World of Tanks General Tips

World of Tanks General Tips by Minigun

Hi all,

sorry if this has been covered in other peoples guides but i just dont give enough of a crap to read through everyone elses guides ;p. these are some simple rules that i think people should play by that will put you well above avarage even if you arnt confident you are a decent shot or have major latency issues. you can still be better than almost everyone else =D.

1. Map awareness.

This imo goes beyond just glancing down at your minimapevery now and then. This includes things like knowing where tanks were lastspotted and at what hp, asking what the lit tanks were if they are out of viewrange and knowing how fast those tanks can move around the map (and where theyare likely to try move to if at all).

Knowing what arty your enemy has and where they are likelyto be can also help you make plays by knowing where they can and cant shoot. Italso helps if you see the only big arty shoot and you want to make a push. (hewill probably have a nice long reload timer and be unable to help his team forsome time).

2. ?If a tank is shooting me he isn?t shooting you?

Knowing the rough reload timers on all tanks is extremelyimportant. In a lot of pub matches people look utterly confused when they seean IS4 take a shot at them from around a corner chunk them for 1/3 their healthand they still have not fired.

If a tank has just shot and you have a round in your barrelthis is the perfect opportunity for you to go around to where he is take yoursweet time aiming at his soft spot, nail him then roll back around to cover.(of course this is assuming you have already been paying attention to rule 1and know there isn?t two 704s covering his arse ;p)

This is important now more than ever, because of theintroduction of tanks with clips. Whether these tanks are on your team or theother team you need to be aware that they have 4-6 shots before a long longreload. Try keep count of the shots they have taken to know if its worth it foryou to go out and be a target so that enemy tanks shoot you instead of your Frenchtanks who drop 12 shells into them in a matter of seconds. Or vice versa, ifthe French tanks on the other team have full barrels you should be trying toplay it safe or instagibbing them. There is no such thing as trying to brawl a Frenchtank 1 v 1. You will lose. Don?t do this. Even if you don?t, it?s likely youwill lose a lot of health in the process.

Another part of this is making your enemies take lowpercentage shots. What does this mean? Basically try not to deny your enemyfrom having any target at all but instead give them a target that they areunlikely to pen. What this does is again once they take a shot and miss/bouncegives you a window in which you can play aggressively or where your team canplay aggressively if they are paying attention.

3. Stack your guns.

This is really common sense more than anything else. Focusfire is the best way to gain a massive advantage in fights. Especially when matchmakeris being a bit silly! The worst mistake a team can make is see matchmaker decide the fight is over then just play thematch as if its a normal game. Talk to your team, try to convince them politelyto stack guns with you at a choke that allows you to play reactively if you seeyour enemy push somewhere else. Let your enemy come to you!!! You can sometimespush out and simply swarm your enemies but the safer option is typically tokeep the advantages of arty cover and chokes with you rather than conceding themto your enemy.


This is a problem in many games not just tanks, but in allhonesty i believe it?s far more prominent in WoT than any other online game ihave played. People in this game honestly do not like ?taking orders? we cancall it. Everyone is a bit of an armchair general and everyone knows what isbest and no one else knows anything.

If a side is getting overrun ping it and suggest your teameither goes back to your cap or rushes enemy cap (whatever is best).

Honestly just communicate with your team, both talk andlisten to them more and i guarantee you will start winning a lot more.

5. Don?t rage out (unless its fun for you).

Raging at your team or at the game is not gonna changeanything, it might in fact make your team throw harder just to troll you. If youhave fun raging and spamming chat with profanities though by all means continue(asi will).

6. Don?t panic/tunnel vision

Lots of people get tunnel vision on the first tank they spotor the easiest one to kill. This is obviously bad play and many a match hasbeen thrown via tunnel vision. However theres a slightly less obvious versionof this. Occasionally when you know you are completely screwed (and im talkingabout all of us here) we try to pop off a last desperate shot. Most of the time this bounces or misses because itwas a paniced shot taken more out of haste than with any real thought.

If you are screwed and you know it, you can still help yourteam win! Know what tanks you have left and what tanks your enemy has left andmake a decision, what would help your team most. Maybe you can kill one moretank? Maybe you can do decent damage to one of the remaining tanks? Don?t panicand miss your shot trying to get a kill that is really unlikely. Play smart,try give yourself an extra few seconds to make a smart play and try make thematch a little easier for your team, even if you won?t be in the rest of thematch.

Some suggestions: if you know the tank/s you have remainingare slow reloaders that are really bursty, try take another tank with you,because fewer tanks are more manageable for long reloads to deal with. If yourremaining tanks have quick reload and you have the slow reload, don?t bothertrying to kill a really low hp tank, find the highest hp tank you can and chunkhim for as much health you can because your smaller guns will most likely beable to take out that 2% lowe that you were about to use a 150mm shell on ;p

other than these just know your maps and learn weak spots on tanks and you should be playing way above average.

Hope this was helpful.

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