World of Tanks Map Guide


World of Tanks Map Guide by Diastant

Hills: This is a very nice map, with a hill in the middle, and a wide, bright open area. If you are lucky enough to make it onto the hill, you will find that it has a very good position, your team will have a big advantage if you can make it onto the hill. This map has a river to the left and a town to the right. Scouts will either go the water route or go straight through the center. It has a nice springy theme to it and scouts will find themselves making fast, tight turns. Tank Destroyers also do decent here. Arty is also very comfortable, as it is a very open place..

Karelia: This is a nice, fun map, one of the first maps. It has a road in the middle with swamps on either side of the road, and a cliff to the right as well as a wide open area to the left. The cliff/valley area is the most popular because of how fun it can be. Arty is decent here, and TD?s are pretty good also. It has a wide, open area, ideal for scouts. Be careful not to bump into any rocks.

Himmelsdorf: This is one of the most loved maps in-game, and it provides lots of flanking options for Medium and Light tanks, TD?s will find themselves at home here, the streets are narrow but wide enough to fit 3 vehicles, and it is very urban like. It has a castle to the right and a railroad to the left, the castle/hill area is for ones that want to ambush the enemy base, and the railroad track is an alternative because few choose to go their. You speed will not be a problem, and there is a center in the middle, which people call the ?Center of Death? and you will find out why should you ever choose to go there. This map is a big problem for SPG?s, so I would go TD mode and go all out.

Abbey: This is a map set in Italy, theres a town on a hill in the middle, a maze like hill on the left, and a narrow valley on the right. The Maze is ideal for ambush operations, and the valley is also very common. Artillery is decent-average, and it is very bright and sunny. Tank Destroyers should have no problem in the town or in the valley, and the same goes for regular tanks. The town is good for heavy tanks, and remember, SPG?s can get you if you are not careful on the hill. One shot from a strong SPG, and you are dead.

Ensk: This is a nice little urban town, with a railroad to the right and a town to the left. Tank Destroyers do well in here, but beware of Mediums out to flank you. Your speed will be good, as with all urban maps. Again, this map is not very good for SPG?s because your view will be restricted by the tons of buildings that other tanks hide behind. This map is loved by a lot of people. Light tanks can scout well, and make a quick return, and heavy tanks will find themselves in the middle of a fight behind one of the buildings.

Erlenberg: This is a map that is divided on both sides by a river going vertical in the middle, with 3 bridges, on in the middle, where a town resides, one in the south, and one in the north. The town bridge is rarely chosen by people, with ambushes from the north bridge and the same form the south bridge. There is a castle to the left, surrounded by think walls, and to the right side of the map is a valley with hills. This map is good for SPG?s, and scouts will maintain an average-top speed. The bridges can easily become blocked, so beware of that.

Sand River: This is a desert-themed map, and was added pretty recently. This map is divided by a river going horizontal. The 2 bases are on either side, with the choice of going either up, or down. This map is good for SPG?s because it is wide open, but you have few places to hide. There is a town on the bottom side in the middle, as well as lots of sand dunes and hills. This is the ?Desert Storm? of World War 2. This is similar to Al-Halluf, but it is more desert themed.

Malinovka, A.K.A ?Campinovka?: This is one of the infamous maps, hence the name ?Campinovka?. This is basically a giant hill on the right, and a wide open area on the left in which players hide behind rocks or houses and ?camp? until 10 minutes is over. This map may be fun for SPG?s, but for regular tanks, it just sucks. The hill is an option for those who don?t want to camp. You should know what happens on this map.

Murovanka: This map, has a forest to the right, a town in the middle and a mini-valley to the left. The bases are on the top-right, and bottom-left. SPG?s is average on this map, lots of wide open areas for your Arty shells to fire. The people in the base to the top-right will find themselves camping in the forest, and the people in the other base will either go North-Left, or to the right. Some people choose the town. This is a very good map, but it can be boring.

Komarin: This map, has an island in the middle, and the 2 bases are on the top and bottom, and whats unique about this map is that you either have to go right/left to capture the enemy base on the sides, or left/right to defend you base, also on the sides. The island can get blocked because of some scout that gets killed and blocks the bridge. This map is swampy and will make your speed a little lower.

Lakeville: A very fun map, with a narrow road next to the mountain, a valley to the left, and a town to the right. The valley is narrow and can be blocked, but is quicker than the town route. TD?s are likely to go the town route. The valley is ideal for those who don?t want the town route. The bases offer plenty of spots for Arty, but the giant mountain in the middle blocked the SPG views by a lot. Scouts can go through the mddle and ambush the enemy base. This map is also one of the most loved maps in-game. Very fun, very unique.

Prohorovka: This map is basically a wide open area in the middle, and 2 sides on the left and right. The right side has a town, and the left side is a forest like trail. Scouts will find themselves at home here, because of this wide open area. Arty should have no problem because there are few hiding spots. If you choose to go to the middle for some reason, there are enemy tanks on both sides that are ready to aim their guns at you and shoot you, so scouts beware of that. This map was also home to one of the largest tank battles in history with over 1000 vehicles clashing and fighting against each other.

Future maps:

Al Hallif: This map looks like sand river with some kind of wall in the middle or trench, a beach in the southeast, and bases on the sides. This is going to be rocky.

Siegfried Line: This map is a town on the right side, and roads on the left, I predict that this will be the map of a good rush.

Ruinberg: Very fun map, from what I predict, with a town on the left and fields on the right.

Swamp: This map starts with a bridge on the southeast and the northwest, and a swamp in the middle which looks hard to cross.

Hope this helps!?Diastant.

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