World of Tanks M4 Sherman Guide

World of Tanks M4 Sherman Guide by rinying

this is a guide im making for the m4 sherman medium tank, if it turns out good i may make more with tanks that i love.

ok, the main strengths of the m4 sherman tank is

1. the 105 derp gun, it has the potential to 3 shot some t7s, mainly the panther. it can easily 1 shot any t4 (excluding possibly the leo and b1) and can reload much faster than a kv derp gun.

2. maneuverability. without the m4 shermans fairly good speed and turning speed, it would be a crappy tank, even with the 105 derp. this being said, with the speed and turning it possesses, it turns it into an extremely effective flanker.

3. gun depression. with its gun depression it can easily outdo other, similar tanks, most notably the pz4, in a defender role.

4. money making. i list this only because right now its an excellent money maker, and has easily gotten me my new money maker, the t34, before 7.2. after the econ change, it may not be an excellent money maker, but itll still be effective.

now the cons.

no armor. you may dink off much much smaller targets, but dont expect even t3 lights to dink off you.

and thats it! i cant really think of any other cons for it, cept for that point that is in every american medium almost, excluding the e2 and patton.

now for the tips of how to use it.

1. flanking. as stated before, using the ability of the m4 sherman to flank can easily get you into a position at where you can do extreme damage to any weakly armored enemy. t5+ frenchies anyone?

2. letting your enemy make the first move. what i mean by this is instead of you running around the corner, or rushing 3-4 guys. let him do that. it exposes his side which will do more damage. dont try this if you have enemy arty at where they can hit you, in that case try and either retreat to where the arty cant hit you, or rush the enemy if you know you can kill them.

3. defender. the m4 sherman is an excellent defender, due to having 68 HE pen, it can pen ANYTHING t7 and do damage, and most t8s frontally, cept for the lowe, use gun depression and flanking maneuvers to your advantage when defending.

4. get above them. no i dont mean it that way, now listen. if your above your enemy you can see their extremely weak top, a blessing against a highly armored enemy. you can easily do 300+ damage to a kv-3 this way, or severely damage even an is-3! common places to do this is on cliff, at where you climb the hill and get behind the mountain and can see the lower enemies. or on el halluf, on the tank hill when your enemy is heading down it.

if you have any more tips plz put them in the comments and if they are good ill add them to the guide. im also going to put replays of good m4 sherman battles if you have any plz put the replay up here. hope this helps someone at least!


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