World of Tanks Killing French Tanks Guide


World of Tanks Killing French Tanks Guide by MasterWolf

French Tanks represent a new and powerful threat to a lot of established tankers. Many of which are crying OP and foul.

This is of course a load of rubbish.

French tanks are not OP, they are not super tanks, but they do have a unique new mechanic that you need to learn how to deal with.

How to kill French Tanks.

1. Low Tier Tanks ? Under Tier 4 the majority of French Tanks are RUBBISH ? deal with then as you would any other tank. Some of them have devillishly good armour for thier tier, but this is offset by slow speed and poor guns.

2. Heavy tanks (before the AMX50) ? Treat them like Germans ? good armour, average guns, big weak spots ? learn the weak spots and use your TD?s and arty to keep them from storming you.

3. AMX50?s ? These are the first bugbear you will encounter ? fast, well armed and can deal stupid damage in a short burst. Problem is they have no armour and are sucker bait for a well played medium tank. Track them and use your mediums to murder them.

4. French Lights ? Really Fast, with one hell of a sting ? deal with them like you deal with t50-2 etc. Track them and let arty or TD?s smash them. DO NOT go out into the woods alone or packs of these lil tanks will eat you alive ? work in packs and use teamwork and they die easily. ? Chaffee?s and T50-2 (with 37mm) eat these alive and are fast enough to go 1:1 with them

5 French Mediums ? Ok these are the only tanks i?m almost prepeared to accept an OP tag for. They are really Fast, well armed and lethal, esp the BatChat. Downside is they have HUGE reload times one the drum is empty, minimal armour, get tracked if you sneeze at them and in the case of the Lorraine are as big as a Maus.

French Mediums are the best reason to travel in packs since the T54 and Patton got introduced and have had much the same impact on the game. A fast powerful medium tank that can kill heavies 1:1 will always cause people to cry foul initially.

If you want real hillarity ram a lorraine or BatChat in a Type59/T44/T54 etc ? thier light weight and low armour make them a real sucker for a good ram

GET OVER IT ? team work and communication will stop these paper armoured wasps in thier tracks ? track them and hammer them, chase them when they go to reload and dont try to be a lone wolf and French tanks will no longer be a bother

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