: X * tank_tier for defeat or a tie, and 1.85X * tank_tier for victory.

Payment for inflicting damage to the enemy

For every point of damage inflicted the tank receives Y credits, independent of the tier.
For every tier the target is higher than the player, the player receives bonus of 0.1Y credits.
Damage inflicted by fire is counted towards the player who set the fire. In case of ammo rack explosion or other damage by initial fire all damage is counted towards the player who set it.

Damage is counted if inflicted on the enemy. Damage by friendly fire is not counted. Unintentional kills (frag) are not individually counted towards the payment.

If shooting a target spotted by another ? 0.5Y credits for damage. If the enemy is damaged by another teammate when spotted by the player, then the player receives up to 0.5Y credits for damage.

Payment for spotting

For all initial spotting of the enemy tanks the player receives Z credits, for SPG ? 2 * Z.

Payment for base capture

Base capture is payed out with a certain sum of credits. Payment is independent of the number of tanks and their tiers ? everyone receives the payment equally. Interrupted capture and the interruption of a capture does not warrant a payment.

Balance coefficient

It is a factor for individual setting of tank profitability. Payment for all vehicles, except premium, is multiplied by the coefficient W.
The given coefficient for premium vehicles is higher.

Influence of premium account on credits

For premium account credits are multiplied by 1.5

Complete destruction of the enemy team is NOT specifically awarded.

Q: I hit a tank, why didn?t it lose any life?
A: You can penetrate a tank and damage its module(s) like the Engine, the engine may absorb the damage thus not dealing damage to the tank itself.

Q: What is the doubled xp?
A: The first victory of the day with a given tank will give you doubled experience.

Q: What do the penetration and damage numbers mean?
A: The numbers are for different shell types available for that gun, for example AP/APCR/HE.

Q: Is a higher or lower accuracy number better?
A: Lower, the accuracy is the gun?s dispersion at 100 meter, so the less dispersion the more accurate.

Q: How do I transfer crew members from one tank to another?
A: Click on a crew member and select ?Send to Barracks? then select your new tank and click on an empty crew slot and select the crew member in the garage.

? note crew members are limited to their nation and role (commander, driver, gunner, loader, radio operator)

Q: Why is my crew is red?
A: When you transfer a crew from one tank to another you have to retrain them for that new tank, otherwise they will not be able to gain more experience from battles.

Q: How do I buy a new tank?
A: Go to Store and find the tank you want (being able to use filters on the side like only showing American tanks) click on it to prompt a purchase dialog.

? note you must have the tank researched before being able to buy it, go to the Research window to see what vehicles you have researched.

Q: How do I start a battle?
A: Select the tank you want to go into battle with and click the large red button called ?Battle? at the top of the screen.

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