World of Tanks Rammer Guide


World of Tanks Rammer Guide by Asky

Rammer. One of the most popular equipment in WoT?
You finally got the tank of you?re dream, mount the best gun u can use, and then of course u look at the rammer, like a kid who looks at a cake. ?-10% percent loading time? sounds so nice, should i sell one of my tanks and spend my last credits to get one? How much time will I gain? 10% from a 10 seconds loading time is 1 seconds, it could save ppl life. But that sounds to good to be true? well let?s find out from what he is made of!

Ok, the test consists of some recorded videos, used for measuring reload time of certain weapons on tanks with rammer equipment.
The videos were recorded at 30 fps so we will have an maximum of 67 ms error. That means 2 frames. One when shooting starts and one when reloading ends.

I have tested 3 types of weapons, on different tanks. 1 Fast reload weapon, 3 medium reload, 2 slow reload weapons, and 2 very slow reload weapons (artillery)

Formulas i used:
Well i don?t know if we can call them formulas, because it?s basic math: 60 / reload time = RPM; 60 / RPM = reload time;

1. At some shots, reloading time differs by ~ 200ms (e.g. IS3). Probably that is because of a lag spike or smthing.
2. All crew members were at 110% (+ vent bonus on tanks that had vent)
3. If someone (developers,moderators or players) wanna see the raw videos i can upload them somewhere. Just ask
4. I didn?t used a stopwatch to measure the reload time, i used an video editing software

T-20 M1A2

Reload time gained: 6.6(6)%

Note: Tested with ?vertical stabilizer? and ?Rammer?

T-20 M3

Reload time gained: 4.80%
Note: Tested with ?vertical stabilizer? and ?Rammer?


Reload time gained: 5.346%
Note: Tested with ?vertical stabilizer? and ?Rammer?


Reload time gained: 3.70%
Note: Tested with ?vertical stabilizer? and ?Rammer?


Reload time gained: 2.86%
Note: Tested with ?Rammer? only

Tiger II

Reload time gained: 3.89.%
Note: Tested with ?vertical stabilizer? and ?Rammer?


Reload time gained: 2.06%
Note: Tested with ?Rammer? only


Reload time gained: 3.302%
Note: Tested with ?vertical stabilizer? and ?Rammer?

As u can see, reload time is not reduced by 10%.

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