World of Tanks Psychological Offense Guide


World of Tanks Psychological Offense Guide by jdtherocker

I decided to write a guide on how to mentally attack someone, because I don?t know about you guys I tend to miss shots or make mistakes when under pressure in a battle. This can mean win or loss and being able to mentally attack someone can give you a good advantage.

ways to make someone feel pressured

-Large numbers, when your 3 tanks and you see 7 tanks rolling down on you its not a pretty sight, this tends to make players make a mistake and
the large numbers then can overwhelm them.

-Size, Certain tanks are big (like the maus), now seeing a tank that big rolling up to ruin your day can be scary and it intimidates certain players. I have seen games where there is a maus and a player will go ?holy crap a maus?, certain tanks with a reputation give big intimidation as well.

-wolfpacks, medium wolf packs like large numbers tend to make players nervous like most heavies know its very bad news if you have a bunch of mediums circling you llike sharks, especially since you can only shoot one at a time.

-coordinated attacks, Coordinated attacks not only usually help you win it lets players know you know what your doing and it makes them become desperate and they may crack.

-hard hitting guns, as we know there?s guns that just hit really hard and leaves you scrambling for cover (for example the 152mm on the KV, the BL-10 on the ISU and Oject 704, the 15 cm on the E-100 and the 155mm on the T30), many times I see that gurn start turning on my patton and I either risk trying to circle it or I scramble back into cover. I have seen 5 enemy tanks afraid to advance cause on that side, our is-4 and object 704 were waiting for them to show themselves.

-Base being capped, as we all know once our base is being captured we tend to try to rush back, this pressures the person to make a move without thinking a well thought plan because they do not have time to plan out an attack on the capper.

-HE rounds and critical hits, as I?m sure some of you know getting crit hit really worries you, especially if your ammo rack and loader because it makes you lose some of your ability fight back, by our reaction of backing up and retreating were letting them know somehow we hurt them and they roll in on you. (thanks to amazingronaldo who reminded me about this)

-Flanking, flanking causes people to be offguard making them generally change targets to the person who is flanking and leaving you to roll down on them again,This flanker suddenly becomes #1 priority forgetting and people seem to ignore tanks shoooting them in the front.(thanks to olyboys3 for bringing this up)
Solutions to these mental attacks:

Don?t become overwhelmed, ask for back up before its too late if the enemies are already on you its very hard for a teammate to come save you.

Keep cool when your under pressure, that shot you may have missed because of pressure may have one you the fight. If you keep calm you?ll tend to make less mistakes and this in the end will lead you to victory.

Keep coordinated, teams that are not coordinated tend to lose because it leaves everyone desperate for teammates or to help someone else.

Hard hitting guns, many of the bigger guns take a while to reload, when they fire don?t be afraid to pop out and give theme some shots back.

HE and crit hits: enemies do not know what they crit hit, they just know they did crit hit something. Try not to react heavily and continue fighting they might think you didn?t hit anything essential.
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