World of Tanks Pzkpfw 38H735(f) Guide


World of Tanks Pzkpfw 38H735(f) Guide by Buzzurro

The Pz 39H735(f) is a easy tank to drive. I suggest him to new tankers, he?s simple to use, hard to destroy, and quite money-maker.
Indeed, it?s harder to use it in the right way. The slow speed make tactical choices made at the start of the match really important for the fate of your tank and your rate of benefit for your team.

First thing:
KNOW YOUR Pzkpfw 38H735(f)

You are strenght because:

+ You got 160 hp, that?s more then other tier 2 tank
+ You got 34 mm armor, 40 in turret. That?s more the other tier 2 tank.
+ You got a good sloped armor

You are weak because:

-You are slow, slow and slow. 16-18 km/h is the best you can hope, when you got have to go up a slope your speed is going to be less then 10 km/h.
-You got a modest gun. Modest penetration, modest damage.

When you know that, you know you are driving tier 2 heavy tank.

Now, what you have to do when driving this snail?

Every game is different, so, it?s quite impossibile to give good suggestion for every game. Anyway. Let?s try.

* Rushing. Too easy to remember you your speed.
* Going everywhere alone. Also easy to remember that your gun is weak. So, you are heavely armored, but when you face more than one enemy tank, you are quite dead. Every kind of enemy is faster then you; so he can flank you really easily.

* Work with your team ( ok, that?s a good advise for every tank )

How can you help your team? Basic there are two way:

DEFEND: You are a steel wall. So you MUST call the enemy fire on you. While the enemies are engaged with you, your team can fire at them, and, hopefully, kill them. The important thing: you must get the enemy in a position when your mate can fire at them. That?s not easy as it seem.
Defending is a good idea for the start of the match. Rushing tank will come to you really fast, you can try to stay in your base and defend against them.

ATTACK: That?s funnier than defend. Don?t do rush attack anyway. First, stop and look where your allies are stuck. Then, simply go straight in the enemy lines. You MUST call their fire on you: the objective is to make them fire, and reveal their position to your team. When you do this, go on, never stop, and go straight in the face of your enemy: your front is the most protected, and your treads are your weak point. So don?t give your flank to enemy. Remember: attack when you got some mate supporting you, or your quite-suicide attack will be useless.

As i was saing, every game is different, so it?s impossibile to say when is a good thing attack and when is better defend. Only your experience can tell you what?s the better way. Anyway, you have to decide what to do in the firsts phases of the match. Remember, you are slow: if you try to go to the enemy flag, it?s quite sure you will not have emough time to go back to your base. This is also a value suggestion when you have to choose the way where to attack. When you get your choose, you are not fast enough for change you mind when you are halfway.

Last thing you must know: YOUR BEST ENEMY:The TANK DESTROYERs.
AT-1, and PanzerJager I got powerfull gun, with a big penetration, and that can kill you in 3 well placed shot. You are slow, the TD are usually stopped, so they can easily hit you. When you know where TD are, o if you expect them in a determinate place, choose wisely your way.

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