World of Tanks Frequently Made Errors


World of Tanks Frequently Made Errors by merig00

FMFE #1:

Hey? Where is my team? I?m almost at the enemy base and I have no support!

Hey Sun-Tzu good for you! Did you charge off on your own without support? Are you going to spam the ?Help!? call function key now? Of course you are! Well guess what? You charged off by yourself and you will die by yourself. Calling in other people is just throwing more into the meat grinder.

FMFE #2:

Us three mediums have entered the enemy base! Go us! We three members of our team must now try to kill the squad of enemy heavies pillaging our base!

No you idiot! Capture the friggin? base! By the time you make it back the defending part of your team will be dead followed soon after by you! Accelerate the cap timer. Stay in the circle! Perhaps you?ll even end the match with a win before the enemy tracks down all our units thereby making everybody more creds/exp.

FMFE #3:

Why are all my team-mates cowering in cover? Surely whatever is on the on the other side of that hill/mountain/house cannot be that bad. I?ll go check it out?.

Everybody else is hiding because something there will kill you! Don?t charge out into the open then wonder why you died. Again.

FMFE #4:

Huzzah! Me in my light/medium tank have penetrated the enemy base early on! Perhaps I should shoot at this artillery runni??ooooh an IS-7! It?s the biggest I?ll shoot at that!

Way to waste money Mr. Gates! Why don?t you park your tank and fire rounds at a rock instead! Shoot what you can kill. Getting smaller tanks and arty out of the way allows your heavy guns to safely engage enemy heavies without being distracted or damaged.

FMFE #5 So you did the smart thing and you and 3 other tanks are moving to flank. The heavy tank in your group of light and mediums suddenly takes a heavy hit and looses track from the treeline/town/brushline. You in your light mediums all scatter like cockroaches when someone flicks the lights on. The heavy tank gets rocked and is destroyed never firing back. Since he could not get sight on the enemy.

Congrats you just failed at team work. If their shooting at a heavy and doing damage their not worried to much about you! So if you rapidly advance into the treeline you can get free side rear shots AND you can spot the hiding Tank or TD that blowing holes in the heavy. If you by chance grew a pair and spotted the said ambusher your heavy can probably Help in destroying the opposing tank with its larger gun! Instead of running away to later come back and face that hiding Heavy/TD without the help of your own heavy.
?Heres your sign?

FMFE#6 You decide to ram a much heavier tank in your small lower tier tank.
Good job!You just failed at laws of physics, well how they apply in WOT, big tank=big mass, big mass=big energy, big energy=you dead.

FMFE#7 You run around with a 20mm cannon on your VK-1602.
What do you want to do?Make work for the painter?Thats all you?ll with that peashooter. The 50mm is small enough.

FMFE#8 You in your all mighty T6 tank try to rush the enemy base, your team keeps spamming your name then the automatic message back to base with the addition NS-7!!. You ignore them and proceed onward, you soon recieve a massive 130mm shell to your front slope.
A cookie for you!You just completely failed at something normal people call communication. Its the thing that we do when we open our mouths and make noises, like ?Hey theres an IS-7 behind that wall?

FMFE#9 You are facing the last tank of the other team and he is a great heavy tank you see that the only tank that can damage him is tanking damage and you are at 100% of life you go to the rear and try to shoot him but with no effect and your heavy tank die.

When this occur,keep in mynd that heavy tanks have slow reload time!so after he shoot you stay in the front to take at least one shot and give a more time of lie for the heavy tank kill the other instead of rotating the heavy tank shooting AP rounds and doing bounced off..

FMFE#10 your enemy is shooting a tank of your team and he ignore you,you put auto aim and keep shoting and he don?t move.

If he is not moving and not looking for you stop your god damm tank and load HE and shoot at the special points to turn the tank to crap.

FMFE #11 You decide to take bio break or are slow to move out once a match starts. You return a few secs late and take off in a random direction. Mind you with out looking what tanks are on the move or zooming out to see where your allies are.

Congrats you just created a massive armored pile up on the Highway. Your lack of paying attention caused 2-5 tanks to slam into each other due to you pulling out in front of a tank already on the move. Your allies now have damaged tracks and since your all in a giant pile enemy artillery is lighting up the area since by now a enemy scout tank is driving laps around your base like some drunk humming bird. If you have a drivers license you should get a ticket in the real world for failing to operate a vehicle at 15mph in a simulated world?

FMFE #12 You spot a enemy tank that 2 of your allies are fighting. You decide to run up and get a shot in before it dies. You run up and squeeze past one of your allies to get a shot in doing so you put yourself between your ally and the enemy.

You win the I am a tard award. Your greed/ignorance levels are astounding. Here you are in a Panzer III sitting between the allied Tiger 2 and the enemy IS-4. Not only did you prevent your ally from getting a kill shot prior to the enemy reloading but you showed up just in time to scratch the paint on the IS-4. Now your ally gets gets destroyed by the reloaded IS-4 due to you wanting to test the psychics of a 57mm gun against 200mm of armor.

FMFE #14 The match is up for grabs with few tanks remaining. You are about at their base with good indication the enemy is going for yours. Some lucky light just started the cap, so now?s the time to kill the enemy!

Are you sick in the head? What if there?s two of them about to start the cap? There?s a high chance you?ll get there in time as well.

Oh by the way, the guy in the light is all by his lonesome now in a tight area for him. You do know these matches have objectives, right? This isn?t some TDM.

Great work, way to pass up those extra credits and exp.

FMFE #15 So, you are in your mighty King Tiger or IS-3 and you are the strongest tank in your team. Apart from you, there are only 1-2 Tiger I and IS 1/2 as the strongest tanks. In enemy team, strongest tank is IS-7 and then another several Tigers I. Or even better ? in your team there are 2 IS-3, only one with BL-9 gun, in other team there are IS-7 and King Tiger. Yes, you are f**ked, so you plan to go into deep defence, just at the very end of a map, around your arty in the circle of your base.

Situation is very hard for your team and needs extremly good timing and teamplay but your team can win. Generally good thinking, worse doing. Unless you want to be steamrolled badly. First of all, you can?t go into defence if you want to win. Key is fast attack on the other flank, but this should be done with fast tanks, preferably mediums. Propably with IS-7 there will be 3/4 enemy team, so other side of map will be less or even none defended. You win with fast attack of mediums in this other flank. Then deep defence ? worst thing you can do. Only arty units can do serious damage to IS-7 (or Maus, but IS-7 particular since of it speed). So you need to spot it and have an eye on it as soon as possible. So best bet is go for a figth with IS-7 in the middle of a map just to slow it down so mediums can cap and arty can keep drain life from t10 tank. Bad news is, your mighty t8 heavy tank will propably die in the battle? However, there we go to another FMFE:

FMFE #16 You are best medium in this weaker team. You manage to break through to enemy base with several other mediums, clearing out everything what was inside. You are about to cap base. IS-7 and its crew is deep in the field. However, you kill count is very low. So you, and your mediums are going out of circle for a hunt.

Seriously, how retarded you have to be to do that? Since you are in good medium tank (tier 7-8) you propably know at this point how strong are tier 10 heavies and that, they can wipe 3/4 of other crew without taking damage. With so unbalance teams, this won?t be nice fight ending with wipe of another team. You won?t kill many thing and propably your best heavies will be destroyed in the process of slowing down and keeping busy IS-7. You are here only for capping when IS-7 is not looking. What is better? Win with not so many kills and survive or die, lose and still not get much more kills? And no, you won?t kill IS-7 with 88mm L/71 or 100mm? And the another FMFE popular in this situation.

FMFE #17 You are arty in this weaker team with only t8 heavy. You are kind of low level, around tier 3-4 but you have still 122mm (russian) or 150mm (german) cannon. You won?t damage IS-7 anyway so you turn your gun to another side of a map to give mediums cover and get some KILLS!!!

It might have some logic in it but it?s wrong! This is situation where you have to sacrifice your awesome kill ratio for team play (and since you play arty, you have small brain ? print that sentence, but without brackets and stick it on top of your screen). Since other flank will be much less defended, mediums will manage at their own. You should constantly attack IS-7 even if you are low level. Still, hou have nice gun and HE ammo so you can do damage or at least destroy IS-7 tracks which will slow it down. Hell, you might even survive this battle if mediums manage to break through to base before IS-7 recover.

FMFE #18 So xxx map again. And AGAIN all heavies will go the same and only route. But there is only one tier 8-9 heavy in my team. In enemy team there are more heavies. I?ll go in my medium in other side of map/give cover in my arty to other side of map. This heavy bastard can go at its own, since it has massive armor and gun.

Heavies go on this one and only route because enemy?s heavies will go also the same path. So side which has more tanks there wins. If your best heavy won?t cover this route, enemies will breakthought and match will be lost. If your heavy breaks though, match will be win ? simple math. And it is near impossible if your heavy goes alone without arty support. So give it help. Even if you are in t5 tank ? you will at least distract enemy fire. Brutal but true. And heavies in fact have massive armor and gun but they are slow, have low traverse speed and most of the time other heavies of the same tier can penetrate it. And heavie draw enemy arty fire like nothing else. And losing your best heavy (if it is at least t8) reduce a lot chances to win.

You are in a Tier 3,4 etc (pick your below T6 vehicle of choice) tank/TD and you don?t know what your job is in a battle (or you act like it ), so you try to follow the tanks to the front or run out and try to scout and get insta-killed.
This is WRONG!!! You MAY be able to do this if you?ve got all the upgrades for this vehicle, but most likely you are going to be nothing but food. So, instead of just feeding someone on the other side a kill, protect your support!! That?s right! Stay back and protect your own sides arty, trust me, the enemy WILL GET AROUND TO IT?so suppress your impatience and just wait. You may even get a kill!! You may save yourside from a loss by helping keep your arty alive!

FME# (Whatever 2)You are in a low level vehicle that gets one shotted by almost everything in a standard battle so you run straight up the middle and try to identify as much as you can before you get lit up. I?m helping my side!!!!!
Wrong again Sherlock!! When in doubt?.scout. If you don?t have any support (arty) on your side, then move up with your choice of hvy tank/TD and scout for him. If someone is already out in front, then hang back because if 1 or 2 med?s start circling your hvy(or espcially a TD) they will need your help?try to track the circling vehicle so the tank/TD you are supporting can target it. This is something you can do with any T3+ vehicle?especially while you work on getting exp to upgrade it!!

FME# (Whatever 3) Kills are better than a win!! So, when I?m in the circle and the counter is on and suddenly I see a arty close by that I can go kill I should leave the circle and kill it?regardless if the enemy is in our base and the race is on!!!
Wrong nimrod, whereas the number of kills helps your creds/exp at the end of a battle, the overall victory of taking the flag gives you a BIGGER bonus to BOTH. So stop being selfish when honestly, no one cares what your kill count is because it means exactly ?0?. However, if you make a habit of leaving the circle and your team losing because of it, that I guaruntee they will remember!! And you can count on ?smacktard? being the NICEST thing someone will call you!

FMFE #23 ?Yeah boi!!1! I?m in UR bushes sniping UR tanks. No one can see? Aww WTF?!?

Just because you can?t see them, doesn?t mean they can?t see you. If you?re going to use cover, use it, fire and relocate otherwise your position is all but gauranteed to be discovered and you will pay for your unmovable sniping position.

FMFE #24 Yeah, Me has IS-7! Malinovka. Yeah, me is only IS-7 in battle! My team spawns on hill (not the farm spawn). Me rush through the center of the field.

No! Plain wrong. Never, ever rush through the field of Malinovka, especially when you start on hill -> side with less cover. Rush through the field never suceed, especially at the very beginning. In fact, it won?t succeed even if there are 2 IS-7 on your side (yes, it happened and they fail). Farm side has really good cover, mostly even arty will have hard time to hit them. And field has no cover at all so you are there like on frying pan. And if that explanation doesn?t satisfy you, just assume that the field on the middle is evil and demons will posses your tank. If you want to rush, go throught the village or through hill with a mill.

FMFE#24 Yes im in a tank! Im big, badass, and have a gun. Im gonna rush right through the middle WOOO!1!!1!one!

No! No. No no. Dont EVER rush no matter WHAT kind of tank you are through the dang MIDDLE! Unless you are on the map with the town in the middle, rushing is a deathtrap (still is in said map, just less of one)! Go around. There will be other powerful tanks there, but if you go through the middle ALL the tanks just have to back up a little bit, turn their turret, and fire. Only do this if your fast and very skilled. Or you wanna kill the SPGs so bad you dont care about dying (woot for kamikaze tanks? Japan tree plz?).

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